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  1. A

    Question External gpu for dell Inspiron 13 7375

    I have recently bought the dell Inspiron 13 7375 with the amd Radeon ryzen 5 256mb and I realised that it isn’t enough for me. Will the processor be able to handle the addition of an eGPU Without a thunder bolt 3 port ? And what Kind of eGPU is compatible with it? Thanks!
  2. geriuu

    Solved! Connect 144hz monitor per docking station to laptop

    So I'm thinking of getting a 144hz monitor for my laptop setup. Unfortunately my laptop does not have a display port input, which i believe is required to fully benefit from the high refresh rates of the monitor. So my question is, can i use the 144hz feature of the monitor, if i connect it to...
  3. M

    Question Thunderbolt to USB-C Printing Error [MacBook Pro]

    Hello Community! I recently acquired the new MacBook Pro (I've been using Apple for many years now and am accustomed to how they work, but this new MacBook I just got is the 2019 version, which means... Thunderbolt Ports. When purchasing I took into consideration that due to my line of work...
  4. J

    2017 Laptops USB-C Power Delivery Compatibility with External Power Banks

    My aim with this answer is to promote a sticky thread to be created so I have recreated this elsewhere on this forum, hope you dont mind the duplicates. I have been researching this a fair bit as I want to purchase a new laptop in 2017 and my main requirement is that there be some possibility...