Dropped Laptop, new hard drive can't find drivers to install operating system

Jun 26, 2017
I have a gateway laptop model NV57H26U I recently dropped it and it froze up. I took the battery out and restarted it. Then it launched start up repair and was unable to fix itself after many attempts.

I assumed the hard drive was damaged.

I had a toshiba 1tb external Hard drive (s/n 12IGS2A9SRK9) here, so I took it apart (removed from case) and formated it and cleaned it so it was empty. I put it in my gateway, with my windows 7 installation disc, but it tells me "no signed device drivers were found. Make sure the installation contains the correct driver, and then click ok"

I have searched online for drivers for the hard drive and cannot find anything that will work.

I really would appreciate someone taking the time to give me some advice on what to do next.

Thanks in advance.


The Paladin

And you made sure the original harddrive was properly seated into the connector ? if so then its probably toast.

according to your manual https://www.manualslib.com/products/Gateway-Nv57h26u-529276.html

there is a section how to replace hard drive and recover drivers , have you followed those instructions ?

also did oyu not just find the drivers on the gateway web page ?

Jun 26, 2017
Yes I triple checked the original hard drive in multiple pc's and it still wouldn't work.

Reguarding the new Toshiba hardrive, I have downloaded the drivers from gateway already and put then on a usb stick but the install windows screen keeps saying the same thing when prompted to search for drivers "no signed device drivers were found. Make sure the installation contains the correct driver, and then click ok"

I could try to make a CD with the drivers instead of a usb, but im not sure if that will give me different results than the usb or not?
Jun 26, 2017
Ok I borrowed a hard drive from my friend and installed it into my gateway and it started right up. So the problem was the hard drive. Now I have to give the borrowed hard drive back.

My question now is, What can I do to get my 1tb toshiba hard drive to load windows 7 and gateway drivers? This toshiba 1tb is COMPLETELY EMPTY, there is no data or partitions of any kind on it. No matter what i do or download it still tells me "no signed device drivers were found. Make sure the installation contains the correct driver, and then click ok" If I put this Hard Drive on my desktop pc (extra port) I can see it in disk manger, I can put files on it, or modify it.

The laptop just refuses to load let me load the operating system because its unable to find drivers. I think the issue may be that the gateway drivers available on their website are not working properly? Is it possible that this hard drive isn't compatible with this laptop?

I have a windows 7 installation disc but i do not have a gateway recovery disc.

Yes paladin, to answer your question, im trying to install windows 7 because i do not like windows 10.
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