Importing to Outlook 2007 from Backup Files


May 17, 2009
Been looking online trying to find instructions, but, most seem to be importing from Outlook Express to Outlook on the same machine, or, on the new machine setting out Express then importing to Outlook, which I can't do because no Outlook Express on Win7.

Basically... old computer had WinXP running Outlook Express. Copied the mail folder over to external drive, did an export, etc... then upgraded the computer (better CPU, more ram, etc) and a bigger hard drive. Old drive is still accessible, it's on my desk. Kept it in case we missed files during backup, but hesitant to hook it up given the butt-load of viruses it had.

So... Computer now has Win7x64 and Outlook 2007.

How do I import the old emails, the address book csv file, and iaf file with all the account settings? When I try to do an import, it seems to look for local stuff already set up and that's about it.