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  1. S

    Lenovo ThinkPad X201 Windows XP?

    Can i install Windows XP for old games on this laptop?
  2. Rafael Mestdag

    Does anyone still use old OS's like Vista and XP just for the sake of it?

    I mean as a collection or something, like some ppl keep old motorcycles and old cars in their garages even though they can afford new ones?
  3. amdgraphics

    Old IBM Thinkpad screen keeps blacking out!

    Hello Tom's Hardware Community! My Dad has an old IBM Thinkpad Laptop running Windows XP. In the past months, the screen would just randomly black out (and stay black). But, while annoying, just closing the computer and waiting for it to go to sleep and opening it back up would make it work...
  4. A

    Drives access denied but different kind of problem

    Previously i was using xp which got virus and half of my whole hard disk of different drives became empty. then i formatted C: and installed windows 7 ultimate 32bit. after about its 1 week, D: drive got access denied. permission was of full control so i did chkdsk. yes, it worked and later...
  5. J

    XP two screens

    How can I view my laptop monitor and tv screen at the same time, to watch the same page, ( tv connected by vga cable. ) Thanks
  6. ashd90

    Older Win XP Dell Latitude D600 not powering on

    I was given a Dell Latitude D600 by a family friend who was going to trash it because it will not power on, however when you plug it in using the power chord, the green battery light and others come on as if its charging or something is happening but when you hold down the power button for any...
  7. X

    Trouble booting windows XP on Dell Inspiron Mini 10 after Troubleshooting/ attempted system restore.

    Having issues attempting to repair an old dell laptop. Inspiron Mini 10. The first issues arose after receiving an alleged update to Firefox..They manifested themselves in an error when attempting to launch MFF. That is to say, it wouldn't start. It said the runtime was not found. I then...
  8. D

    how do install windows xp on my solo android tablet

    I want to convert my xolo android tab into windows xp
  9. C

    Can i run syberia 2?

    I have an older dell vostros 1700 running xp with a core 2 duo and 2 gigs of ddr2 and was looking for a decent game to play and ran upon syberia 2 on orgin and was curious how well the system will run it
  10. S

    can see network but not connect

    toshiba satellite running xp can see the network but will not connect to it
  11. B

    OS for hp compaq nc6400?

    Hi, I know it's very old laptop with dual core, 1 gb of ram ddr2, and integrated graphics, small hdd, but for some peoples it will be good, for browsing internet, watch movies online, listen music, check fb, and etc. simply tasks. I will think reinstall xp, but I see it have more and more...
  12. B

    x99 rampage v10 wont boot up after watercooled

    So I just built a water cooled pc with the new titan xp, 6950x, rgb trident z and we got all of our tubes bent tubes fit in the fittings and everything turns on except for the top portion of the ram. The bottom portion turns on perfect, also, when we plug it in, nothing happens. The boot menu...
  13. M

    asus Eee PC 900 series

    I am looking for opinions. My little ASUS Eee PC 900 series notebook is running xp. Because xp is no longer supported, I was just wondering if anyone has upgraded to win 7? Is this at all possible?? Thank you.
  14. G

    I need Windows XP Satellite M115-S3094

    looking to factory reset, what would be needed to update to newest version of windows?
  15. Hawkeye22

    Avast free locking files on network shares

    Is anyone else having issues with the newest version of avast free version 17.2.2288 (build 17.2.34190)? I'm using this on a legacy XP SP3 computer. Anytime I create/copy/move a file onto a network share, it will lock the file and make it inaccessable to programs. I've tried this on network...
  16. G

    I'm trying to get my LG K7 phonehered hotspot to my to Mike Windows XP IBM ThinkPad

    I have ThinkPad IBM I have a LG K7 phone. I can't get my ThinkPad to hook up to my LG K7 phone it says my USB my Hotspot is active but my ThinkPad isn't reading it accepting it now I'm a newbie any help would be greatly appreciated it says something about a driver but how do I get a driver on my...
  17. S

    VMware Workstation Change Graphics Card

    Can i change Graphics Card or install 3DFX driver in Windows XP in VMware Workstation? I have nGlide but i want to know if is possible to install Voodoo driver like in PCem and DOSBox.
  18. S

    Toshiba satellite M35x-S149 win xp cant connect to the internet

    I have a Toshiba satellite laptop M35x-S149 running win xp pro. I install Windows XP Pro I noticed that it was missing a lot of the drivers the ethernet controller video controller Excetra.. I found and downloaded them with my flashdrive and they now seem to be working fine. I'm showing internet...
  19. G

    Is it still possible to upgrade Win 7 Home Premium to Win 7 Professional?

    This question was address several times over the years, but I could find no recent solution, and with Win 10 in full swing, the situation has changed. I would like to use XP Mode but it's not available for Win 7 Home Premium. I have a Win 7 Home premium pc and have been running into problems...
  20. D

    xp machine upgrade?

    i found a old advent laptop on xp i formatted and installed vista it wont work can anyone tell how to install an os?
  21. A

    Toshiba booting problem and UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME

    hey guys i have a windows xp toshiba satellite m70 131, i have been trying to boot it to windows 7 but it doesnt work even i set boot order properly and now a second problem appears "UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME" is there a solution to this?
  22. J

    How to bypass password for acer aspire one windows xp

    I need help getting past password for acer aspire one windows xp. Forgot my password please help
  23. S

    Unable to reformat Windows XP on Presario V2000

    Hello, so I'm trying to help out my step brother by reformatting is ancient laptop, but it's giving me an error message during the final part of the process, deleting the partition. I initiated the reformat process from the iso file located on the harddrive which I learned wasn't possible as it...
  24. R

    Mouse not working

    How to turn off windows XP computer running windows when mouse does not work?
  25. S

    Has anybody else tried Pale Moon (browser) and had any good success with it?

    I recently downloaded and installed both the x86 version, and XP/Atom version (specifically designed to run on low-powered processors) of Pale Moon after having the browser recommended to me because of its supposedly low CPU-usage – this appealed to me because I am using an older dual-core...
  26. A

    No drivers or internet after installing Windows XP

    My Dell D630 Windows Vista was acting up. I installed Windows XP with a disc I had from my HP, now it is missing a bunch of drivers and no internet connection. I cant log in to download the drivers
  27. R

    Toshiba Tecra upgrade problems

    I have upgraded my Toshiba Tecra S430. It originally came with xp professional, but I have installed Windows 7...along with additional ram and a larger harddrive. One of the need drivers is called the Toshiba Common Modules driver. Windows 7 blocks this driver because of compatibility issues...
  28. D

    No disk drivers found on hard drive when installing windows xp home

    Compaq presario r3000 onstalling window xp home but no disk drivers on hard drive and corrupted files
  29. A

    Battery at 0% works for hours

    I've got old IBM ThinkPad T40 with 9cell battery (72 Wh) Windows XP. It shows full charge capacity 11.5Wh now. From 100% to 0 it takes about 40 minutes and then laptop works another two hours. I tried three full cycles, but capacity is still the same (even little less). In BIOS I haven't found...
  30. I

    How Do I fix the "Missing or corrupt hal.dll" I tried booting windows xp disk, same error. I boot into ubuntu now. Help?

    I tried booting windows xp disk, same error. I boot into ubuntu now. Help? I have access to system32 file, I just don't know what to do
  31. A

    add print to PDF in windows XP?

    i know in windows 7+ it comes build in the option to add a printer that is print to PDF but i need it for windows xp is there a way to add or install it on xp? thx in adv
  32. B

    Help: Question about Old Desktop

    Hello! I newly clean installed a windows xp sp3 on a desktop I've been working on for quite a while, yes, windows xp, we have no other option the pc is kind of old, (2003-ish?). Anyway, it's a desktop that has communication needs. I need options, any suggestions? We've tried installing skype...
  33. K

    Toshiba satellite won't boot from any device

    My Toshiba satellite m35-s456 will not boot from any drive. In bios (phoenix 1.5) it shows no bootable drives. I've tried to boot from USB,optical drive which spins and lights up but after about 10 seconds the light just stays on and, the HD also spins with the HD light also stays on. When I...
  34. J

    All my wireless devices work 2 laptops windows 7 and xp, samsung smart tv, and iphone.I have. Provider is Century Link. The la

    All my wireless devices work 2 laptops windows 7 and xp, samsung smart tv, and iphone.I my provider Century Link. The lap top I was given now will sometimes detect more that none wireless network but when I click on the bubble in the task bar the search screen says no wireless networks...
  35. A

    looking for new xp supported laptop

    hi sir, i want to take a new laptop core i3 or core i5 laptop, can i install windows xp 32 bit on it. bcoz the software i use is FabriWin, which only runs on windows xp, can i install xp on 5th generation new laptop? or suggest me new laptop with good configuration which will support windows xp.
  36. M

    norton antivirus not installing

    i tried to install norton antivirus but its giving me a message that there was some sort of error but won't tell me why. when i try to send the error report to norton tells me that another error occurred and the error report wasn't sent
  37. G

    When I connect everything it comes on great then nothing I have xp an old lap top but it works for what I need then it says n

    I have a magnavox tv it says I can connect a computer so I did when it first came on it was great I saw my logo on tv but bam. It went off says not available what can I di
  38. R

    What are the requirements to download sims 4 on laptop window xp

    What are the requirements to download sims 4 on window xp laptop
  39. D

    Install XP on Acer Aspire E14 (E5-411-C9KS)

    Hi there, Before anyone comments asking why, it is for nostalgia and I suppose better performance (Maybe). (I'm really looking for an answer not why). I am looking to install either 32 or 64 bit Windows XP pro on my Acer Aspire E14 (E5-411-C9KS), simply for nostalgia and maybe better...
  40. L

    I have Word 2007. When I press '1', for example, '12' appears and when I press 'a' or 's', 'as' appears.

    I press one key 'a' and get 'as' with Word 2007. 'Q' and w' both produce 'qw' when pressed.
  41. M

    How can I hack into a Dell Inspiron 600M notebook PC?

    I need to I hack into a Dell Inspiron 600M notebook PC. I do not know the username or password. I think that it is running Windows XP. It belonged to my sister that committed suicide. My mother wants to know what was going through her head. How can I hack into this PC? Thank you for your help.
  42. M

    How to connect DELL Venue 7 tablet to Windows XP PC

    I am having a DELL Venue 7 tablet with Android OS.I want to connect to my Windows XP ,PC. DELL does not support Windows XP.Is there any software available which I can down load.Any Web link will be appreciated. Thanks, V.Muralidharan E-mail address removed for your security. I selected as...
  43. P

    Hp laptop typing itself "9"

    My laptop keeps typing "9" by itself, and freezes for several mins... What could be the problem?
  44. D

    dell inspiron 15 5000 question

    I have this laptop but there seems to be some problem with the optical drive - it doesn't play/recognize discs. I downloaded a media player to play DVDs but games still don't play. Does anyone know a way to get physical game to work on this make of laptop?
  45. D

    Dell Inspiron 1545 upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 Home Premium. How to?

    How do I go about upgrading my wife's Dell Inspiron 1545 from Windows XP to Windows 7 Home Premium?
  46. M

    Toshiba protege m100 adapter

    Need to know what supply voltage needed for laptop Toshiba protege m100 win xp
  47. S

    skype not receive files

    hi does anyone has the problem receiving a file or anything from skype in windows xp...i have a problem went i sent to other people the can receive but if i want to receive the file i cannot receive. it show download but nothing can be download. please help i'm using windows xp for my old pc at...
  48. ITsonic

    Getting my laptop fixed by an oriental PC repair Guy

    Yesterday I took my laptop into a PC for your shop is run by a oriental man if you know what that word means then is been under a rock. For some time the F key on my Dell Latitude D630 has been broken for some time and I was using an external keyboard to type. The first PC repair shop that I...
  49. J

    Looking 4 an Aspire Audio Genius (XP SP3)

    Oookaaay… after spending two days on the web looking for an answer, I’m at my wits end. I have an Acer Aspire One AOD 250 running XP SP3. The HD died and I replaced it and restored XP. So far so good. Except that the sound is coming though crackley and tinny and buzzy. I ran a movie, and the...
  50. B

    Have a Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop, Have any suggestions on how to optimize and increase performance?

    Hello there, Well as the title says, I have a Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop with Windows XP that I am looking to optimize and increase performance. Aside from being my only computer right now, I sort of want to take this task on as a pet project and as a way to learn some new things. So that...
  51. Wile E Coyote

    Windows updates for Windows Xp,7,Vista,8,8.1

    Ok here is the deal. Windows has be come more and more demanding with Windows updates lately.Especially with Windows 10 And it's ad's and bugs. Here is a list of things to get windows updates off line.You can store all the updates and a copy of windows install on a flash drive i would...
  52. M

    I have a problem with my laptop. When I try to install windows xp, my laptop just shuts down

    my laptop shut off itself in middle while installing window xp please help mi understand what may the problem
  53. D

    I have downloaded the latest version of adobe flash player. I use Mozilla firefox for my laptop which is xp. I cannot open an

    Hello, I am having problems with opening my file for the updated adobe flash player. I have xp on my laptop. I can download it with no problem but when I go into the file I cannot open it to run the program. I hope you can help me. Thank you.
  54. D

    does Asus K53S laptop support windows xp?

    i want to install windows XP pro service pack 3 in my Asus k53S laptop. It has i3 processor, 2.30 Ghz, 4gb ram, 64bit operating system.
  55. A

    windoes not loading installer for battery

    i just had a new battery installed but there is a pop up error message that shows windows could not load the installer for battery
  56. T

    Boots into Bios then Black Screen

    I have an old Gateway M465-E MA6 laptop that is pretty old. I have had this computer for good part of 5 years. (It has sat up for about 2 of those years)Though I know that it is towards the end of its life span I recently wanted to pull it down and give it a new OS and give it to my girlfriend...
  57. A

    Slow scripts are annoying me

    In recent weeks, I have suffered a tsunami of slow running scrips (on Firefox) that freeze my Internet session. Stopping the scripts only freezes things tighter. I wind up going to the Task Manager to kill the session. What is going on? Is my experience unusual?
  58. P

    I have Windows XP on my Dell Inspiron 5100 can I upgrade to Windows 7?

    I have WIndows XP on my Dell Inspiron 5100 can I upgrade to Windows 7?
  59. P

    Windows 10 won't remember Folder Settings

    I have been holding out with Win XP untill now but my old PC went bye bye. I got a refurbished one with Windows 10 and so far have been able to make it behave fairly similar to XP (to prevent my old mind from exploding). I cannot seem to find out, however, how to make it remember folder size...
  60. watrhous

    best free antivirus/malware for XP

    MSE wont run on it and the old defender that i used to have is gone. Is there a 'decent' free antivirus / malware that is not a major resource hog?