Question Trying to store folders and perform a backup on one hard drive


Dec 13, 2011

I have bought a Seagate external hard drive, 2tb. My MacBook contains 500gb of 'stuff'. I wanted to back up the whole thing using Time Machine but also store copied folders on the drive which I can physically see and open.

Spoke with very useful guy at Seagate who advised this would be possible only if I separated the hard drive into two volumes, each with a different format. I thought I had done this, but it's not panning out as I'd hoped.

I thought I had divided the drive into two 1tb volumes, each with a different format, APFS and whatever the other one is - forget what I was advised - NTFS? But Finder is showing only the volume reserved for folders, the APFS section. When I hit Time Machine and select Seagate BUP Media - it tells me it contains 2tb of storage (obviously that must be including the APFS volume) and it won't let me select the drive as a backup location. When I click on the APFS volume, which I had set aside to copy and paste folders to, it will allow me to select that.
I can't figure out what I've done wrong.

I hope this makes sense!

Thanks in advance.
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