Installing windows xp on external hard drive with windows 10 laptop


Mar 4, 2018
Can anyone help me?i have 2 old laptops,one is broken and one is a working old 2005 Fujitsu japanese laptop but both have problems with windows xp..the old Fujitsu laptop windows xp is missing NTLDR and the broken laptop windows xp shows blue screen of death at least on a new laptop while the broken laptop hdd on the fujitsu laptop shows “error loading operating system”
So i take both hdd out and made it into an external hdd

The broken laptop uses Sata type hdd while the Fujitsu one uses Ide hdd

And I want to boot from the broken laptop hdd instead as an external hdd since it has lots of old games and old videos that my late father recorded and keep it on his win acc on that hdd so i want to reinstall windows using a windows xp boot cd but my old Fujitsu laptop won’t read the cd while my friend’s new laptop can

So i want to boot from the windows xp cd and reinstall it on my old broken laptop hdd using my friend’s laptop but he have windows 10 so im afraid that it will install windows xp on his internal hdd instead of my external hdd so I don’t how to do it

I can’t install windows 10 on it and boot it on my Fujitsu FMV-C8200 laptop since it only have 512mb ddr1 ram and an intel Celerom M cpu

The hdd have 2 partitions it has lots of file and I don’t want to format it since it have nostalgic memories in there
So can anyone tell me how can i reinstall windows xp on an external old laptop hdd with a windows 10 laptop without Messing the internal hdd?

I just want to use it and watch some old videos of my late dad and show it to my mom and play the old games that i have since it won’t show the user file on programs and documents as an external hdd



May 9, 2016

Then it won't show them with a fresh install either you will need to prove to windows that you are the user that made the files.
Download hiren's boot cd it can run form cd or usb,put the HDDs back into the original position of their laptops (internal) and run plop boot from hiren's menu try to boot from all HDD options if you are lucky this way it will load the original windows XP.


Mar 4, 2018
USAFret the videos are on my late dad User Folder in Documents and Settings but when I connect it to the laptop as external it doesn’t show up there’s only all user,My user folder and guest and it doesn’t show my dad user folder since he’s the administrator so how can i make it show?i already set show hidden folder on the control panel folder settings and it still didn’t show up


Those folders are there, just not in the place where you think they are.
You have to navigate down that drive until you find the /Users/ folder. Under one of the account names, they'll be in there.
You will probably have to Take Ownership, since they belong to a different user.

The Paladin

take drive out, use as external drive after booting your friends computer (assuming XP)

open a navigation windows (explorer) and set folders to show all files. (shown in pictures below)

then goto C:\Documents and settings and select the USERNAME folder at this location.
from there you will need to navigate to the folder where he saves the files, may it be documents, or have to navigate through Desktop folder in case saved in desktop folder.

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