outlook express problems


Oct 10, 2015
Hi all I have been using outlook express driven through Win. xp. for a lengthy period with no problems and full satisfaction.....Until the past few weeks. Then for no apparent reason I am on a almost daily regularity receiving a deluge of 'IN MAILS' of which I have no connection/recognition
of the subject or sender.....very strange and annoying. Can any one help....

Silver haired (what little remains)

It's called 'Spam', Mike. The scourge of all email users.

How much you get depends on your email provider's spam filters & how effective they are. I'm with BT Mail so I get hardly any spam at my end, though I can see dozens every day on their web-based email, so it's thanks to BT I'm getting only a couple a week.

Consider changing your email address if your mail provider allows it, or change your mail provider.