Have a Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop, Have any suggestions on how to optimize and increase performance?


Jul 4, 2016
Hello there,

Well as the title says, I have a Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop with Windows XP that I am looking to optimize and increase performance.

Aside from being my only computer right now, I sort of want to take this task on as a pet project and as a way to learn some new things.

So that being said, does anyone have any suggestions as far making changes to hardware, or to XP itself?

Any advice would be great. I'm actually currently thinking about buying 2GB of RAM (all that my laptop will accept), as well as buying a SSD hard drive and an external hard drive enclosure for a hard drive that I can use as a back up.

Any advice on how to optimize XP itself, or improve it?

Really any advice would be great!


That extra RAM will do quite a lot towards speeding things up and it's likely, a laptop of that era would have quite a low capacity hard disk - maybe even 80GB so increasing that would also help.

I can't improve on XP and apparenty neither can Microsoft if you look at their efforts of the last ten years. However, even I would grudgingly agree that Windows 7 would use the RAM more efficiently so why not push the boat out and buy a 7 licence then get the free update to Windows 10 before the July 29th.

Alternatively, use a Linux operating system - much more up-to-date than XP and free!


Nov 14, 2016
i have e1505 with xp- dell does not have recovery backup- my hard drive is corrupted. any chance you have rcovery disk or file i could use/buy?