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  1. J

    new hard drive laptop xp professional no wifi to connect to internet

    I have installed a new hard drive and windows XP Professional and cannot set up an internet connection to a Lenovo T60 Thinkpad laptop. I used this laptop to connect using a WiFi connection before the crash of the old hard drive. What is a simple solution. I have Time Warner cable service and...
  2. My Life Is Tech

    [SOLVED] Microsoft Office 95/97 Year 2000 Fix/Update

    Does anyone have the year 2000 update files for Microsoft Office 95/97? Their names are as follows: 1. o95y2k.exe 2. o97dtfix.exe If anyone here has these files could you please point me somewhere where I can download them, or could you possibly upload your files somewhere so I can download...
  3. G

    I have windows xp sp3 I use firefox 39, I just reinstalled free avast, does it have a firewall?

    My pc is an old one -- windows xp home ed version 2002 sp2, 3, it updates itself . I use Firefox 39 instead of Internet Exp, It now crashes and freezes a lot.. what antivirus and firewall will help me? I had avast and uninstalled, and reinstalled. SuperAntiSpyware professional said it was...
  4. G

    Cannot send emails in Windows Live Mail

    I can receive but NOT send emails in Windows live mail. Tried so far: Read all the forums & tried their advice, repaired WLM, uninstalled and re-installed WLM, built new machine, formatted HDD, loaded Win 7 then WLM, NOTHING works. It used to but not now. It works (Ver 2009) on another PC with XP
  5. C

    Easier way to turn a Windows 8 key into a Windows 10 key?

    Hi all I bought a laptop one year ago that came with Windows 8. For compatibility reasons, I needed Windows XP back then so I installed that. Now I no longer need Windows XP, and I'd like to install Windows 10. I still got the Windows 8 OEM key, and the only way to get to Windows 10 as I see...
  6. G

    Lenovo thinkpad requiring original CD bypass?

    Hey guys I recently bought a lenovo thinkpad and I would like to install windows xp onto it, I have an original XP cd key and the ISO on a usb of mine, but when i try to install it, it seems to ask for the original CD key. Anyone know of a way to bypass this?
  7. S

    dll as app

    WinPatrol keeps popping up a request to "run dll as an app". Should I OK this?
  8. P

    ibm thinkpad r51 drivers for windows xp

    I can not find drivers for ibm thinkpad r51 millet to help
  9. F

    Windows Search 4.0 on XP: finding mht files

    I am running windows XP SP3, and it's all up to date as far as it can be. For a number of reasons I don't want to update this machine. Pentium D 930 runnning at 3422 Mhz , Asrock 775HDtvwins motherboard. Mixed SATA and PATA discs. Most everything else works just fine, except I have a very large...
  10. C

    Wifi driver got deleted, how to re-install?

    I upgraded from xp to win 7 on my Acer Aspire One 532H, I choose to format my driver to start with a clean computer. I tried to connect to wifi but I couldnt, turns out my wifi driver got deleted, I download the driver and I ran the setup but its still not showing up in device manager. The wifi...
  11. E

    Family would like First Laptop

    My Mum would like a Laptop and has only been used to Windows XP with a Tower 512GB E System 1GB Memory. As she only really Surfs the internet Youtube what would a simple system for her needs be, for example would a 80GB hard Drive be just a good with 4GB Memory a good option? Thanks for your...
  12. S

    i want speakers and headphones work at same time?on windows xp

    my pc play sound only from headphones but not from speakers ?windows xp
  13. J

    Toughbook 28 refuses to charge a new battery

    Bought a Toughbook CF-28 just to run an old XP program. But it only works with AC adapter, as a red X is shown over the battery it finds installed and its stuck at 3%---not charging. So I bought a new battery. But this battery also will not charge up! I had a dell laptop once that would not...
  14. P

    Best system for old laptop (netbook)

    Hello, my friend has an old netbook (he is still using it i dont get why), but performance is too low that even Windows XP is hard to run there. It has like 1GB ram and some realy shit processor. He asked me if i can do something about that. So I would like to ask you, is there any Linux...
  15. P

    Suggest me laptop from these listings.

    I would go straight. I will run following apps: vmware with xp,8 as guest adobe after effects adobe photoshop android,php and more ides browsing Gaming:gta 4,witcher 3 Multitasking: vmware+browsing+music/video+after effects+photoshop Laptop in flipkart and ebay has same CPU i5 4210U difference...
  16. S

    gateway ML6227B graphics xp no driver

    Anyone help with a suggestion on this please? I know this can be done. The ML6227B ships with Vista and we all install XP ProSP3 slip-streamed with a SATA driver... Now I've got everything working except the Intel 945GM video/media accelerator. Cannot use vista32bit gateway driver. 'consult...
  17. J

    CCleaner wants to delete these items?

    I have used CCleaner for a long time on old XP rig. I'm now using 8.1 on new rig (Less than 1 week). CCleaner by default wants to delete these items; Windows Explorer - Thumbnail Cache System - Windows Log Files Utilities - Windows Defender (Destination files appear to be in results, not the...
  18. B

    Dual Booted 7 and Xp Errors help

    Hello I have a Windows 7 Toshiba satellite a505 s6980. I Dual booted it with Windows xp professional. I never used to have any problems but now all of a sudden I think I messed up something by accident. Because even after fresh clean reinstall. The computer doesn't boot to any os. I boots to a...