Question Dell XPS 13 - PLEASE HELP ME - which one should I keep (7390 UHD or 9310fhd)

May 2, 2021
Hi, I have the following Dell XPS 13 available to me but which version is better value for the prices shown & Which one should I keep?

(1) model 7390 @ £1375.38 (includes 3yr dell prem support plus & onsite service) - 10th generation, i7-10510U, UHD 3840x2160 infinity edge touch display, 1TB storage, 16gb ram

(2)model 9310 @ £1694.38 (includes 3yr protect plus cover via John Lewis ) - 11th generation, i7-1185G7 processor, FHD infinity edge anti glare 500nit NONtouch display, 512gb storage, 16gb ram

Both have same ram and 3yr accidental cover but they have different processor & storage and I am confused about screen:
One is ultra (touch) and one is FHD (non touch) but apparently both are fine for working outside with (is this true?)
I work with a lot of web browsin, online portals and Microsoft office docs open and usually find after a couple of years that any device I have starts running slow (storage issues?). I work mainly from home but wanted portable so battery life needs to be good (last bulk of day so I’m not restricted). I thought touch would be useful but isn’t essential. Having said that, I thought touch options would be more expensive but the above shows over £300 saving with the ultra touch option with more storage being the cheaper one...... how much of a battery difference would there be between these two options? How much battery life would be lost if I keep the 7390 touch model?
On the one hand I want to keep the cheaper one with more storage and touch but on the other hand I want good battery life and definitely want to work outside so want to be able to see screen in sunlight, plus the more expensive one is a newer generation.... which one should I use????
PLEASE KINDLY ADVICE ME.... I am so confused right now. Which one of the above, should I keep?
! Many thanks!


Is the storage in both an SSD? Those things are different enough that you need to decide, all up to you really. The first one seems more of a bargain but I don't like such high res screens in small systems, the 300 cheaper cost though is a pretty large incentive.


Jul 7, 2020
I agree SSD is a must. Sunlight readability is very difficult. I rarely take a laptop outdoors, but I've never seen one that was very satisfactory. I don't think storage is a big deal. Most of us are keeping many things in the cloud these days. Regarding your prior slowdown experience you are correct. However, reinstalling Windows (and installing an SSD and perhaps more RAM) fixes most of those issues (based on how you describe you use the machine. It's not a storage issue that is the problem. That would be a lot cheaper than a new machine if you are otherwise happy with your current machine.