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  1. L

    How do I reset Asus notebook to factory settings please

    Going to sell my Asus netbook so need it at factory settings. Can someone please tell me how to do it , in very simple terms? Thanks
  2. W

    i have a blank 70 gb hdd ida hard drive with 2.5 gb of ram and a intel pentilum 4 any os suggustions would beapperciated thx

    Dell dimension 8400 came with windows xp, os for light we browsing and such, xp was corrupt
  3. T

    How do I get the drivers for a 2.33 GHz Core 2 Duo 2006 Macbook Pro 15" for Windows XP?

    Hi guys, I have an Apple Macbook Pro 15" 2006 with a 2.33 GHz Core 2 Duo, I currently have it dual booted with Windows XP. The issue I am having is locating drivers for the Mac for XP. I realise you can get drivers off the original install Disk but I don't have that. Is there any other way of...
  4. Rafael Mestdag

    Are old operating systems like 2000 and XP actually faster?

    I have this idea that old OS's like Windows 2000 and XP must be generally faster, including games, because they're less demanding on the machine. Setting compatibility issues aside, is this in any way true? And is it worth it, if you have an old dual core like mine(amd 64 X2 4800+) and an old...
  5. S

    Compac running XP

    I was having problems with my Compac laptop running XP. For some reason all these system error came up after windows booted and at the desktop all these system errors dll's came up.. I fix alot of them that were missing you know finding them online but there were some i couldn't find online...
  6. A

    restore hp mini 1000 laptop to factory settings

    keys out of control
  7. L

    Convert to Linux from XP

    If I convert to Linus from XP can I save convert my Outlook e-mails?
  8. N

    google chrome can't be load anything

    Actually i have used window xp sp3 but problem is that google chrome does not working after the installing chrome i have been open chrome same error on the screen kill or wait page unresposive untitled i was install chrome many times but still issue with it even setting and about update also...
  9. W

    cannot log in to my laptop

    my dell inspiron 6400 with XP laptop loads to password screen but i cant type anything like its frozen
  10. P

    Small Writing Laptop with Specific Requests

    Hi! I would like to have some recommendations for a laptop that can handle 1-2 chrome tabs and a window of Office open simultaneously. I just want a secondary laptop that I can use comfortably for long typing sessions. Preferably, I'd like a 10.1 inch laptop, but it seems that its hard to find...
  11. N

    IBM Thinkpad T20 salvation possible?

    Greetings, A few days ago i dug up a old laptop that i completely forgot about, and it worked fine in the past. If i'm aware, it's running Windows XP that i pre-installed, however, after charging it, and starting it, this happens: I have attempted pulling out the battery, press the power button...
  12. S

    Display Adapter not approved by Pinnacle Studio Plus v11

    After successfully updating my Pinnacle Studio Plus v9.4.3 to Studio Plus v11, I was then advised by the program to run a test on the Display Adapter. My Display Adapter works fine on Studio Plus v9.4. However, when I try to display a video on Studio Plus v11 all I see are flashing colors in the...
  13. S

    Pinnacle Studio does not recognize SP2 in XP Home Edition

    Pinnacle Studio does not recognize SP2 in XP Home Edition First off, I know Windows XP is out of date so please don’t bring that up. That is not the problem. I had to reinstall my Windows XP Home Edition on a new Mother Board. I used an extra Windows XP SP2 CD which had I never used. Then I...
  14. A

    HP Pavilion DV 4000 upgrade? Help please!

    I have an HP Pavilion dv4000 with XP, but that's ok because I don't use it for internet. I do want to upgrade the memory, it only has 0.99 GB Ram. Can I do this? What do I ask for?
  15. T

    Computer Crashing On Startup

    Earlier today, I booted up my computer as normal, and about two or three minutes after loading the desktop, it crashed, without causing a blue screen. I started it back up and checked the Event Viewer, but there weren't any warning messages from around the time of the crash. A minute or so...
  16. J

    My desktop computer (xp) is not showing the videos on YouTube. It connects to the site however it does not play the videos.

    Looking for full prove answer to watch videos using youtube on my xp
  17. J

    My windows Xp won't start on my hp pavilion it is rather old and I'm worried I've lost data ie photos

    A message of your windows Didn't start successfully a recent hardware or software change may have caused this It gives me options of restarting it using different choices and each one won't work
  18. T

    How do i reset the bios on a inspiron laptop

    Hello all, And thanks for your time! My problem? I disabled the Wi-Fi on my laptop. I wish it was a switch... unfortunately, it was disabled via the "FN" key on my now malfunctioning keyboard. My only way of using this laptop is via an "external keyboard" and "Ethernet connection". So, any...
  19. Singularity_iOS

    Need recording software for Medion Titanium MD 8800 PC

    I have a old Medion PC that was torn apart and not touched for years. Put a new hdd in and replaced ram and it works fine, all drivers installed, but I don't know what software came on the machine. Reason is the machine has a analogue Yellow video and red and white audio input plugs. I want to...

    Reverse Engineering Proprietary Software

    Not really sure where to put this so its ended up here. For all of you with more experience then me in programming and coding. Let me break my question down real simply. My current project is trying to get into my engine management components whether car, bike, scooter, etc. They are made to...
  21. N

    Printing from iPhone 6

    I have Epson XP 320 that I want to print to from my iPhone 6, can I use hotspot for wifi?
  22. P

    Hard Drive Partitons not Showing Up on Windows XP

    I have toshiba spc-mathlt-l-17 laptop. I want to install windows xp but it shows that no partitions are available. Please help me solve this problem.
  23. L

    how to fix video and audio out of sync from internet tv programs

    Using windows XP and foxfire and every program I watch is out of sync. How can i fix this?
  24. J

    acer aspire 5333 windows xp wireless

    hello there, today i installed windows xp on my accer aspire 5333 but i cant find any wireless drivers for xp i was hoping u can point me at some website or help out somehow
  25. H

    Video Driver No Display just lines.

    Hello I have an HP Nc6400 Notebook, it used to work fine but one day when I was watching a movie, the display went black, i restarted and it worked that day, after it whenever I turned on my computer it worked for 5 mins and after that then screen used to go black, but now whenever I install my...
  26. C

    Can someone recommend me a laptop

    Can some one recommend me a laptop that is 1.under $250 2. can play this game freestyle2 (system requirments Category Minimum Recommended CPU Pentium4 2.8GHz Pentium4 3.4GHz RAM 1G 2G Graphic card GEFORCE 7600GT 512MB GEFORCE 9800GT 1GB OS Windows XP)
  27. L

    A simple macro recorder for XP?

    Hi! I work at a truck stop with a crappy old computer. It requires a lot of pointless tapping on the screen to print out a ticket for my customers. I was wondering if there was a macro recorder available for this OS. I've dealt with simple ones on Vista-8.1, but not on XP. Specs are Windows XP...
  28. M

    Recover 2003 Outlook files

    Connecting my external HDD with the XP Outlook 2003 Archive file to my Win 7 machine with Outlook 2010 installed put me back in contact with those emails. Hooray!! However, due to the problems with XP, I still had active emails on that machine that did not get backed up or archived.. I found...
  29. B

    Best free antivirus, antimalware for xp?

    Hi, im looking light antivirus, and antimalware for xp. Maybe somebody can recommend something?
  30. I

    Can viruses spread in an a wireless network that sharing only internet connection?

    Hi I have an old computer running Win XP and recently I want to connect it to the internet. To do so I will need to hook it up to my home net. I don't care if this computer will be infected (due to the security breaches no longer being closed) however I don't want it to compromise the other...
  31. C

    Will an old case work for new components?

    I have a 2005 gateway computer. It has Windows Xp :( yikes. I'm doing an overhaul and I'm gonna do a new mother board, apu, hard drive, and graphics card. Can I do all this and still use the same case?
  32. D

    EpsonNet cannot find printer

    Epson xp 320 wifi printer cant be found by setup sofware. printer is connected and has its own ip. bla.bla.1.3 etc. tried setup through usb and wifi. factory reset and retried from start 2-3 times. no dice... tried on winxp and w7 computer.
  33. nikogen39

    Sony Vaio dosn't start

    Sony Vaio won't start after rebooting and loading the files of windows xp CD
  34. S

    Why does my laptop screen glitch?!

    Whenever I'm on my laptop, a bunch of white lines appear on the screen. Then flash flash, the screen brightens and glitches out. The mouse and keyboard still respond. But the screen is glitching.
  35. X

    Need Laptop Virus Help!!!

    Ok so my laptop is MESSED UP and that is a serious understatement. For months now I have been dealing with one of the worst viruses I've ever seen. I have searched and searched and searched for help but NOTHING helps, it just keeps getting worse. It's like no one else has had the problems I am...
  36. G

    Laptop wont boot xp os from CD,usb,or external

    i recently upgraded ram on a insprion 600m laptop to revive it for my dad to use. So I wanted to have a clean Xp OS on it. Something went wrong during the installation so a complete broken and bad os was starting up on the laptop. I desperately tried to reinstall a new copy of xp but the laptop...
  37. Gwethana

    Acer Aspire One AOD250(KAV60) - Can't be formated ?

    Hello to all,and nice for meeting you. I have a Acer Aspire One (1GB RAM) - AOD 250 - KAV60. I have checked the : RAM + HDD that are working and i even changed them. The problem is : I create a .iso bootable USB (kingston 16GB) , and after i press F12 , to boot from the usb the laptop stays...
  38. K

    HP Drivers for dv6500 running Windows XP

    Hi everyone, I recently revived an old HP Pavilion dv6500 and did a clean install of windows xp on it. Unfortunately, I can't find drivers for this laptop and xp. Does anyone know where to find a complete set? Specs are as follows: CPU: AMD Turion 64 x2 tl-58 RAM: 1gb ddr2 Model number: dv6636nr
  39. S

    speech to text on XP

    loooking for a speech to text on xp
  40. MinecraftKid45

    Panasonic Toughbook CF-29 Touchscreen Help

    Hello! I was wondering if anybody knew how to get the Touchscreen on a Panasonic Toughbook CF-29 to work? I have already downloaded and installed the mouse driver, and did a *Driver Update* in *Device Manager*, but no luck. Specs: OS: Windows XP Professional SP3 Processor: Intel Pentium M...
  41. S

    Looking For Old Webshots Version?

    Way Back in 2007 I Had My Vendor Install Windows XP With Two Pre Installed Programs Webshots and Musicmatch Jukebox.Both Of Them Were Excellent Applications and I Have A Great Nostalgic Memory Of Them.Times Passed And Now I Am Working On Windows 10 But The Mentally I Just Can't Let Go Of Them...
  42. M

    Prestigio Nobile 1530 driver problems

    Hello, I found this old laptop and decided to get it to working order. Installed Windows XP on it since nothing else will run or have drivers. Managed to find some drivers for it but sadly the wireless network doesnt seem to work. It installed Intel Pro set which doesnt do anything. It stays as...
  43. D

    Did Bitdefender Install Kill My Hard Drive?

    I tried to install Bitdefender Free on a Windows XP computer that had AVG. I removed AVG but Bitdefender failed to install. (Gave a "failed" message.) I tried to reboot the computer but only get a black screen after seeing Bios messages and the hard drive light stays off after Bios messages. So...
  44. N

    my chrome book screen turned side ways what do i do

    my chrome book screen turned side ways what do i do:D
  45. GalaxysDesigns

    Asus UL30VT gives STOP: 0x0000007B

    Hello. So this is my father's old laptop computer, he's giving me. There's some photos on it that he wants off it, and then I would install a fresh copy of Windows 10. So is there a way to recover the photos? Here's me turning it on: Thanks for...
  46. M

    outlook express problems

    Hi all I have been using outlook express driven through Win. xp. for a lengthy period with no problems and full satisfaction.....Until the past few weeks. Then for no apparent reason I am on a almost daily regularity receiving a deluge of 'IN MAILS' of which I have no connection/recognition of...
  47. J

    How do i reboot my ms windows xp i forgot my password

  48. H

    Toshiba satellite a135 restore

    I want to restore to factory settings and install Windows Xp. Do I need special start up settings in the boot menu?
  49. A

    Files in the recycle bin can't be recovered after the bin has been emptied

    I am currently testing the possibilities of files found in the recycle bin being recovered after it has been emptied and the files deleted using the shift + delete keys. As far as I know, emptying the recycle bin is similar, if not the same, with shift + delete. Knowing this, I was expecting...
  50. N

    Looking for Factory rest On an ACER Aspire one

    I have tired everything even the Alt+F10 and it does not work it only does some weird sound and it goes back to normal.
  51. Z

    try to re instal microsoft 2004 flight simulator but computer says `not compatible.has been working fine on same computer for

    can not re instal 2004 microsoft flight sim [on Windows XP] computer says not compatible.but has worked fine for 5 years on same computer. [added by moderator]
  52. A

    need help with viruses

    Hello , i've having trouble with some viruses , i believe i have two viruses , one is when everytime i plug in my flash drive or any other flash drive, this appears : - even if i delete the files they will appear again And the 2nd one is when i open a program for...
  53. N

    Toshiba Laptop came with Windows 7 Issues Re-Installing 7 now can only Install Windows XP

    I have a Toshiba Laptop L675D-7052 that came originally with Windows 7. I did and update on the Toshiba website and my computer started running slow so I rebooted computer and now it will not boot. I reformatted drive and have the install disc from Toshiba and still can't install Windows 7, or...
  54. P

    Page cannot be displayed on IE even though internet is connected

    I reformatted my laptop recently and because it's a relatively old laptop, I could only install Windows XP on it. The laptop I have is the Toshiba A100 Satellite laptop. When I bought the laptop, it came with a product recovery DVD. So I used that to recover my laptop to it's out of box...
  55. Y

    Dell Inspiron 9300 No Display

    Hello, I have a Dell Inspiron 9300 running Windows XP with the following issue(s) and what I have tried. I am running on AC power as my battery is no good and have been for years. When I power on the laptop, the power light and hard drive light come on, but hard drive turns off after about 3...
  56. J

    Unable to access computer on start up

    I am using Windows XP. When I plug-in or turn on the laptop, I get a white screen saying "We apologize for the inconvenience but Windows did not start successfully. A recent hardware or software change might have caused it." Then there's a list of options: Safe Mode, Last Known Configuration...
  57. TomW50

    Looking for Sound Max Drivers for Windows XP dor a Dell B110/1100. No dell does not have the correct drivers

    I am llloking for the Sound Max Audio drivers for a dell dimension b110/100. No dell does not have the correct drivers.
  58. My Life Is Tech

    How to Run Most if not All XP Programs in 2k

    How would one go about running most if not all Windows XP applications in Windows 2000? I mean, XP was based on 2000 in the after all, so you'd assume that their kernels are at least a bit similar. Also, am I the only one who thinks it's interesting that support for Windows 2000 ended in 2010...
  59. R

    What laptop to get in order to play older XP & Vista games?

    Hi, I am in need of purchasing a new laptop soon. Ideally a MSI or ASUS gaming laptop such as this: Since I dont want to risk an expensive laptop like this being stolen when I go to the library I am planning on getting a work computer too. A...
  60. J

    new hard drive laptop xp professional no wifi to connect to internet

    I have installed a new hard drive and windows XP Professional and cannot set up an internet connection to a Lenovo T60 Thinkpad laptop. I used this laptop to connect using a WiFi connection before the crash of the old hard drive. What is a simple solution. I have Time Warner cable service and...