Question XPS 15 9500 touchpad issue

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Mar 15, 2019
I bought the XPS 15 9500 last week and I got one with a touchpad issue. It sounds and feels like it's clicked but it's not. I called the Dell Technical Support and the reply was that the touchpad is out of stock and I have to wait until they are ready. I can't get a refund or change because I didn't buy it from the Dell website.

I asked them for a defect confirmation so that I can get it replaced, but they said it's not a big issue and they can't give me the defect confirmation. All I can do is wait until they have the stock ready to replace the touchpad.

It's a very expensive notebook(almost $3,000) and I surprised by how Dell is dealing with this issue.

After I found my touchpad issue, I searched and found so many people with the same issue and they all got a new one. I am so stressed.


Sep 19, 2019
Go to the support section on the Dell website and either let it detect your machine or enter the service tag/express service code. Check the warranty. If that is OK, take what Dell say at face value and use a USB mouse until Dell have the touchpad in stock.
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