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    Solved! M6800 Upgrade from Quadro K3100M to GTX 970m

    Alright, so. I was looking at M6800 laptops on eBay and I saw a video where someone upgraded the graphics in their model, and I wanted to do the same because I saw a listing for a GTX 970m for an Alienware 17/18 and I was wondering if it would be compatible? The M6800 I was looking at came with...
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    XPS 15 (9570) i9-8950HK vs. i7-8750H..or wait for Dell Precision 7730?

    Hello, I am a software developer, and I am looking to buy a laptop to use at home and on the go. I plan on using it to learn a lot of new stuff as well. My programming would involve Android development, cloud development (AWS), simple back-end/front-end development, and that could change to be...
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    Dell Precision M6400 fans revving repeatedly.

    Out of the blue today the fans on my dell started revving nonstop, and I mean multiple revs per second. All of my temps are normal, and there is no excess system resource usage to speak of. I don't think it's fan failure since it sounds like both fans are doing it. Not only is it concerning...
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    Do I need to Replace LCD Cable or LCD Screen?

    Dell Precision M6600 screen problem: My wife accidentally stepped on the bottom left of my open laptop screen (Dell Precision M6600) last night and now I am getting a 1inch White Vertical band going down my screen. It is 1-inch wide and comes down starting about halfway between the Center of...
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    Laptop Build Quality / Reliability / Support

    I wanted to get everyone's advice on buying a new laptop, specifically in relation to the build quality, reliability and support from different manufacturers. I've been looking at Dell, Lenovo and MSI with a lot of power. All three offer gaming configurations with i7 / GTX specs or workstation...