Windows 7 won't restore backup files . . . .


Jan 21, 2013
My Windows 7 laptop broke. Fortunately I backed up my data on a Seagate external hard drive. I used Windows backup in Windows 7. I have another computer running Windows 8.1 but it won't accept the Windows 7 backup from the external drive.

1. Would this problem or conflict have occurred if I had used the Seagate backup software instead of Windows 7 backup? (Would the backed up data restore to Windows 8.1 from Seagate software?)

2. Can I restore the backup files to a borrowed Windows 7 computer and then back it up again, - this time using the Seagate software to overcome this issue? (So then my data would be backed up using Seagate software which hopefully would restore/transfer to any computer.)

3. If I restore from the current backup system image will the system image cause any interference or damage to the borrowed Windows 7 computer?

4. Can I restore only my folders and files from a Windows 7 backup or must I use the system image?

5. What is the difference between restoring files vs. restoring from a system image?

6. Do I need to create my user profile on the borrowed computer before restoring from the external hard drive or will the profile be automatically created?

These are the specific questions that I would like to have answered. If you can reply to these questions it would be most helpful.


Jan 6, 2008
You may use Acronis True Image software to convert your Windows backup to Acronis backup format and try restoring the image using Acronis software.

I use Acronis 2013 for backups. It has "Backup Conversion - Convert an Acronis backup to a Windows backup, and vice versa" tool. Newest version of this software probably has the same tool.

If you integrate Acronis to Windows Explorer you can even see/select/copy the files you want using Windows Explorer. Or you may do a complete restore of course.