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  1. Kushx

    Question RAM Upgrade for Dell Vostro 3480

    Hey everyone , I am currently having 8 GB Ram in dual channel , in Dell Vostro 3480 Laptop and I wanted to upgrade my RAM capacity to its maximum capacity of 32 GB Ram , I did went to the crucial's website and then I went on amazon and figured out that this RAM would be suitable for it ...
  2. Venom786

    Question My Dell laptop charging light blinks 4 times continously but when i press power button it goes turn off.

    Hey, My laptop is old. Model Dell precision m6600. It was working fine until i start facing this issue. When the battery is inside i connect it to charger i see only the orange light blinking 4 times and when i presses the power button either the orange light stays on for some seconds or it goes...
  3. EnchantFortnite

    Question Does anyone know what happened …

    So just download Windows 7 on this laptop (Dell Latitude E6320) and this started happening Thanks for your respone! ;)
  4. D

    Question Thunderbolt 3 HDD connection problem to Dell

    Hello I am asking for help, suggestions, etc., in such a problem. Problematic equipment: Lacia 2big Dock Thunderbolt 3 16tb Connected to the computer: Dell Precision 7720 (Xenon, Win10 - maybe after the last Win update something fell ??) Problem: He can't see the Thunderbolt connected...
  5. N

    Question Somebody help me with XPS vs Precision

    Hi all, I'm currently debating between getting a Dell XPS 15 vs Dell Precision 5570, both using the latest Intel 12th generation. I use it for work, for CAD software (revit and rhino) and for professional photo and video editing, Photoshop, Lightroom and Da Vinci Resolve. I Don't care about...
  6. AJ0312

    Solved! Dock TB16 Dell, would it work with a TB3 supported desktop motherboard?

    Hi, I have a Dell XPS 15 9570 with good specs that I use as a desktop replacement. However, it runs loud and i would like to reduce the noise when I'm working. I have already most of the parts for a working desktop, I just need a CPU and mobo, so I was wondering if I should get a higher end...
  7. J

    Info Dell Precision 7510 with GTX965M working (Successful MXM GPU Upgraded Laptops)

    For those interested I've managed to successfully install an Nvidia GTX965M 4GB MXM-A (half-size) card on my Dell Precision 7510, along with the excellent Dell 43N80 3840 x 2160 screen I've been waiting for an M2200 card but they're expensive - when a half size card GTX 965M card came up on...
  8. Y

    Question My Dell laptop is stuck in a boot loop.

    Hi, So recently i did a factory reset on my dell laptop, (I do not use a battery for this laptop, to run it has to be connected to the charger at all times.) Yesterday it was working fine, However everytime i opened it it showed me (Choose a boot system: Windows 10 (volume 2) , Windows 10...
  9. Jambo72uk

    Solved! Keyboard typing extra characters

    I have a dell laptop, windows 10. I am using an external Dell wired keyboard. When I type 123, for example, it comes out 122222233333. When I type now, it comes out nooooooo, and the w is missing. Have tried to adjust repeat delay and repeat rate with no success. I have also tried multiple...
  10. L

    Solved! Need suggestions for buying new laptop macbook vs dell xps

    Hi everyone, I am a software engineer. I am buying a new laptop for recording videos/screencasts, video editing, heavy browsing, software development ( assume using heavy IDEs like jetbrains, vscode, and running Docker, k8s, etc...) with an excellent battery backup of at least 8-10 hours. I...
  11. I

    Solved! How to connect dell soundbar to my monitor

    I just bought a Dell AC511 soundbar for my Dell s2417dg monitor. I use this monitor with my xbox series x. I plugged in the soundbar to my monitor and then used my xbox but get no sound. Is there a way I can fix this?
  12. anujsingapore

    Question Dell display moves to secondary screen during intel graphics install

    Hi My Dell Inspiron 5459 was giving flickering issues. I have got the display cable changed and since then facing very peculiar issue. When the Intel Graphics 520 is enabled, the display in BIOS (Dell splash logo) remains in laptop screen, but immediately once system enters WIN 10, laptop...
  13. MrFok

    Solved! Dell XPS 9560 Sudden Power Off

    Specs: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz 2.80 GHz 16.0 GB RAM NVIDIA GTX 1050 1TB SSD Storage 4K UHD Touch Screen I usually use my laptop docked, so this usually isn't a problem. But, when I take it out of the docking station I start running into some problems. 1. If I shut down my...
  14. ss1999

    Question Dell XPS 9560 performance issues

    Greetings, i bought this laptop second hand. 1080p model with i5 7300hq and gtx 1050, 8 gb ram, 512 ssd (99%, SP a55) previous owner told me he had underclocked cpu for better battery here are the issues i face: windows explorer.exe slowly keeps taking more ram until it tops at 4000mb as shown...
  15. F

    Question Maximume RAM for Dell vostro 3500 Core i5

    I have the following Dell Vostro 3500 laptop which currently have 4 GB of RAM:- Dell Vostro 3500 NEW Intel 11th Gen Core i5 Business Laptop Dell New Vostro 3500 Intel Core i5 11Gen up to 4.2Ghz 4-Cores 8M Cash, 4GB DDR4 RAM , Optional SSD + 1TB HDD , Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics ,15.6" Full HD...
  16. J

    Question What is the correct color coding for an Atheros AR5BXB72 in a Dell E6430?

    I am using an Atheros AR5BXB72 Wi-Fi card that I pulled out of a MacBook Pro so I can use my Dell E6430 to get 5Ghz Wi-Fi. When hooking up the antennas, I noticed that the card itself didn't have any color coding and had numbers on it. My laptop color-coded the antenna cables. I was wondering if...
  17. T

    Question Laptop restarts randomly only when I am using it, it works fine while the laptop is in idle state

    I have a Dell Inspiron 5379 convertible laptop which is around 3.5 years old. I serviced my laptop last year (not from a Dell service center) and the CPU thermal paste of the laptop was replaced. Now my laptop started to switch off suddenly. It does not restart or switch off while the laptop is...
  18. I

    Solved! Laptop won't charge

    When I plug in my Dell Inspiron 15 3567, it's hard to insert the plug. When the cord is plugged into the wall, the light is on, but when it is plugged into the laptop, the light turns off and I hear a spark sound. Took it to my local Micro Center and they said that the power adapter jack was...
  19. B

    Question Please, help me to choose a laptop

    Hello! I'm trying to choose the most suitable variant. I need a laptop for video editing, in DaVinci Resolve (not only for this, of course, but it's the most demanding process). And I want a convertible, a 2-in-1, because it's very comfortable for me. Now I'm choosing from 3 variants. New...
  20. C

    Solved! Dell Bios Upgraded to 1.9.1: Can I Safely Downgrade?

    I have a Dell XPS 7590, which has well-known fan-noise problem and which I resolved by going to Dell Power Manager, choosing the Thermal Management tab, and selecting the Quiet option. I updated the bios to 1.9.1 last night in response to an update notice from Dell labeling it "urgent". But...
  21. CharlesMG

    Solved! Docking station for two 2K monitors at 144Hz refresh rate?

    Hi, I am after a docking station which would allow my XPS13 7390 2in1 to power a dual monitor setup where each monitor is running 2K (2560x1440 or also known as QHD) at 144hz refresh rate. One of the candidates is the Dell Universal Dock - D6000. However, the sales team cannot confirm and the...
  22. Beunhaas13

    Solved! Dell Latitude 5490 doesn't boot

    My Dell Latitude 5490 doesn't boot up. Screen stays black. I've tried booting without the battery and without SSD. Same problem. The power on/off button doens't seem to work right either. Any tips? What should I check next to find out what's broken?
  23. dhruvjain

    Question Laptop making intermittent noise (Dell XPS 9370)

    Hi, My laptop is Dell XPS 9370. Under some load, it starts making weird intermittent noise such as grinding. Noise is very sharp and is not from fans. Its towards right of the mouse. (Highlighted in the image) Does anyone has any idea about what component it might be and what can be done for...
  24. Paulo Paz

    Question Problem with caddy and hdd

    I have a Dell laptop (inspiron 5567) and I put an ssd in where was the original hard drive(2tb hdd)) and I replaced the dvd unit with a caddy with has the original hdd but I have a problem, when I move files or I do any task that make use of this disk, its usage in the task bar goes up to 100%...
  25. K

    Question Use the cd drive bay

    I have a Dell laptop that has a CDDrive in it which I have never used over the last 4 years. I know I can swap it with a HDD/SSD but I already swapped the main HDD with a 1TB SSD so I don't need much storage. Is there a product out there that would let me use the SATA port of the CD Drive to...
  26. Komla

    Question Battery stuck at 38% & not charging

    Hello everyone, I recently bought Dell Latitude E7240 without a battery. The Laptop is working fine on AC but I decided to buy a new battery. Since there are no OEM batteries in my country, I had to buy an off brand one. My laptop can't power up or stay on while only on battery. In Bios...
  27. A

    Question Trying to choose between Lenovo Ideapad and Dell Inspiron

    I am a student, looking for a budget laptop which is good for programming and potentially working with large datasets (although this isn't as important, as I have access to the lab machines at uni). I also do digital art, so I'm looking for something that can run Photoshop and Illustrator...
  28. N

    Solved! Dell power adapter cycles from detected to undetected every 60 seconds or so and battery tends to stay not charged

    Dell Alienware 17 The power adapter cycles from detected to undetected every 30-60 seconds or so and battery tends to stay not charged. I have replaced the adapter with new one and same thing. Does it when just in BIOS, booted to Windows or even turned off (can see from the power lights on the...
  29. B

    Discussion Any feedback on Dell Latitude 7400 ?

    Good day! Am considering the Dell Latitude 7400 for my next upgrade. Does this have a metal rollcage like what the Thinkpads used to have? Please do suggest other alternatives. Main considerations are 1. Battery life - at least 9 hours 2. Weight of around 1.5 - 1.6kg is OK...
  30. F

    Question Laptop temperatures suddenly started rising

    I have a Dell Insipiron 5590 with: i7-10510U 8gb ram mx 250 windows 10 I bought my laptop on September 2019 and everything till June was fine, the temperatures were never too high to make the fan start spinning which makes a lot of noise for when I'm studying. So now even when the laptop is...
  31. M

    Question USB Root Hub causes laptop to go to sleep periodically

    I own a Dell G3 3579 and for the past few days it has been going to sleep randomly every 3 - 10 mins. I tried everything possible until I checked the events log and saw that "Kernel-power event ID 41 USBHUB3 stopped the power transition" I then went to device manager and disabled USB Root Hub...
  32. 2

    Solved! i3 7020u vs Pentium Gold 5405u

    Hi All Hope you are well. I was hoping you could provide some advice as I am looking to buy a entry level laptop which I will be using for my business. The likely use case for the laptop will be running a CRM software such as Salesforce, Zoho or Hubspot, running Office 365 programs such as...
  33. Dell_7577_KO

    Solved! Odd problem with Dell 7577 gaming laptop: Keyboard only types if Caps Lock is ON

    I only noticed the problem today while attempting a reinstall of Win 10. Prior to that I used an external keyboard and mouse. The problem has the following symptoms: Keyboard only types if Caps lock is ON. (All letters are capitalized) If I hold down SHIFT, I can type in lowercase. If I...
  34. XxSadGirlxX

    Solved! Urgent HELP, Water on Laptop, won't Turn on.

    So, My mother thinks that Gaming is the devil and took my Dell Inspiron 15 7577 Laptop and put it under a tap and left it there and kept it with her for 2 days, I made a ruckus and she gave it back but it was dry and won't turn on. I took it apart and dry it wven more but no luck, it shows no...
  35. R

    Question Dell Latitude E7270 Won't Power On

    Hi, I recently bought a second hand Dell Latitude E7270 from eBay. It didn't come with RAM, Disk, Battery etc. but as I have a spare battery. I just purchased memory and disk. On insert of memory it powered up and I could get to the bios. Next, I added the battery and then it stopped...
  36. D

    Solved! Dell XPS 9550 freezes after removing ac power and on battery power

    I have a 3 year old Dell XPS 9550 which had a new battery 18 months ago. The problem I have is that when I unplug the AC power cord the laptop begins to freeze. The mouse can be moved with trackpad. Window can be selected a little bit but can't switch between apps. Then within 30 seconds of...
  37. Stoose

    Question Error 0x80070057 no sound from speakers

    My XPS 15 9570 won't recognize the built in computer speakers. There is a small red "x" next to the speaker icon in the bottom right and the volume buttons don't work. When I run troubleshooting on the speakers I get error 0x80070057. I recently replaced the SSD on my own and this is the only...
  38. utubeagrawal

    Question Laptop recommendation

    Hello, I am looking for an upgrade from my Dell Precision M2800 w/ 16GB of RAM, an i7-4710MQ, a Samsung 860 EVO 500 GB ssd, Windows 10, etc. I want to have the following i7 - 10th generation (any model, would prefer a k) (can roll with a 9th gen model if necessary) (can go with a Ryzen 7 if...
  39. ruslruslrusl1

    How To SOLUTION - Laptop Plugged In, Not Charging in Windows 7/8/10

    I'm seeing many posts lately about issues in Windows 7/8/10 laptop batteries showing "Plugged in not charging" and after much research and trial and error I wanted to share what finally worked for me. I had this same issue on my Acer Aspire ES1-711 laptop with "non-removable battery" running...
  40. venuspa

    Question Does dell inspiron 5590 have heating issue?

    I'm planning to buy Dell Inspiron 5590, but reviews talk about heating issue. Does this laptop have heating issue? Has anyone tried it out for sometime? If so, please provide your experience. Location: India
  41. Y

    Solved! Dell Gaming 7577 FPS Sudden Drop Issue

    Hello, I have a Dell Gaming Laptop 7577, these are the specs: Intel i7 7700HQ 16GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 with Max-Q Design Not long after I got this laptop, I noticed the FPS had huge sudden drops. I would be playing CS GO at 150-180 FPS then suddenly it would go to 20-30 FPS for a few...
  42. Fazal Jarral

    Solved! Why Restart Button Shuts Down Laptop?

    Dell Precision M4800 , with windows 10 installed , when i press restart button or install any software , restart forces system to shut down. I need to install bios but it fails everytime. Need Help
  43. A

    Solved! PLEASE. HELP ME.

    The problem: Laptop Randomly Powers Both ON and OFF , I have tried everything I have read in forums but still having this problem daily :/ laptop is : dell lattitude E6230 I have run bios diognostics nothing hardware or else flags I have FULLY reinstalled Windows 10 , I want to just write...
  44. M

    Solved! dell 3521 suddenly can't connect to any wifi!

    hello there guys i'm having a very annoying problem with my dell 3521 laptop a few days ago suddenly wifi stopped working! i can't connect to any wifi, other devices can what i tried so far to solve this problem: 1- forget saved networks, try to connect again, nothing 2- cmd, ipconfig /release...
  45. pikabing

    Solved! DELL INSPIRON 5390. I need a review. Should I buy it or not? Is the laptop durable? Is it worth a buy?

    I need a suggestion to buy the new Dell Inspiron 5390 or not? What is the review of it? Any major gotchas? Pros and cons
  46. R

    Solved! laptop suddenly shut down and wont turn on

    i was studying on my laptop when all of a sudden it turned off i tried turning it on again but nothing happened i plugged in the charger and the led panel lit up i tried to turn it on then the panel shut down for 1 secs then it returned (i did this 5 or 6 times) then i opened it and took out...
  47. danielxfx

    Solved! My laptop keyboard is typing square brackets when I press R T I simultaneously

    I have a Dell Inspiron 13 with default settings, original hardware and windows and no virus. For the keyboard settings I use English (Australia) and Portuguese (Brazil ABNT). With Australia Settings I get open brackets [ and with Portuguese I get closing brackets ] when the 3 letters are pressed...
  48. Adnansattar

    Solved! Laptop hung while playing fifa 19 with charger plugged in, working perfectly on battery.

    I have been playing FIFA 109 on my dell precision 5520 with Quadro 1200 graphic card. When I play Fifa with the charger plugged in, the game crashed every time and I have to force shut down laptop but when I play on battery the game and laptop behave perfectly fine. any help, please
  49. Hacknique

    Question Wifi doesnt work correctly (Dell Inspiron 7348)

    Hello! I have an Dell Inspiron 7348, i have windows 10 on it, but i have a problem with wifi. When i turn on the laptop, it shows on the login screen that i am connected but with limited access and when i login, settings show that i am not connected. Chrome and Steam works but when i try to...
  50. S

    Question External keyboard - Enter not working

    Hi everyone, I want to use an external Keyboard on my laptop. Everything seems to be working except the ENTER button. Even ' more advanced' buttons like play, stop, home, capslock etc are working fine. The only exception is the enter button. Laptop: DELL Latitude E5450 Keyboard...
  51. ekiryl

    Solved! my Dell laptop has no power

    Hi guys. let's get to the point. So, first my laptop screen is blank and there's a "bib" sound, so i thought it was RAM. I opened up my laptop back case and put the RAM and clean it. when i put it back, suddenly my laptop won't turn on. I tried to put the battery and plug the adapter and...
  52. Jeffery2084

    Solved! Can't Access BIOS on Dell Laptop

    I cannot access the BIOS on my dell Dell Inspiron i7559. As far as I understand, I need to access it from the screen with the Dell logo, but no such screen comes up when I boot the computer. I am running the os from an SSD that I installed a while ago. When I did that installation I could access...
  53. TommyInfinity

    Question Dell Inspiron 15 7559 UHD (4K) Touch Screen Problem (Pixel-Rain)

    Hey. So.. my laptop Dell Inspiron 15 7559, doing strange things. When I'm using my laptop normally, there is nothing like pixel-rain. But when I'm gaming with a perofrmance-needy game, then after a while of gaming it starts to "rain", and when I quit out of the game, after about 5 mins, it...
  54. R

    Question Dell Latitude E5450 Display Upgrade

    Hello, I have a Dell Latitude E5450 with a 1366x768 LCD Screen. I just ordered a 1920x1080 FHD display from Both of the displays have an eDP 30 pin connector. Will the video cable for the 1366x768 display be compatible with the 1920x1080 display? If not, will I need to...
  55. admin

    Killer Deal: Dell's Excellent XPS 13 Is $230 Off

    The current-gen XPS 13 is one of the best laptops of 2019. Rarely does this configuration sell for under $1,000. Killer Deal: Dell's Excellent XPS 13 Is $230 Off : Read more
  56. I

    Should I buy Dell’s XPS 13 4K 2019 or Apple’s Macbook pro 13 with touchbar i5?

    Hi guys, I own a Macbook Pro retina 13’ from 2015 which works quite well, but now I’m looking forward to change my device and I would like to know which of these 2 laptops mentioned above is the best option for me? I use my mac to take notes in my high school classes, Excel, Word, etc, but these...
  57. Doraneko41

    Solved! Dell G7 15 7588 problem

    Hi, recently i bought dell g7 7588 i7 8750h 16gb ram 1050 ti 1tb hdd 250 ssd i just noticed i got 130w ac adapter instead of 180w, now my problem is my gpu doesn't get enough power or its my gpu faulty? Below are the user benchmark that i tested. idk if this a glitch or what but i tried...
  58. s439

    Question Should I buy OMEN by HP - 15-dc1006tx or a Dell G7 15 7590?

    Should I buy OMEN by HP - 15-dc1006tx or a Dell G7 15 7590 (both 2019 models with i7-8750H/16GB Single Channel/144hz/RTX 2060 6GB)?
  59. D

    Can I edit 4K videos smoothly with this laptop?

    I'm going to get a Dell Inspiron 5570 with these specs: I7-8550u Radeon 530 16gb RAM 256gb SSD 1080p matt screen Will I be able to edit 4K videos with fair number of basic effects smoothly?
  60. alduinsees

    Question Dell battery light flashes white and amber constantly

    Hello, I have a Dell Inspiron 15 5000 series, and today its battery indicator started blinking white and amber continuously. The charging indicator in the corner of the taskbar shows that it's fully charged and IS connected to a charger. Now the instant I unplug the charged from the laptop, it...