Question Dell Inspiron 17 3785

Aug 20, 2023
I have an issue where my Dell Inspiron 17 3785 does not turn back on after being shut down. It starts normally once I reset the battery, but then it happens again. It even occurs without the battery being installed. In that case, I just unplug and plug it back in, but this is a laptop. Yes, I have replaced the battery with OEM, run Dell stress test, and it passes flawlessly. I have also run third-party stability tests like Memtest86. I have updated and downgraded the BIOS, replaced the RAM, and used a different installation drive. I even applied better thermal paste to the computer, yet I still have the problem. Windows runs fine, but when I shut it down, the system will not power on. There are no blinking lights or anything. When I reset the battery, it comes on like normal.
Aug 19, 2023
What do you mean reset the battery? do you remove and reinstall it?
Does you mother board have a battery? did you try replacing that?