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  1. V

    Desperately looking for an email client which saves folders to disk the way OE did!

    My greetings to all members of this forum. I know that all of you are already light years ahead of me in regards to problems like this that I will expose, but I really needed your help in this matter. I have an old PC (Pentium 4) running Windows XP, and the ONLY reason I didn't install Windows 7...
  2. M

    when i delete an email in outlook express it does not go to trash. i do not know where it goes but i deleted an email and then

    my outlook express mail program has now began to just delete my trash folder . when i delete a message it is gone. it seems it skips the trash folder and disappears. how can i get outlook to put my deleted mail in my trash folder and allow me to empty it when i want to? any help would be...
  3. T

    Windows XP still the best for me

    I run Windows XP because it will sport Outlook express (and the National Airline system only works on XP to and they served me well for may years However I can no longer Use Google Chrome ; their loss not mine ! Only Firfox seems to work now for inter net flight tracking Programs ! But I...
  4. E

    Not receiving all emails in Outlook

    Hello and thanks for coming in! My father has a problem with some email been sent to him. He's not receiving all of the emails that he used to receive in Outlook Express. Some of these are pretty important job related stuff. My father used to have an Outlook Express on his old PC, but the...
  5. H

    email outlook express windows xp

    What is the keyboard command for sending an e-mail using Outlook Express in Windows XP ?
  6. J

    No outlook express?

    I just dumped windows 10 and went back to 7. I can't seem to sort out how to get back Outlook Express which is my preferred email client. Not too tech savvy here so English is appreciated.
  7. E

    Hi, how do I import outlook express email into live mail?

    How do I import outlook express mail into live mail?
  8. M

    outlook express problems

    Hi all I have been using outlook express driven through Win. xp. for a lengthy period with no problems and full satisfaction.....Until the past few weeks. Then for no apparent reason I am on a almost daily regularity receiving a deluge of 'IN MAILS' of which I have no connection/recognition of...
  9. R

    Thunderbird not Secure ..?

    Hi, Been a long time user of Outlook Express and since upgrading windows and moving to Gmail accounts have been using Thunderbird as I really like its ability to show multiple accounts on one page. Just been reading in a Uk mag, Computer Active, that says I should be uninstalling Thunderbird...
  10. B

    recover deleted outlook express emails

    During an automatic "To Free Up Disk Space, Outlook Express Can Compact Messages," on my XP, SP3 computer, 2 years of emails vanished (current = 9/15, most recent email = 1/13). No invisible "bak files" to restore from, and, no files are in my trash can. Is there a "file recovery software"...
  11. THRobinson

    Importing to Outlook 2007 from Backup Files

    Been looking online trying to find instructions, but, most seem to be importing from Outlook Express to Outlook on the same machine, or, on the new machine setting out Express then importing to Outlook, which I can't do because no Outlook Express on Win7. Basically... old computer had WinXP...
  12. E

    Outlook Express installing

    Hello...and THANKS for this opportunity fro downloading Outlook Express on widows 7...PLEASE let me know how to proceed. <<Email address removed by Moderator. Please communicate via posts or PMs.>>
  13. B

    How to restore outlook express dbx?

    I accidentally deleted emails from the Deleted Items folder in Outlook Express, tell how it is possible to recover them?
  14. A

    Outlook Express says not responding

    Hello everyone! My problem is that Outlook Express says not responding when i open it. I want to comeback my emails. I am waiting for reply..please help me to fix this problem. Thanks
  15. H

    Need to restore Address Book

    The situation is this: working Windows 2000 OS, Outlook Express 6. Suddenly at the user all records vanish in the Contacts window. In a window Contacts an inscription "The list of contacts is empty. For creation of contact press 'Contacts'". Thus, in the address book, they remained in the same...
  16. A

    Restoring Mail BackUp from OutLook Express 6 to Microsoft OutLook 2013 ?

    Hello all, I need your help. Previously I was using Outlook Express 6, and now I installed Microsoft Outlook 2013 . I am facing problem restoring mail backup folder. I created a folder and stored every data in Mail Backup Folder. Now when I am trying to restore as instructed in MO 2013 tutorial...
  17. buzmeg

    Outlook Express to Thunderbird?

    Upgrading from XP to Win-7. I backed up my Outlook Express email from the XP machine. I installed Win-7 on that same machine. If I install Thunderbird (email client) will I be able to import my OE mail and address book to TB?
  18. T

    Changed ISP but want to keep old email address.

    My desktop tower system (WIN XP PRO) has used my original email address through Outlook Express for years since Freeserve, Wanadoo, Orange, EE, etc. I have just change ISP to BT and was told I could keep my original address but, although I am receiving mail, I cannot send any. Can you (simply)...
  19. O

    server port numbers

    I cannot access server port numbers from Outlook express, windows 7. How can I find that tab?
  20. C

    What program will accept Outlook Express Email? It is much easier to use than windows live email.

    What program can I put in my laptop in order to use Outlook Express? Windows live sucks!
  21. A

    Outlook 2007 and Gmail BCC

    Hi All- I'm working with a friend that we set up with Gmail and finally got off of Outlook Express... Only because we finally got him off of XP. He's used to sending a BCC to himself and getting a copy of his message in the Inbox. We know that a copy goes to the sent items, but he really wants...
  22. R

    E-mail file extensions

    I'm migrating one of my machines from XP to W7 and the e-mail client I've chosen for W7 is a version of Outlook. My XP client is Outlook Express. There doesn't seem to be a way to import information from Outlook Express to Outlook and the file extensions are different so I can't just move the...
  23. J

    Mozilla Thunderbird 17.0.7

    I recently switched from XP to Win 7 Pro 32 bit OS on a newer computer. Not interested in XP Virtualization. I'm one of the many people who miss Outlook Express. Thunderbird seems to be the alternative program. Not interested in using a program within a browser. Anyway, I posted this common...
  24. B

    Outlook mail recipients are not receiving emails

    We are using Outlook Express 6, linked to Telus webmail service (POP3) on Windows XP professional. Since Monday, none of the emails I've sent have been received by the recipients. I have not gotten any error messages, bounce back notifications, or failed attempt messages. When I send the email...
  25. B

    I wnat to activate Outlook Express on XP (part3)

    I have just logged on to Tom's Hardware for the first time. and I may have already submitted a couple of questions related to this. (1) I am trying to locate Outlook Express(OE) that should be on my machine (Win XP). I have already looked at the program add/remove list. There is no OE or...
  26. Ross11

    How do you keep your email address when changing outlook express?

    My computer has recently got to the the state where it is almost unusable so I am going to do a clean install to change from Windows xp to Windows 7. When Windows 7 is installed I will also change to a newer version of Microsoft office. I want to know how I can keep my old email address in a...
  27. S

    [Solved] Outlook express for windows 7 full version free download

    please send installation instraction hologram map and use instraction
  28. D

    Outlook express

    Hello, How do I open Windows 7 outlook express?
  29. D

    Problem with Quickbook Pro 2012

    My hard drive crashed recently & so I had to get a new one. I installed Quickbooks Pro 2012 on my hard drive & since doing so, I have had nothing but problems ever since. I am running Windows XP Pro. On my old hard drive, QB Pro 2012 sent invoices to my clients via Outlook Express without an...
  30. P

    Import outlook express address book into windows 7

    How do I export my outlook express address book from my old PC (Windows XP) to Outlook 2010 on my new PC (Windows 7)?
  31. T

    Download outlook express for windows 7 free

    Hello, is this possible
  32. Grizzly Biker


    After storing "Outlook Express" contacts in a folder from old lap top, they won't transfer into "Live Mail" on new laptop. How can I do it. Thanks. Grizzly Biker.
  33. C

    Program to recover passwords of OE mail account.

    I have three mail accounts in Outlook Express. And all three accounts had same password. But now I can’t access them any more as I think someone changed the passwords. I need those passwords badly. I don’t know who the ‘evil’ did so but quite frustrating for me. I need a program which can tell...
  34. E

    Recovery deleted outlook express PST files

    Does anybody know of any data recovery software that is really good on recovering deleted outlook express PST files? I am looking for something that just scans for that PST. Please help if you can. Thanks :)
  35. M

    Outlook express email cant download because of 64 bit platform

    Need info on installing Outlook Express on a 64 bit platform?
  36. B

    Not a Win 32 application.

    I backup up my outlook express email messages on an external hard drive and they file there as filename.dbx. When later I try to open those emails to read or use, I get the following error message: filename.dbx is not a valid Win32 application. I hope you can help me in resolving this problem...
  37. N

    Sending an anonymous/untraceable email

    I need to be able to send somebody an email with no possibility of them OR THEIR COMPUTER OR SERVER knowing who or which PC it's from until they have read as far as my signature at the bottom! The intended recipient account is automatically bouncing all emails sent from my computer even when...
  38. R

    [Solved] Outlook express for windows 7 full version free download

    could you please help me get outlook express on my new 64bit computer windows 7
  39. A

    Outlok Express

    Hi, Just joined, I hope I can contribute to the site in some way although my knowledge is somewhat limited which is why I am unable to solve a problem I have with Outlook Express. I have a single parent website and 3 emails configured to my OE via the server hosting it. I am now receiving this...
  40. P

    Reinstalling an application

    Hello, Does reinstalling an application such as outlook express overwrite the data attached to that application?
  41. J

    Outlook express email cant download because of 64 bit platform

    Hello, I'm trying to download outlook express onto my parents laptop for them and get to the finishing stage and it gives me the error message can't download because of 64 bit platform?? I'm computer illiterate and not sure what to do...Thanks
  42. Kursun

    HELP! IMPORTING Windows LIVE MAIL Messages

    I am doing a new clean install of Win 7 on a new disk. My old disk was Win 7 too. Same software is being installed on a new disk. I am trying to import messages from old Windows Live Mail install on the old disk to new Windows Live Mail install. I had done importing from Outlook Express to...
  43. F

    Outlook express mail for windows 7

    Hello, I have i cloud but it needs outlook mail, can i add i cloud to windows? if so how?
  44. D

    How to open outlook express email in windows 7

    I attempted to use programs windows live email wlmail but it brings me to google
  45. J

    Icons in Outlook Express window

    Suddenly the icons on the left side of the Outlook express window have vanished. They include: Inbox, Outbox, Sent items, Deleted Items, Drafts. How to retrieve them plse?
  46. S

    Email on Windows 7

    Hello, I got my 93 year old father a Win7 system, and am looking for the Outlook Express substitute that will require the least retraining. Any suggestions? Probably OUtlook, right?
  47. Z

    Outlook express for windows 7 full version free download

    Hello, can i get outlook express 7?
  48. kylothian

    Sending mails via MS Word

    Hi guys Just a question, whenever i made a document i could just hit file - send - mail and microsoft outlook wil open up with the attachment there. Now for some strange reason when i follow the same procedure now it opens up in outlook express. I only have an e-mail account in microsoft...
  49. N

    Fix outlook to send email

    Hello, Can someone explain why I can send email on outlook express not outlook. I recently updated drivers for a new computer and upgraded to sp 3 in windows xp.
  50. S

    Export outlook express data to outlook 2010

    Hello, Any way to export outlook express 6 data to outlook 2010? TNX
  51. G

    Solved! Outlook Express Email for Windows XP

    Hello, We have a table top computer that has torn up. We are using our lap top until we can get the other one repaired. How do we access our Outlook Express mail?
  52. K

    Outlook express how to invite to a meeting anonymously

    Hello,I want to send an internal office invitation to a meeting without the others knowing who's been invited. How can I do this?
  53. G

    Solved! How do i set up my default mail client on windows 7

    Hello, I used to have outlook express and I had yahoo as my default email when I clicked on the mail button by the address bar, in windows 7 I cant set it up..can I get help on how to set it up?
  54. D

    Copying contacts

    I have outlook express. I want to export at least my contacts. However when I try to do that, I don't get them all and most of the names don't transfer, so its not really helpful. I also was wondering if it is possible to transfer my messages too... any help would be greatly appreciated.
  55. O

    How to open outlook express email in windows 7

    How open old oe email in windows 7
  56. T

    Outlook Express has no attachments

    hi everyone. i've been having trouble at work. a compay is sending us orders, they use outlook, we use outlook express. when we get mail from them, sometimes the attachment is missing. the email still shows the size as if there is a file attached, but i cannot see it. the paperclip is not...
  57. T

    Outlook Express Prints Large

    Hi I have a small problem, or big, whatever... At work, we have this network set up. Everybody uses Outlook Express to get mails. Everything works fine. We have network printers. Thing is... One lady receives an email. It displays perfectly on her PC. When she prints it, the text is huge...
  58. Q

    cant delete messages from WIN XP Outlook Express

    Hi, I have these 3 emails in my 'outbox' folder of the default outlook express. Dialup through wanadoo and windows xp. The problem is these emails just sit there - i cant delete them - they dont want to send and then just give me an error with no number (say warning error sending 3 mails bla...
  59. dg6464

    Outlook 2002 file retrieval.

    I have a question about Microsoft Outlook 2002 (part of office, not Outlook Express). I have many clients machines come through that have never thought of, or have never been told to back up their Outlook data into a .PST file for easy retrieval. When the inevitable happens, and their hard drive...
  60. X

    Configuring Eudora for Hotmail account?

    I am wondering how to configure Eudora for my hotmail account. I have always used Outlook Express, and this is the first time I'm trying Eudora. I have confusion at what to enter in the Incomming Mail Server field. When I go to Options under Tools menu, I am asked to fill following fields; 1...