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  1. C

    Email adress won't send new emails.

    Hello everyone, Today i bought a new pc for my grandma, after setting everything up (including her email) i thougt everything was working, however: i can recieve emails, i can reply to them but when i try to send a new email it won't show up in the reciever's inbox. at least not when i send...
  2. H

    sync Outlook 2007 and Hotmail pop3

    Good morning, I have several email accounts for business and personal emails. Syncing Gmail and my website to Outlook 2007 was actually easy. Hotmail is entirely different. It seems the issue comes down to the Outgoing and Incoming Mail Servers. There are numerous different suggestions or...
  3. J

    Outlook 2007 question

    I installed windows 10 on a seperate partition due to the main one becoming unbootable. I tried everything under the sun to get it to work and no luck. Anyways i reinstalled outlook 2007 and was wondering the best way to copy over the data. I can still access the other partition and get to...
  4. C

    Getting emails onto the desktop

    Hi all, I have been using emails online for my work through the https://outlook.office365.com/owa system, but is there any way that I can view the emails on my desktop, similar to how I do with my other emails please? On Outlook 2007. Any help much appreciated.
  5. R

    My MSFT Outlook 2007 INBOX has suddenly disappeared

    I don't expect an answer I can understand because I'm 82. But if you're patient, I know I can understand! I've been online since 1996. All I want is a non complicated way of getting my Inbox back. Elsa
  6. M

    How can I restore Instant Search in Office 2007? Don't know how I lost it. OS is Windows 10

    I discovered that reminders posted in Outlook 2007 Calendar weren't showing up. When I explored several menus under Tools and Options i found that Search wasn't functioning in the Calendar or in Mail folders. Tried enabling Instant Search, but the illustrations in the Help menu don't match...
  7. S

    Outlook sharing calendar on mutiple PCs

    Hi, My friend has an office with 3 PC's and a laptop that is used as the file server/storage so that can be taken home at night for security. So the laptop has all the shared documents and also Outlook installed which they use for a shared calendar, the 3 PC's do not have Outlook installed...
  8. D

    Sync Outlook 2007 calendar between my two computers

    I have Office 2007 and two computers, one with Windows 8.1 and the other with Windows 10. Is there any way to sync my Outlook 2007 calendar between the two computers? It takes too much time to save the .pst to Google Drive or to a flash drive and import it. Is there any free software that does...
  9. THRobinson

    Importing to Outlook 2007 from Backup Files

    Been looking online trying to find instructions, but, most seem to be importing from Outlook Express to Outlook on the same machine, or, on the new machine setting out Express then importing to Outlook, which I can't do because no Outlook Express on Win7. Basically... old computer had WinXP...
  10. C

    (bizarre) outlook freezes mouse

    I have a user that when she uses Outlook (2007) it suddenly freezes her mouse. She won't be able to move her mouse for minutes sometimes. This happens: -on multiple machines -sporadically -even if outlook is the only app open -with her only (no other users reporting this problem) -with...
  11. O

    How to Repair Large Outlook 2007 PST on Windows 7

    User running Windows 7, with Outlook 2007, 20 GB PST. User has two email account, 1 may be an IMAP, 1 may be POP, or both can be POP (I'll check if necessary) No Exchange accounts. Outlook wouldn't start, so I used SCANPST to repair (took hours, of course). Outlook ran slowly, but now is...
  12. M

    how do i transfer folders from GoDaddy to Outlook 2007

    How do I transfer my old emails that are in folders from GoDaddy to Outlook 2007? Thank you
  13. N

    Password recovery MS outlook 2007 pop3

    Hi, everybody. Reinstalled Windows 7. A new installation of MS outlook 2007 in the same c:\windows \document & setting\USER\ - all remained in place. is it possible from this file to pull pop3 password from pst (MS Outlook 2007)? import messages was successful. Thank you!
  14. S

    I am using windows 8.1 and have had to continue using outlook 2007 because of a crashed hard drive. Now my 2007 outlook is no

    I was told by geeks that I would lose my data in outlook 2007 if I tried to upgrade to current outlook, but I am having trouble with my outlook 2007, freezing and not responding.
  15. G

    outlook 2007 corrupted .pst

    hello guys, My Outlook 2007 cant open .pst file. IT appears file was corrupted. I ran scanpst, but it couldnt solve the issue. Does anyone know third party software or method for recovering corrupted .pst files? many thanks for all.
  16. C

    Office 365 noplay/using the same email on two differnt computers

    My company use office 365 exchange online. I have two computers, in two different spots. One uses Outlook 2010, and other uses Outlook 2007. The outlook 2010 one receives and sends out emails. Which that's how i want that one to work. But the Outlook 2007 one, I only want to send emails. I don't...
  17. quad777

    Moving contact list from Outlook 2007 to Outlook 2010

    Hi guys just want to know how do i move the contact list(the one when i type in the first few letters of the email address and it picks up the complete address) from outlook 2007 to 2010.
  18. A

    Outlook 2007 and Gmail BCC

    Hi All- I'm working with a friend that we set up with Gmail and finally got off of Outlook Express... Only because we finally got him off of XP. He's used to sending a BCC to himself and getting a copy of his message in the Inbox. We know that a copy goes to the sent items, but he really wants...
  19. N

    I can't change the default browser in outlook 2007

    Hi Guys! When I try change the default browser under win xp I got a message in outlook 2007 and the browser is still the explorer there. Do you have any idea?
  20. S

    Outlook 2007 sunfolders missing

    I have spent hours now looking for my missing Outlook 2007 Inbox Subfolder and it's contents. There were a couple of hundred emails in it. Where could they be? we are on citrix and exchange 2007. I have checked the Views, they are all set correctly. How do I get the folder back and why has it...
  21. luisj

    Can't attach files in Outlook 2007

    Good Morning, Since a few days ago I can't attach files in my Outlook 2007. Only can attach files if they are at my Desktop. In all other cases7folders (inclusive My Documents and it's subfolders), when I try to attach a file it opens a pop-up window saying: "It wasn't possible to locate the...
  22. T

    IPhone4 won\'t sync with Outlook

    My Contacts and Calendar won,t sync with my IPhone 4 and outlook 2007
  23. N

    Inbox Subfolder & ALL emails in it have disappeared!

    Hello, I have spent hours now looking for my missing Outlook 2007 Inbox Subfolder and it's contents. There were a couple of hundred emails in it. Where could they be? OS is Windows 7. I have checked the Views, they are all set correctly. How do I get the folder back and why has it vanished? I...
  24. quad777

    Migrating Outlook 2007 to 2010

    Hi Guys Need to migrate from OUtlook 2007 to 2010,any guides on doing that while still keeping all mail? Thanks for the help
  25. quad777

    Not Receiving mail on all pcs

    Hi Guys I seem to have a problem with receiving mail on Outlook 2007. I have the same email account setup on 4 different pcs. These pc use Outlook 2007 and get the mail from an online mail server(maintained by the guys that host our website) so there is no MS Exchange in use on our side. My...
  26. L

    Iphone 4s sync outlook 2007

    Ladies & Gents... I have outlook 2007 running on xp 2003 w/ service pak 3... just purchased Iphone 4s... can I sync device & outlook... additionally... how secure is Icloud... thanks in advance to all who reply...
  27. pckitty4427

    Outlook PST problems...

    I'm trying to move some emails from Outlook 2002 on my old PC to Outlook 2007 on my laptop. On outlook 2002, I exported the email folder to a PST file. I then burned the file on to a CD-RW. I then put the CD into the laptop and copied the PST onto the desktop. On the laptop, I opened Outlook...
  28. J

    Help with emailing from list

    Hope I am not duplicating as I am new to the site. Using Outlook 2007, I am trying to send an email newsletter to each email address individually that I maintain in a speadsheet containing hundreds of clients on Excel. I don't want it to be sent to a group, even if blind, as it is important...
  29. S

    Outlook get mail with attachment but no attachment in mail

    outlook get mail with attachment but no attachment in mail outlook 2007 sp2 Exchange 2007 Win XP
  30. M

    Outlook 2007 - Invisible Items in DRAFT Folder

    Hello, My default Draft folder indicates it has eight items in it with the characteristic (8) behind the folder name. When I go to the folder, it is emply, "There are no items to show in this view", is the only "entry". How can I delete that marker?
  31. T

    Business contact Manager for Outlook 2007

    Hello, I use business contact manager in Outlook 2007. When I set a reminder on a CONTACT IT DOES NOT POP UP ANY MOR TO DO THE REMINDER. I need some assistanc in fixing it.
  32. S

    Out of memory or system resources in outlook 2007

    Hi, I have got office 2007 SP2, while trying to create pst files, it gives a message "out of memory or system resourses. Close some windows or programs and try again". Please Help.
  33. wanamingo

    Outlook 2007 auto delete

    Im having trouble with an outlook 2007 setting. Its running on a windows 7 32 bit machine fully updated. What the user wants to happen is after 7 days begin deleting items in the "Deleted Items" folder. Default I think is just 24 hours. Ive tried the properties on the deleted items and under...
  34. B

    Outlook 2007 is not Downloading E-Mails

    I have contacted my provider and I have searched the Internet. Supposedly an update was the problem, BUT I don't have that update file in my updates.
  35. M

    There are 5168 items in my in box and 2260 items in sent items of outlook 2007.

    Hello, There are 5168 items in my in box and 2260 items in sent items of outlook 2007. I'm losing email from inbox and sent items. What is the reason & how can I solve it by keeping my inbox & sent items folder with all my email? I want to keep my all personal folders in my laptop including...
  36. M

    Outlook 2007 attachment not sent

    Good Morning, I have recently discovered that emails sent with Office 2007 (all current MS patches applied) do not get sent. They show up in the Sent Mail folder but they are not received. I have run Windows 7 in Safe Mode, with Outlook /safe - and the problem continues. I CAN send emails...
  37. C

    Outlook - Multiple mail accounts all sending mail through Exchange

    I have three mail accounts in Outlook 2007: 1x Exchange and 2x POP (Gmail and Yahoo). When I send an email from Gmail or Yahoo, I see the message in the Exchange outbox. What is it doing and how do I fix this?
  38. Fletch711

    Outlook 2007 Updating inbox

    I've got an end user using Outlook 2007 SP 2 to connect to Exchange 2007 via https in cache mode. I have it set to download headers then content. He never removes anything from the inbox, but we do auto archive it to his computer ever 6 months. Everything appeared to be working up until a...
  39. T

    Outlook 2007 - Personal Folders confusion

    I am setting up Outlook for the first time with an IMAP account, I've used it for years with POP3. I was on the phone yesterday with a guy from Microsoft for 30 minutes and while he was able to explain to me how IMAP works over and over he left me still completely confounded as to what the...
  40. tical2399

    How to empty outlook 2007 folder by specific year?

    Hey guys, I'm at work right now and a co-worker wants to empty her deleted folder of old email (2009 & 2010) but she wants to keep deleted ones from 2011. In outlook it allows you to sort by groups and and you can right click on the group heading and delete all the ones under that heading...
  41. Frag Mortuus

    Outlook 2007 Seach Malfunction

    Hey Guys, My Outlook 2007 search feature is malfunctioning. Basically when I try to search it only returns emails from 2008 and 2009 with nothing from 2010 or 2011. Ive looked through all of the search options and have tried several different configurations with no results. I have heard that...
  42. S

    All a sudden, no headers in outlook 2007

    Today, in the middle of the day, with no changes whatsoever on my part, outlook stopped displaying headers on messages. It didn't stop display the place headers go, they just are blank. A picture is worth 1,000 words. As you can see, it WAS working, then suddenly, nothing. I have 2 imap...
  43. J

    Outlook 2007

    Can anyone tell me where to find Public Folder option in Outlook 2007? It is NOT found in the Folder options list. I konw it is on the Exchange because I can see it when I use OWA. Any help is appreciated
  44. A

    Sync local outlook folders to yahoo mail

    I have it setup in outlook 2007 where yahoo imap is working. However, I have the old local pop yahoo data that I would like to sync from outlook to yahoo. I have tried copying the outlook pst and renaming that same as the imap data file however all the data erases when you sync it with the...
  45. M

    Problem with Outlook 2007

    Hello, My outlook quickly crashes when open with an error message that the outlook.pst file as error. I've scanned it several times with Scanpst.exe and it say it's ok. I've complete reloaded Office 2007 and still the same... Any suggestions.
  46. L

    Network password continually appears outlook 2007

    Hello, I have a laptop running windows 7, after setting up a new e-mail account the network password prompt repeatedly appears. Any ideas? I have googled this and tried all the different ideas for 2 days.
  47. Mr Davo

    Outlook 2007 – error code – 0x8000000600 – can send but not receive

    Hi Everyone, A work colleague came to me with a strange error that was occurring with his Outlook 2007 program. My colleague reported that he was able to send messages but not receive them! Outlook 2007 was also supplying a cryptic error message: 0x8000000600. A Google search failed to turn...
  48. M

    Outlook 2007 account set up (exchange server)

    I was wondering if there was a specific file that contains all the account settings for Outlook account that could be copied and then imported or installed onto another machine's outlook set up. I have tried to manually duplicate the settings, but for some reason its not working. So i just...
  49. U

    Outlook 2007 does not delete messages

    Outlook does not delete messages
  50. Horrgakx

    MS Outlook 2007 on Win 7 64-bit - data file errors

    Hi all. I have my Outlook 2007 PST file(s) on a 'data' hard drive in my machine (the OS's are on different drives). I moved from WinXP to Win7 (they are on different drives so I can boot between them) but every time I open Outlook on Win7 it tells me "A data file did not close properly the...
  51. F

    Solved! Laptop hangs when receiving email

    Hi, I have a laptop (DELL Vostro 1510) with Windows XP as its OS and MS Outlook 2007 installed. When I'm receiving/sending emails, my laptop freezes/hangs for about 2-3 minutes. Do you know the exact problem? please help me, thanks!
  52. S

    [need help]outlook 2007 crash

    I just upgrade my NB to Win7, and recently outlook 2007 just crash frequently. it works fine in XP OS. Can anybody tell me how to solve problem like that?
  53. G

    Outlook 2007

    When importing contacts outlook is putting the email address in the Display Name field so when you search by ysing the TO box it olnly works if you type part of the email address instead of a name. is there a remedy for this?
  54. A

    Can't send in Outlook 2007

    Hi, I have downloaded the trial version of Outlook2007 because I need it to sync with my iPAQ. In the past I have used Windows Mail and all was well. After installing Outlook, I have been getting the message that my ID and Password was rejected. Error# 0X800CCC92. The window to ask me for you...
  55. R

    Outlook 2007 Attachment issues

    Ok, here's the thing. The problem I am facing is so peculiar that it is very difficult to understand whether it has been asked before. There are just so many ways to put it. I have tried searching at least 15 different combinations on google with no avail. My organisation is using the Google...
  56. S

    Outlook 2007 not connecting to exchange

    hi i have a new laptop in a business and ive set it up and it connects to the network all fine, can connect to the network drives on the server. but when i go to connect the email account to the exchange server it just gets the error "the name cannot be resolved. the connection to microsoft...
  57. R

    Outlook 2007 crashes under XP

    My work recently forced me to move from Office 2003 to 2007 when they moved their exchange server to 2007. After doing a clean install (uninstalled 2003 first) Outlook crashes upon startup. Unfortunately the IT person I'm working with has not been very helpful so I'm going to appeal to experts...
  58. R

    Why is Outlook 2007 running out of memory?

    Why is Outlook 2007 running out of memory? I am using a Thinkpad T60P laptop with 2GB of memory and 120GB harddrive. (Harddrive has about 60GB free). I am running WinXP with SP3. Whenever I attempt to start Outlook I get an error message that pops up that tells me that I am "...out of memory...
  59. L

    Outlook 2007 Dual boot

    I recently set up a dual boot between WnXp Home and Vista Ultimate. I have installed Outlook 2007 on both partitions and would like to share my pst, calander, notes, etc between both partitions. I have found several web sites that hint that sharing these components is possable but no one says...
  60. W

    Outlook 2007 mailbox too big in cache mode

    I just upgraded all our desktops to MS Office 2007 and I'm having a problem with one of them. I installed MS Office 2007 and put Outlook in cache mode for all the workstations, but one workstation wouldn't allow me to change to cache mode. It gave me an error message saying the mailbox was too...