Samsung 700z3a idle temperature too high


Mar 22, 2014
So I just bought the laptop and the first software I downloaded was speedfan and ran that. It seemed fine but after a while (I was using word) I checked the temperature and it was running at 66 C°. Naturally I thought there was something wrong with the software, so I downloaded speccy; it showed the samething. I looked in the task manager, there was no program using over 100 mb ram, and in the past 30 minutes cpu did not go over 20%. The computer was not in silent mode and I had not changed any fan setting in speedfan. Any ideas?


May 2, 2013
I once had a windows service that kept occupying about 20% of my cpu making my idle temperatures about 60 to 65 degrees (from the normal of about 50) and my fan kept running. so my advice is to check your services in the device manager.
also reviewed that laptop and stress tested it (cpu and gpu at the same time) and reached a max core temp of 95 degrees you could try doing the same and comparing results.