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    Solved! Looking for product key

    I need product key to install Microsoft office 2007
  2. B

    My laptop is slow

    My Gateway Laptop is good but I did not read the stickers it says Intel Centino Duo and Designed for Windows XP and Vista so I ended up installing windows 7 I read the stickers and put windows xp on a Virual Mashine but that is also slow Help Me!
  3. R

    how to find apci driver in acer laptops?

    when i was installing windows xp an error po up " the bios don't have apci compliant. contact your provider."
  4. J

    Format option not showing up in Windows XP drive partition

    I have a friend who is trying to wipe his Windows XP laptop, but needs to format his hard drive, and his partitions don't have the format option when he right clicks.
  5. N

    Solved! Computer display very dim

    So I have an XPX M170 that’s running windows xp, and whenever I boot it, it boots normally, but then the display gets really dark, I thought the display turned off 100% but when I put a flashlight up to it, I seem to see a dim computer screen. When I made a new account and deleted the old one, I...
  6. H

    Solved! how to connect and use a WIndows XP AverMedia Volar Max TV antenna and usb adapter to Windows 10 Machine

    Live over-the-air TV using USB antenna and adapter
  7. S

    Solved! Looking for a Windows XP laptop

    I am going thru some legal issues from a business and I have a program associated from that buisness that will only run on 32 bit, it was installed in Windows XP 32 bit but all the computers I currently own are windows 10 64 bit. Program creator passed away so modifing it to adapt to 64 bit is...
  8. S

    Solved! Help me please

    My battery can only work when connected directly to power
  9. D

    Solved! How install a fresh windows 7 on a corrupted system32 laptop

    Hey, I have an Aspire 5517 Acer Laptop, I think I messed up the CCleaner checkboxes, i forgot I broke this laptop 3 years ago and it still works in my amazement so I want to use it as a 2nd monitor or something. Now when I start it, it gives me the acer logo and an <f2> thing at the bottom left...
  10. S

    Microsoft Outlook 2003

    Hi. So I've been having some trouble with the "send/receive" in Outlook 2003 on Windows XP. The error that is showed is something like,"the connection to internet or server may have been interrupted. If having more trouble, please contact your internet Admin." The computer has internet...
  11. I

    Fortnite Battle Royale - How to Level Up Fast

    In Fortnite Battle Royale, you get to unlock cool skins like Ragnarok if you achieve the required XP. And to get the XP, you will have to be smart. Below are some of the best ways to get XP and level up fast in the game so make sure to check them out: Play in Squad or Duos: When you get a battle...
  12. R

    Laptop for 1999-2006 retro gaming??

    i'm tring to find a laptop for installing there windows xp 32 and play old windows games like descent 3, blood 2, forsaken, sacred gold, etc BUT also i want to be able to play fine other later games like for example quake 4 or dark messiah of might and magic i never had a laptop so i'm a little...
  13. K

    airis kira n8000

    i want to format my device ,is an airis kira n8000 .it dose not show anything except the start window
  14. P

    Download win 7 drivers before ugrading from Win xp.

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L25 S1192 with win Xp Pro SP3, how can I get windows 7 drivers for it. I am going to install win 7 Ultimate shortly. Toshiba's driver web site only lets me download XP drivers.
  15. B

    I need to find an old DELL desk top computer with Windows XP Professonal 32 bit

    I need to install my AutoCad and it requires 32 bit My old computer crashed
  16. N

    help partitioning new computer

    My windows xp computer died. I backed it up on my external hard drive. Question...can anyone tell me how to partition new Acer coming tomorrow and reinstall it so i can reclaim files and passwords.. HELP PLEASE
  17. B

    Old Acer Aspire - damaged hard drive - replaced with new - have XP installation disc - new external DVD - not seen in BIOS -

    Old Acer Aspire - damaged hard drive - replaced with new - have XP installation disc - new external DVD - not seen in BIOS -
  18. G

    does pale moon work with windows xp

    trying to download a browser that will support windows xp
  19. C

    Massive Multi Boot System (Setup Questions) -- Hexa Boot!!!

    TL;DR This is a complicated, hobby, massive multi boot project, and I appreciate any help you can give. I'm not using VMs. If you don't want to read, that's fine. But if you like this sort of thing, please help me figure this out! I am attempting to dual boot several operating systems on a new...
  20. M

    Fortnite Battle Royale - Get More XP and Level Up Battle Pass

    This is a strategy that will get you maximum time alive and placement XP. You just need to remain AKF (away from keyboard) after you have chosen a perfect spot for yourself. You can consistently earn 328 XP every 15 minutes while just actively playing for 1 to 2 minutes. What you need to do is...
  21. N

    Windows formatting c d

    I want to format my acer aspire 4710 laptop which is virus affected n I do not have a formatting c d .pl suggest how n where can I get the required c d n if there is some other alternative with which I can format my c drive
  22. S

    I uninstalled laptop keyboard

    I uninstalled laptop keyboard and can’t get past ctrl-alt-del. help me I’m stupid!! trying to restore to be able to use for basic things. Window XP Lattitude E6400 dell laptop
  23. D

    Samsung NC10 laptop Some Keys ARE NOT WORKING!!! :(

    the: 2 3 g and space keys are not working but everything else works fine! I tried using an external keyboard and that worked but thats too bulky! BTW my laptop is a Samsung NC10 running Windows XP (and it orriginaly came from another country {I obviosly reinstalled windows} if that helps).
  24. K

    Missing windows file in hdd and using the same account

    Hi i have an old asus laptop with windows XP that has a dead gPU so i used the hdd as an external drive to save all the photos and videos in there and also some games i was planning to buy a new mobo but I accidentally delete the windows folder in that drive So i want to ask if i install...
  25. L

    Solved! look of Webshots software

    hi there, I was enjoying this webshots software from 1999 till a few days ago which looked like this : It was a wonderful experience of joy & pride to manage this software with the albums on the left & 9 photos on the...
  26. U

    Web Studio Activation Code storage

    My old xp machine is dead, but I have slaved out the HD to my new machine. The problem: my web site was created with Web Studio 5.0. Web Studio's creators are out of business now. I downloaded the software, so I have the install files and it seems to have installed on Win10 with no problem...
  27. K

    Using 3.5 Sata Hdd to boot on laptop

    Hi i want to ask i have an old fujitsu laptop but the os won’t boot because its missing NTLDR,i have the cd for it but it won’t boot or read the disk and I don’t have a pendrive at the moment or any access to a laptop or pc And i only have that laptop since my other laptop broke and I can’t...
  28. H

    my notebok is sumsung SX10 never boot in usb

    Sumsung SX10 notebook pc model is i can't setup usb from install Xp how to slove
  29. K

    Solved! Installing windows xp on external hard drive with windows 10 laptop

    Can anyone help me?i have 2 old laptops,one is broken and one is a working old 2005 Fujitsu japanese laptop but both have problems with windows xp..the old Fujitsu laptop windows xp is missing NTLDR and the broken laptop windows xp shows blue screen of death at least on a new laptop while the...
  30. O

    Can I use my phone to run my printer?

    Can I use my LG Stylo 3 phone to run a Epson XP 640 printer without having a computer?
  31. P

    How to restore xp backup to windows 8 machine?

    Which process use to restore xp backup to windows 8 machine, so that i can simply access my data from .bkf file.
  32. A

    Xp psiphon can't open on android nougat

    Hi I can't open xp psiphon on android nougat 7.1.1, i have galaxy j5 2016? Thanx you
  33. K

    Restore factory settings

    How to restore factory settings for acer expire xp
  34. G

    I'm using a legacy XP SP3 computer. Tried to uninstall Avast Premier that I installed on Dec17, 2017 by going into safe mode

    I am using Windows XP SP3 and downloaded the free version of Avast. I was offered the Avast Premier trial version for 60 days to try so I accepted and downloaded this as well. As soon as Avast was installed, it took ages to load, it would freeze on boot up 3-4 times on the same day. It would...
  35. S

    My windows xp startup perfectly.but my desktop is blank.taskmanager disabled by adminstrator.

    In windows xp task manager disabled by adminstrator.the desktop is blank.the mouse point is available. 1 years ago when i install a windows activator.the problem is started
  36. M

    I need to wipe my laptop clean so I can install windows xp home

    I need to wipe My laptop clean so I can install windows xp home how do I do it thank you for your help
  37. M

    Windows Xp vs Windows 10 performance

    I have a application (I created) running on a I7-4■ 790 processor in a B85m-e motherboard with winxp its cycle time is 9 minutes. On a i7-8700k processor in a Z370M motherboard with win10 the cycle time is 10:54 minutes. To completely cycle thru the application the winxp machine finishes in 4...
  38. N

    Best malware antivirus security compatible with xp and hopefully free.

    I had one antivirus protection which we just removed from my computer. It constantly interrupted with messages about hacking and found 79 passwords. Gave information about computers held for ransom and offering packages to prevent it. Can you recommend several anti virus, malware, and security...
  39. J

    reformat a laptop and then load windows xp

    I have a Toshiba satellite with no password, can I reformat the hard drive and load an original of windows xp professional which says For distribution with a new PC only. This a a disk I purchased so I have the key for it. This disk happens to include serve pack 2 Version 2002. I also have...
  40. I

    switched from XP to Win 10 OE saved how do I open files dx?

    switched from XP to Win 10 OE saved in a file how do I open files dx still OE 6 or something else?
  41. P

    upgrade gateway xp laptop

    does the motherboard have to be replaced on the nx570x laptop to be able to upgrade the memory and upgrade it to windows 7???
  42. D

    Microphone detected, yet no sound input (XP)

    My Windows XP machine has a weird issue: When I plug in the Mic jack into my Mainboard (Fujitsu PTM900) Realtek Audio Manager will detect it, but when I try to record anything (audacity) it will simply give me no output at all. No matter which source I choose, the only Input I can detect is when...
  43. V

    Desperately looking for an email client which saves folders to disk the way OE did!

    My greetings to all members of this forum. I know that all of you are already light years ahead of me in regards to problems like this that I will expose, but I really needed your help in this matter. I have an old PC (Pentium 4) running Windows XP, and the ONLY reason I didn't install Windows 7...
  44. D

    I have widows xp its connected to internet but web pages won't open

    I have windowsxp its connected to internet but web pages won't open
  45. B

    I forgot the password on my Lifebook to log into Windows XP how can I get on it

    It’s asking for user name and password I have forgot them please help
  46. C

    Antivirus for Windows XP SP2

    Hello everyone. I have an old Sony VAIO laptop in which I installed it's original factory OS (with its restore discs) which is Windows Media Center Edition SP2 32-bit. After the re-installation of XP I first of all tried to find it Anti-Virus software because I was going to use it on the...
  47. X

    Cant install any OS on a Sony VAIO laptop

    Its really getting on my nerves, i took this laptop from a friend and it already had a weird, sort of custom version of Vista installed that was working horribly. So i formatted the HDD and went on to install a fresh copy of Windows, and the problem started. I tried every OS i had at my...
  48. V

    External monitor problem

    WHEN I BOOT MY pc ,the process is shown on the external monitor. Once it is loading the XP program, the external monitor goes black and only the laptops monitor is working. The external says that the cable is not connected, but it is ! I haved tried to find a solution in the control panel...
  49. S

    Best Windows XP Emulator?

    VMware or VirtualBox? Which one for Windows XP? I tried Windows XP in PCem Emulator and it's very slow.
  50. tarmiricmi

    Lightweight free working antivirus for Windows XP

    Hello, I have an old PC with Windows XP SP3 which I intend to keep because of some software that runs only on XP (I could use virtual machine but it would still need this). Now what is the lightweightest and fastest antivirus which still supports Win XP? I've tried a few, Bitdefender and...
  51. C

    Ground Loop PS4 Turtle Beach

    Hello all! Seem to be having a problem with my turtle beach xp seven headset, It seems to be making low nose when plugged in, Tried looking for a ground loop to add to the audio control unit but its a 2.5 mm slot then 3.5mm to the ps4 controller Can anyone point me in the right direction
  52. M

    Windows 10 and Windows XP network compatibility

    Forced by needs of two people to have Windows 10 and Windows XP on the same network. Both need to have internet access and share a printer. How can I do this without problems between the two computers? The router is in an AT&T U-verse modem Can files be shared on a network drive? Does...
  53. J

    My download for Adobe Flash Player goes to 90% and it stops; telling me to close Firefox. I can't close Firefox and have to a

    Adobe Flash Player Goes to 90% and Stops! My installation process goes to 90% and stops. A message tells me to close Firefox. I try to close the Firefox tab and it won't close. I have to abort the installation. I am running on Windows XP. Am I too obsolete with Windows XP to run Adobe Flash...
  54. K

    Alienware m15x "Theme"

    ]how do i change the pre-installed theme of alienware m15x? It makes my windows 7 look like windows xp and it doesn't match the color scheme of my wallpaper. Tried changing to Windows aero theme but it doesnt change how my toolbar looks link: "]"
  55. S

    VMware or VirtualBox for Windows XP?

    Which one is better for Windows XP and later OS? VMware Workstation or VirtualBox? For Windows 98 i have DOSBox.
  56. R

    Solved! how to change windows 8.1 to windows xp

    my acer 5733 is now with windows 8.1 64 bit and i need windows xp on it tried to boot lap it is not responding what is the actual processor to install xp
  57. D

    help with Office 2007

    I have a product key for Office 2007 student version but when I go to install I get error message. Microsoft says they have no info on my product key but I am looking at it. Any help?
  58. S

    Windows 2000/XP Emulator with 3D-Acceleration?

    Is there any Windows 2000/XP Emulator with 3D-Acceleration for old Windows games? I tried VMware and VirtualBox and old Windows games doesn't work. In PCem Windows XP works slow and no 3DFX.
  59. T

    Windows XP still the best for me

    I run Windows XP because it will sport Outlook express (and the National Airline system only works on XP to and they served me well for may years However I can no longer Use Google Chrome ; their loss not mine ! Only Firfox seems to work now for inter net flight tracking Programs ! But I...
  60. S

    Solved! Lenovo ThinkPad X201 Windows XP?

    Can i install Windows XP for old games on this laptop?