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  1. Eljone Lerz

    Question Laptop not powering on

    My FUJITSU Lifebook A574 it has light indicator the charge and battery is okay, but still isn't working it has no command to turn on?
  2. I

    Notebook Display Issue(s)

    Hi all I have, recently, replaced the screen of my notebook (Fujitsu Lifebook S6520), with another that was working fine on the source notebook. The source notebook and (my) target notebook are the same brand and model However, upon replacing it, the display output was either horizontal or...
  3. S

    Solved! Laptop Screen Goes Black after Boot (Fujitsu Amilo LI2727 - MS2228)

    Hi All! I'm experiencing an issue with my laptop screen, and seeking for advice from the community. Upon booting, my laptop screen goes all black. The machine is on and seems to be working just fine. In fact, I've found out that if I push (and keep pushing) the laptop case right behind the...
  4. M

    Solved! My laptop turn off by itself

    my laptop fujitsu lifebook A series when i turn it on its switches itself off and on ones again please help .. what should i do even i can go to users window .. i cant do anything with my laptop please help ...
  5. M

    Sound Bar For Plasma TV

    I have a Fujitsu Plasmavision TV, model P55XHA40. What sound bar will work with it? Thanks for your help!
  6. T

    Solved! Operating system not found when booting from usb

    Currently I have a bootable usb with kali linux installed, which works perfectly fine on my HP ENVY 15-j151sa. However, when attempting to use on another PC, Fujitsu Esprimo D556/2, the operating system doesn't load and instead displays the image "An operating system wasn’t found. Try...
  7. K

    want to reset but don't remember password for fujitsu stylistic q552

    My dad just found a Fujitsu stylistic q552 that he used a long time ago. He wants to try to see if it still works but he doesn't remember what the password was. Is there anything we can do?
  8. F

    Fujitsu Lifebook T730 dead suddenly ??

    Hello My fujitsu lifebook t730 laptop died all in sudden while working, it went blank straight away no warning or anything .... now when i am trying to turn it back on .... nothing happens ... no light or any sound at all.......... i tried removing battery and adapter wire and holding power on...
  9. W

    Solved! Help!! What is the function of "White button" on mainboard

    i have a notebook - fujitsu LH532. Since it was slow, I reinstall from win8 to win7 with USB. After that, I need to plug in the same USB for booting and enter to windows. Thus, i want to enter bios and change boot sequence. But, bios is locked and i forgot password. So, i want to reset bios...
  10. A

    Wireless capability turn on

    For laptop fujitsu lifebook s series. How i want to turn on the wireless capability. Didnt find the solution. Help mee
  11. L

    Solved! Hi anyone help I’ve got a black screen on Fujitsu laptop but works through a hdmi into tv

    Hi anyone help I’ve got a black screen on Fujitsu laptop but works through a hdmi into tv
  12. T

    I have a Fujitsu laptop ah532 .if there is battery on it .it will not boot up but when I try to remove the battery and plug in

    I have a Fujitsu laptop ah532 .if there is battery on it .it will not boot up but when I try to remove the battery and plug in only charger will work fine ..I try replacing with a new will not come up and if the laptop is on and I put the battery without offing it ..the battery...
  13. A

    Fujitsu a561 can gaming or not

    What kind of games i can play on fujitsu a561
  14. M

    Fujitsu Esprimo P556 Issues

    I am reloading Windows 7 Professional on a Fujitsu Esprimo P556. After the initial setup is complete, I cannot connect to the Internet. I went into Device Manager and under Network Adapters, there was a yellow triangle next to "Intel 8255x-Based PCI Ethernet Adapter (10/100)." The computer...
  15. K

    Solved! Installing windows xp on external hard drive with windows 10 laptop

    Can anyone help me?i have 2 old laptops,one is broken and one is a working old 2005 Fujitsu japanese laptop but both have problems with windows xp..the old Fujitsu laptop windows xp is missing NTLDR and the broken laptop windows xp shows blue screen of death at least on a new laptop while the...
  16. D

    Fujitsu Internet ??

    Can anyone help me? I have Fujitsu Amilo A7640 and i can`t connect to the wireless. I try to install lot of drivers,and i try launch manager but i can`t use it,,,
  17. K

    Im asking pls

    Can i ask how to detect my old phone samsung e1200 my sim is important. How to detect my icoming messages its to verry important to me. Pls help what will i do.
  18. H

    fujitsu --101 please

    can i hook-up my chromecast to the dvi-d i have a fujitsu 42 HHA10WS
  19. E

    Amilo Li 3710 dead mobo

    Hello dear forum members! I have an amilo li 3710 laptop with dead motherboard. I checked everything , i replaced PU9 charger ic and it's not working ye. The PU 10 is dont get pgood signal ,where is the pgood signal come from? And I hear a high pitch but quiet sound from PU 10 it can be a sign...
  20. I

    How to use my email on my fujitsu laptop and phone

    How I can connect my email on your fujitsu laptop too? Pls anyone
  21. D

    I forgot my fujitsu laptop login password on Windows 8.1 pro i only remember the password hint

    I only remember a password hint
  22. K

    Replacing the screen of a Fujitsu Lifebook A556

    Dear hardware wizards. I'm interested in replacing the LCD screen for my Fujitsu Lifebook A556 but I'm having trouble with how to get it opened. Along the monitor there seems to be no screws holding the screen together, hence I don't know where to start. Is there something I'm not aware of...
  23. S

    Solved! How to turn on wireless capability if your function key/alphnumeric is not working?

    I reformat my fujitsu simens amilo pro laptop thinking that it might reset the setting but still the wireless capability is turn off. I try to use different wireless adapter but still it won't work. I think the alphanumeric key is not functioning.
  24. L

    im using 16gb fujitsu, and my card is not detected how to recover it without losing any files and pictures

    Looking for a solution for my memory card Pls help me idont want to loose my daughters memory
  25. D

    Fujitsu LifeBook U772 Ultrabook for 300€ NEW ?

    is it worth it? i5 3317m 4gb ram 128gb ssd ?New in the box
  26. B

    Fn+f2 doesnt work for my fujitsu laptop

    I cant switch on my wifi button but fn+f2 doesnt work for me Help me pls
  27. K

    Bios Password Fujitsu

    Maybe someone will help. I bought a notebook but unfortunately has a password on the bios and I can not set the boot. Notebook fujitsu siemens S751. Computer shows error code: 0222-0670-6157-5257-4732-0339 I will be grateful to help in reviving my computer
  28. E

    Power Issue Fujitsu Life book U554

    I have a Fujitsu Liifebook U554. One day I noticed the battery wasn't charging when it was plugged in. It ran out and I used it plugged in to the power unit. Then it started to take ages to turn on. First ten minutes, then 30 minutes and now 2-3 hours or not at all. When I press the power...
  29. P

    Connect Wireless Speaker to Bluetooth of Fujitsu Laptop

    How to connect Wireless Speaker "Sony SRS-XB3" using Bluetooth installed to Fujitsu Laptop AH531/GFO?
  30. P

    How to detect bluetooth?

    How to check if bluetooth is installed in Fujitsu AH531/GFO?
  31. M

    Dimmed area in fujitstublaptop screen

    My Fujitsu life book u series 772 has developed a dim area at the bottom. It shows only in certain positions when the laptop cover is in some positions. Any idea of what is wrong/ what can be done please?
  32. N

    Solved! Laptop inbulit mic not working properly

    The inbuIlt mic on my Fujitsu AH531 laptop has stopped working partially for sometime.The OS is windows 7 and the drivers and software are from Realtek . The problem is that whenever I open a recording program and try to record sound with it, the mic catches sound for a second or two and after...
  33. A

    Fujitsu lifebook ah530 a series cant connect in wifi.. even in lan. I try formting but its the same... what will i do

    Pls help Fujitsu lifebook a series ah530. I format my laptop deu to slow performance. After i reformat the wifi will cinect maybe 2 minutes only.. then i will try to lan.. it doesnt work also.. What will i do.. please help. Thanks a lot
  34. C

    Fujitsu life book AH502 problem

    Hi I have the Fujitsu life book AH502 and last week the number 5 on the right hand side continually presses across the screen. Due to this I cannot do uni assignments without it filling the screen with 5's it also does it in bar for web browser. I tried cleaning the keyboard which stopped it for...
  35. J

    My fujitsu A series laptop stopped working last night . When u try turn it on it get the black screen with fujitsu on it and i

    My fujitsu A series laptop stopped working last night . When i try turn it on it get the black screen with fujitsu on it and it's trying to do something to also says " preparing automatic repair " after a while it just goes to a black screen. I've tried a hard reboot by taking out the battery...
  36. R

    Fujitsu A556G Hard Drive Mount Screws

    What screwdriver is needed to unscrew the hard drive mount on this laptop? The screws look strange and the screwdriver I was using to unscrew the rest of the laptop doesn't appear to fit them. In truth, I'm not actually sure which holes are in fact screws. There are six holes on the mount that...
  37. M

    Guys I found a laptop for sale and I need some help

    I found a literally dirt cheap laptop It's a Fujitsu LIFEBOOK AH502 Should I get it? It's owner says that the laptop does not boot into windows but I don't mind fixing that issue And another questions what is the maximum amount of ram I can add to this laptop?
  38. NeleRS

    Fujitsu-Siemens Board Schematic needed...

    Hello guys, I need board schematics (also boardview if available) for Fujitsu-Siemens (Celsius Mobile Edition H700) Thanks.
  39. B

    Blue screen black screen

    My fujitsu LH530 blue screen multiple times and ends up with no screen display. Connected it to a monitor and the display, again blue screen multiple times, until safe mode. It displays vertical dotted lines across entire screen.. previously, top of screen have occasional tiles flicker when...
  40. H

    A new one or a older one?

    I wan't to buy a laptop. Where i live now i can afford only a 200€ . I've chose a new one and one SH. I want it for movies, internet, photoshop and some gaming like cs 1.6, cs go, nfs.... SH laptop has: Brand: Fujitsu LifeBook S751 Display: 14 inch Resolution: 1366 x 768 Cpu: i5 - 2520M Gpu...
  41. DocChikara

    Fujitsu LifeBook (Japanese) Fresh-Install w7x64 0 out of 3 USB ports working

    Fujitsu LifeBook (Japanese) Fresh-Install w7x64 0 out of 3 USB ports working So I have a USB problem, there are 3 USB ports on the system, and none of them work. The system: model/specs: LIFEBOOK SH54/K FMVs54KRC SH54/K FMVs54KRC...
  42. S

    3 blinking amber led lights

    Hello all, I bought a new Fujitsu T901 Lifebook in 2012 and it has performed superbly for the last 4 years. Over this weekend, I tried to boot it and nothing happened; three blinking amber led's blink simultaneously but no power to the fan or HD. I tried the trick that is often posted here...
  43. M

    What new equivalent for Fujitsu Amilo Pi Laptop?

    Hello all After an accident my old Fujitsu Amilo Pi 1536 laptop is going to be replaced by my insurance company. They want to offer me a budget laptop and I'm not sure it's going to be able to run the applications I've been running on my Amilo. I would really appreciate some advice. Here are...
  44. S

    my fujitsu ah530 laptop replaced keyboard stop responding after a week

    my fujitsu ah530 laptop was not working fine as its some key stopped working so, i replaced the keyboard for my laptop. the keyboard work fine only for a week and then its some of the keys stopped responding.. i used on screen keyboard ti check that is there is any OS problem but on screen...
  45. K

    Fujitsu Laptop Memory Diagnostic Problem

    I am trying to help a friend with a Fujitsu AH531 laptop that runs Windows 10 and has developed an issue where it will after a few minutes usage give a BSOD which states “PAGE FAULT IN NON-PAGED AREA (snp2uvc.sys)” I have researched the error and learnt that it can often relate to memory errors...
  46. T

    Faulty CPU on my laptop?

    I have Fujitsu Lifebook AH512 laptop with the following problem: when CPU driver loaded laptop reboots immediately. But if I remove cpu.inf file laptop works perfectly. (Tested with Windows XP). Memtest & Video Memory Test OK. SYSLINUX bootloader not work (causes reboot). Faulty processor on...
  47. R

    Suggestions for a laptop under 23000 INR

    Total budget and country of purchase: <23000 INR, India I'll be using the laptop just for browsing, movies and mostly at home. So the necessary is just a laptop and nothing performance intensive. Should i buy a laptop with Core i3 for this or should i got for any Pentium or Celeron powered...
  48. F

    Multiple hard drives not detected in Bios

    I have 3 hard drives from multiple manufacturers. 1 x 160GB Seagate 1 x 160GB Fujitsu 1 x WD Blue 500GB All are laptop HDD. The laptop had a dead drive that I tested with seatools and HD Tune pro, it failed both and was completely gone. The other 3 I tested with the same programs and all...
  49. L

    Fujitsu FMV-BIBLO doesn't turn on

    Even with full battery my laptop's screen is black What should i do?
  50. mozzio

    4 unknown drivers on Fujitsu Lifebook A-Series (a532)?

    Hi all, Im missing drivers for Ethernet controller, Network Controller, SM Bus Controller and USB Controller. See below, the info: - @system32\drivers\pci.sys,#512;Ethernet Controller (UNKNOWN DEVICE) Chip: Realtek Semiconductor RTL8168/8111 PCIe Gigabit Ethernet Adapter -...
  51. M

    Substituiting RAM in Fujitsu Celsius H730

    How to get into the hidden two RAM slots of this laptop? I wanted to change the existing 2x4g modules with the 2x8g RAM Modules. Please advice if you could.
  52. J

    Black Screen on my fujitsu LIFEBOOK AH531

    hello, here are the specs Windows Edition: Windows 10 Pro System: Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2350M CPU @ 2.30GHz System type: 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor Here is my issue! Yesterday night my battery was at 50% when I plugged it in, I notice that the...
  53. D

    I've salvaged a Fujitsu MHT2060AH parallel ATA internal hard drive from a Dell XPS laptop. The screen had fried but everything

    Trying to recover data from a Dell laptop that had a Fujitsu ATA HD. Is there a 22 parallel pin to USB cable for this?
  54. B

    how to connect to internet

    have wifi at home. before when I open my fujitsu computer, am connected to the internet right away. Now what I get is you are not connected or unable to connect to internet. Hope you can help me.
  55. D

    How to connect windows 10 broken screen Fujitsu life book a series to HDMI

    Looking for help to collect my Windows 10 Fujitsu Book book series 2 high since monitor . I used to have Windows 7 but now I have upgraded to Windows 10 .While I had windows seven it would connect with out having to change the settings now it doesnt connect and I know it's the laptop because...
  56. E

    Help me to chose the best laptop please c:

    Hello. Which Laptop has higher performance @ work(study)/web-surfing/movies/games? 1st one is Acer Aspire (15,6'', TN+film, 1366x768, Intel Core i5-5200U, 6GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 5500, 4700 mAh capacity (6-cells)) 2nd - Fujitsu LifeBook (15,6'', TN+film, 1920x1080, Intel Core i5-5200U, 4GB...
  57. SeaZz

    Low Performance after Years

    I got my laptop 5 years ago ,for work and some "old" games like call of duty 4. It's a Fujitsu Lifebook Ah530Gfx The specs are: CPU: Intel Pentium P6000 GPU: Ati Radeon HD 4650 RAM :3GB HDD: 300GB which died and i purchased a wd black and that one died and now i got an ssd ocz arc 120GB...
  58. V

    Laptop CPU upgrade and buzzing sound in audio jack

    Hi guys, I recently sent off my thinkpad off to repair so I dug up my old laptop. Its a Fujitsu SH560. I got it at around 2011. It's running on Pentium P6000. I'm wondering if I can upgrade the processor? I saw online and youtube that people successfully upgraded their P6100 (Asus) to a i5...
  59. D

    Fujitsu ah530 laptop won't turn on.

    Hi everyone. I recently plugged my laptop with another charger and it went off and didn't turn on again. 10 sec before my laptop was ok. I tried again with my charger but nothing. I tried removing the battery and press the button for 30sec - 2min nothing again. When i plugg in my charger a spark...
  60. W

    What type of screwdriver do I need to open the memory casing on a Fujitsu lifebook? They are super teeny screws

    I need to replace the memory on my Fujitsu lifebook U series. I have tried to open it with the ordinary laptop screwdrivers but they are too big. Does anyone know what type I would need and where I could find one, please?