Seagate Dasgboerd continuous setting. Some information please?


May 26, 2010
I have a 3T, USB Seagate external drive that came with Dashboard. I have always used it to back up selected files at chosen intervals. Now that I have a more powerful PC that won't get bogged down by the backup program I would like to use continuous. I have questions that I can't find the answers to.

1- When the backup process fails, as it does now and again, the scheduled backup would just try again next time. Will the Continuous one restart or will it warn me that it failed?

2-will I have a selection of dated backups to use to restore?

3- When I restart the PC will it restart the backup without any action on my part? I can't tell when it is working except by checking the log so I am nervous.
I am running Windows 10 on a Ryzen 6 processor in a Asrock Taichi 780 board. I have the newest drivers and build for the Dashboard.
The Seagate software has always been a bit hard to make work but so have others. Once it gets going it usually does OK.


1) Most backup software will "try again" if a backup attempt fails. As to the timing and extent of the additional tries - that may vary and even be configurable. Hopefully there will be some window or other failure message presented - again configurable. E.g., could send an email or text your phone.

2) Generally, you do have choice of the dated backup to use. Makes sense especially if it is determined that several previous backups are corrupted or infected. You need selection to go back to what is a known clean and safe backup.

3) Again configurable. You establish what applications run when you PC is restarted. Some applications will immediately place themselves in "Startup". (Crapware is known for doing so.)

And it is usually the case that you must check some logs to ensure that everything has run and worked as expected.

But you still should plan for and do some verifications on your own by selecting and opening the backed up files. The backup process could work but the actual backed up data could be corrupted and useless.

Start with the following link via Seagate:

Read and research any remaining questions or concerns via Seagates' FAQs, Forums, or Technical Support.

Set up your backup plan, implement it, run the backups, and monitor until you are satisfied that all is well.

But never take that for granted....


May 26, 2010
Thank you for all of the info. I will give it a try using these suggestions and let you know how it works out. I am presently unable to get it to backup at all which has always been SOP for Dashboard. Eventually I find out what is bothering it and get it going.
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