Question Best Laptop Temperature Monitor Program?


Oct 3, 2013
So I mentioned my dell xps 15 9550 laptop which is an old laptop has lot of lag/crashing issues when playing online poker. Back then, rarely was this the case but then they changed their software. So because of that, I have tons of issues like the screen turning black for few seconds on my 2 external monitors, then it is normal but my task bar disappears at the bottom for many minutes. Then later it reappears and then it is normal. But when I have lot of tables open, this would happen again. But the main issue is the lag and the freezing. There is no issue like that when web browsing or youtube, just when playing online poker.

Someone said its possible the temperature on my laptop is very hot and that is the issue? Is that true or false? I never opened it to clean it. Only opened it to put in new battery, ram and ssd a while back. So I never did any cleaning of the fans or anything like that. I wouldn't know how. Also that person said you should replace the thermal paste... i never done that before either.

Now which program should i download? That person said I could download speccy. But then I read other programs like msi afterburner is good for it. But which is the most accurate? So when using it, the plan is to see the temperature when

1. Idle and not doing anything on laptop

2. When playing online poker tables but not too many tables

3. When playing online poker tables and lot of tables

Then compare the temperature to see if there is a big difference? What should I look at then? Such as what temperature range and how big of a difference in temperature. I use this laptop with 2 external monitors connected on a table and plugged in almost always, whether playing or not. Anyone can give advice on this? I also want to make sure the program i download is free of malware/virus etc. So msi afterburner is best? Can someone post the correct link? Is it this below? Should I use msi afterburner? Now if it is the temperature being very hot, then I would need to go to a computer technician and have them clean it and put new thermal paste and that could possibly fix this issue so I won't need to buy a new faster laptop because of these issues? Again, its only when playing lot of tables in online poker these issues occur.


Feb 17, 2020
If you're looking for a simple, lightweight program, try Core Temp 1.17.1 . I believe the standard version is free, as I don't recall ever paying for it, and I have used it forever. It tells you what each core's temperature is and it allows you to enter a maximum temperature which, if exceeded, the program will alert you to. You can also choose to view the running temps. in your icon tray as opposed to having to click on the program.

As a side note, there is a list of programs I insist on never being without. "FAB" Firewall App Blocker; (Search) "Everything" by Void Tools and Core Temp among others.


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