Question Somebody help me with XPS vs Precision


Jun 12, 2003
Hi all,

I'm currently debating between getting a Dell XPS 15 vs Dell Precision 5570, both using the latest Intel 12th generation.
I use it for work, for CAD software (revit and rhino) and for professional photo and video editing, Photoshop, Lightroom and Da Vinci Resolve. I Don't care about gaming.

Given that the Precision model is roughly 1000$ more here in Australia for almost the same specs, I can't figure out what is it about the Precision that makes it worth that much more.

I thought the graphics cards would be one major difference. XPS 15 uses a GTX 3050ti 4GB and the Precision 5570 an RTX A2000 8GB, but to my surprise, the benchmarks show almost the same performance for both.

So I'm really confused. Can somebody point in the right direction here?