Sep 9, 2015
Dear tom'sGuide users,

I have been looking for a solution to cure my laptop from overheating. I have then finally decided to reapply a new thermal compound Arctic mx4 on my GPU and CPU. After successfully doing that, I have reinstalled every wire and started the computer. After a while, it turned itself off. What can be the issue?

There is a piece that I found while disassembling the motherboard, shown in the Dropbox link below "Pictures". What is it?

I have uploaded a video and description on youtube, that hopefully can help me to solve this problem:
In the video you can see me entering BIOS and monitoring temperatures, when suddenly laptop turns off.

Pictures of the motherboard and the broken piece:

My Serial number is: A8BN0AS485005483 and the laptop is ASUS G71Gx.

Any help will be appreciated,

Hello Anton

Sometimes this happens if the heatsink or the CPU/GPU fan is not placed properly. You may want to disassemble the system again and fix the CPU/GPU fan properly and firmly.

You may also want to wipe off the dust particles from the CPU fan, GPU fan, Heatsink(s), RAM sticks, and RAM slots, just in case.

Hope this helps. :)