Question Wifi doesnt work correctly (Dell Inspiron 7348)

Jul 19, 2019
Hello! I have an Dell Inspiron 7348, i have windows 10 on it, but i have a problem with wifi. When i turn on the laptop, it shows on the login screen that i am connected but with limited access and when i login, settings show that i am not connected. Chrome and Steam works but when i try to update Windows it shows error 0x8007042c, and also the edge isnt working. I had This issue for a very long time. Is there a way to fix it?
Well that is a firewall error. If you have your firewall turned off you can get the error. Also it can be caused when there is a virus or malware on the computer. Have you recently scanned for both (they are not the same)? The only other reason I can think of would be a registry error, but that would not be very likely unless you went in there and tried editing something yourself. Which is never wise.
Jul 19, 2019
I tried running a full scan with Avast and everything was ok - i dont have any viruses or malwares. Firewall is on, but one strange thing i noticed is that it shows that i am connected to Public network even though i am connected to my own home wifi which is password protected.
Alas it could be any number of things that are restricting it. I would go through and check all the settings. Additionally, if you could access it before, and this only started recently, then I would consider going to System Restore and choosing a restore date that is prior to the problem starting. Restore it to that point and see if this resolves it.
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