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Toshiba Satellite L655D-S5145 Cannot Install windows, driver error

Jul 31, 2018
Hi all!
I was given my mothers old laptop to try and sort it out, the old HDD has died and is non-recoverable, but she still needs it up and running to do an online course.

So, I started where most people do, reset the BIOS and placed a fresh 500GB HDD into the HDD caddy and installed it. Upon booting the laptop, it sits with the idle text line flashing and proceeds no further.
I popped in a windows installation media disc and nothing, still idling with the flashing text line.

I removed the new HDD and tried to boot to windows installation without the HDD, hoping to either hotplug it, or wait for the window loading icon to slot it in.

I in fact made it into the windows installation, but windows doesn't recognisethe HDD, says there is a driver missing, and prompts the "load driver" error.
Diskpart also shows the drive as drive 0, but that it is offline and has a "0MB" size and available space.

I have shut down and connected the HDD via a usb3 sata hotplug and it gets recognised as an installation drive fine, but it cannot be installed over USB.

I have tried installing a windows 10 preinstalled HDD from another AMD machine, and that HDD also isn't recognised.

everywhere says the same thing, you need the "mass storage device driver" to get it working but I have visited the website and found the exact model, and have tried all the drivers and nothing works, the laptop hides all hardware incompatible drivers, and even when I uncheck that box, the device still won't recognise the HDD.

TL;DR Windows installation doesn't recognise and HDD in the caddy whether it has windows on or not.
Windows does recognise these drives if they are over USB/eSata
mass storage driver is missing, but none of the ones from their website work

(this laptop was on windows 10 before, no reason it shouldn't work anymore)

Jul 31, 2018
If anyone has a copy of this systems disc image that would also work (a copy of a working windows direct from the Device). once I have a working image on the HDD I can wipe or reset it. but getting one to work without the drivers seems impossible so far.
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