Question External HD no longer recognised

Feb 14, 2019
4tb harddrive I used to use on my Xbox. I now plug in my computer and my laptop. It does the noise to say it's recognised. And even forms up with the safely eject icon. With open device and printers and eject BUP RD
I open device and printers - it's on my devices - properties
Manufacturer - unavailable
Model BUP RD
Model no. Unavailable
Storage device.

Hardware - Seagate BUP RD SCSI disk device
Bus no. 0
Target id. 0
LUN. 0
This device is working properly.

Volumes all blank.
Driver Microsoft
Version. 10.0.17763.1

Apart from driver details everything else is greyed out
Update. Roll back. Disable and uninstall driver.

On my disk management it comes up underneath my normal HD
With a black line across it.
Disk 1 with a red X
Not initialized.
Having a bit of knowledge of this as I've had HDs in the past not appear as I've had to allocate them a disk drive letter. But nothing like that is possible here
I can click offline or properties.
Clicking offline comes up with data error cyclic redundancy check.
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