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    Solved! No Command error screen disappeares after few seconds, tablet goes in boot loop again, can't access recovery mode, ODIN fails

    I was trying to revive an old Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (GT-P5110). It is in a boot loop. I wanted to clear the cache partition or to factory reset, but when I try to get to the recovery mode I get the no command error. In the No Command error screen, whether I press Power/VolumeUP/VolumeDOWN...
  2. P

    Solved! LG TV 37LD655H restart loop

  3. I

    BIos, recovery menus and others menus not showing at startup after pressing f2, f9 etc

    HP Notebook - 15-bw055sa Windows 10 64bit Boots from HD only, can't get into the bios to change boot order Windows 10 is stuck in a reboot loop after an update and I when I press esc, f2, f0 etc at startup for the bios menu, recovery menu etc I get a blank screen with white writing at the...
  4. L

    hp envy m6 not loading.

    ok so.. hp envy m6 windows 8(maybe 8.1) start up, the hp logo comes up it does the loading process and then goes black and the process restarts infinitely. Things ive tried: hp recovery says failed and retry every time. windows recovery (disk and usb) unable to complete, no reason given...
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    I've done the factory reset but it just keeps bringing me back to the reboot screen...

    I have an RCA tablet. I've done the factory reset and reboot, but it still keeps bringing me back the to Android Recovery screen. It wont let me do anything else...
  6. P

    Boot Issue - Avell B155 Max, ClevoW650SJ, Schenker M504, or SAGER NP6658

    Hello, I am a little desperate, as normal for a Avell B155 Max, ClevoW650SJ, Schenker M504, or SAGER NP6658 computer owner, and I red all over the place that this issue is very common but no solution has been given whatsoever, and I will try to bring this issue up again to help me, help other...
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    Freeze Crashes and Reboot loop on laptop, tried a lot of investigation without success, seeking help

    Hi, I got a crash / reboot loop problem on my laptop. I investigated for several days without success. My system configuration is at the end of the post. Symptoms : - Computer freeze after a completely random usage time (can be 5s after startup, before or after the bios, can be after 5 hours...
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    dell inspiron 7577 reboot loop within 5 seconds

    when installing kali linux i messed something around with my bios setting and after my failed attempt to install kali linux on my device i went back into the bios settings and reset the setting to factory defaults since then my laptop has been restartin continuoisly within five seconds..Even the...
  9. E

    Solved! LG Worrst Experience Ever

    Hi all, I'd like to share with you my experience with LG Customer Care Service. All I can say is AVOID LG products. I had very bad experiences with their Customer Care Service. I purchased many LG products amongst which 2 LG G4 H818, they look nice, the speech sounds nice but it's not. LG...
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    Solved! How to determine the cause of the reboot loop?

    I have a Lenovo tablet that frequently and randomly kicks me out whatever app I happen to be using and goes into a reboot loop. I saw the answer about starting in safe mode, but how can I determine the cause? I have cleared the delvik cashe more than once. It only helps for a short period of...
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    RCA Atlas 10 Pro Reboot Loop

    My Rca tablet is in an endless reboot loop after I went in developer mode and changed simulate secondary displays to 4k. I need help because I don't want to have to factory reset it.
  12. M

    VAIO Error Loop

    So my Sony Vaio Touchscreen computer (I believe it was Windows 8) has given me trouble recently. Whenever I attempt to turn it on I get the Vaio™ logo as normal, but then it goes to a black screen for several moments. Eventually it will flash a blue error code screen with a sideways frowny face...
  13. C

    bad_system_config_info on loop!

    i was working with my laptop the other night and it stopped and displayed the "blue screen of death". it said bad_system_config_info, and said it will restart. it has been restarting many times and i've gotten the blue screen on loop for dozens of times. i tried looking for solutions online, and...
  14. A

    Repeating reboot loop at 64% reinstallation of windows after factory reset

    I have done a factory reset and then I had to reinstall windows but then it started looping at 64% and repeatedly rebooting after showing the percentage screen for only about a second. It has been doing this over a day.
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    Solved! Asus T100H reboot loop?

    Yesterday I factory resetted my laptop. It went okay, but froze at 68% and somehow died even though it was on charge. I rebooted it this morning but it was in a reboot loop, occasionally flashing the 68%. I turned it off and it loaded into automatic repair when I turned it back on, so I...
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    Hard Reset Ultrabook

    So I have this device, Chuwi obook 11, It's running all fine till I factory reset this device. When resetting, I might have not plug in the charger, and causing my laptop to turn off. When I turn it back on, the windows reset resumed on 64% and going up to 75% and just restart. It turns on...
  17. R

    Asus: Failed reset now in boot loop

    I will decribe everything that happened prior to hopefully give more info. Left my laptop unplugged last night so it turned off from low battery. Turn it on today and blue screen. Reboot everything seemed fine. Started using it as normal. Free day today so I figured I would move important docs...
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    Samsung stuck in a boot loop

    I've had this problem for a while now, I have a Samsung np300 something (can't remember the full model number) It is always rebooting before getting into any post start-up or bios options. I have tried a number of things to such as disconnecting all non critical hardware, such as wireless card...
  19. M

    Iphone 6 not restoring

    Hello there. Recently my iphone has been having problems with boot looping. In previous cases i just set the phone to rest and try it in a few days or after a while, but now it just keeps on boot looping. I have tried to restore the phone, holding the power+ home button etc. but nothing worked...
  20. N

    Reboot Loop Problem

    Hello, I have a Vaio Ultrabook with Windows 10 which has been caught in what seems to be an infinite boot loop in which when i turn on my laptop it says preparing for automatic repair, but will suddenly crash to a blue screen saying the that there was a problem and that they will restart for me...
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    Asus r558u bios loop

    Model no r558u, non removable battery Brand : Asus. Stuck in bios loop. I went thru internet and found few answers but nothing worked. No usb device is attached and none of the keys are stuck. I went into advanced section of Aptio setup utility and disabled the legacy usb support and then it...
  22. G

    How can I fix laptop logo/boot loop?

    When I start up my laptop the samsung logo comes up and after a few seconds goes to a black screen and a few seconds later it goes back to the logo and it keeps repeating this forever. I have tried many of the common BIOS keys and none of them brought up anything.
  23. ff1esta

    Solved! Toshiba A300+Nec Tokin

    Hello guys. I know that this is a very discuss question, the problem with Nec Tokin that this Toshiba A300 have. A few months ago, i had one of this, with the known Nec Tokin problem,but the symptoms was very easy to tell that was really the problem in question. I made the repair,and worked...
  24. W

    Laptop boot loop => motherboard or HDD failing?

    Hi everybody, I have a 17" Toshiba Satellite from 2011 that has become flaky in recent months. The problem only manifests itself during boots (or reboots). Occasionally - like maybe 1 time in 10 - it will reboot fully and work without a hitch. Most times (9 / 10) the motherboard will POST...
  25. K

    can't factory reset galaxy tab.

    my tab is gone into reboot loop, when i try to do factory reset it say that it has done it but then just reloads into old system and nothing has been reset. when i try to do cache partition delete it gives error and automatically reboots again. reboot loop continues too. have tried charging to...
  26. T

    I have a lenovo tab 2 a10-70 stuck in a bootloop

    I just bought a brand new levono tab. First day it worked fine. The next day a message came up that told me that updates were available so i updated. Now I'm stuck in a bootloop. I've done a Hard Reset a bunch of times, cleared the cached partition. Battery is fully charged as well.
  27. D

    Bootloop on Selfbuilt Win 7 PC

    Hey guys, I've built a PC mainly out of new parts. The only thing I've done is take the HDD and RAM from my old PC. Now that everything is done being put together I've done as the motherboard manual requests to put in and start the driver installation disk. After that I get a menu to create a...
  28. K

    Dell Inspiron 3543/3541 won't power on, led light flashing, no beeps

    I have a Dell Inspiron 3542. All the sudden about a week ago it wouldn't turn on. Then it's like I could get it to turn on if I sorta bent or applied pressure to it, but if I moved it or anything it would seize up and freeze.. if I couldn't/can't get it to turn on or boot up, the front led light...
  29. M

    Acer laptop has trouble booting.

    I need some help troubleshooting. I think it is a hardware problem. Here is what happened. I have an Acer M5-583P-5859. My little cousin had a remote controller in his hand and I had my laptop open. One thing leads to another and he ends up throwing the controller fairly hard on my laptop...
  30. R

    My new Asus Laptop is stuck in a restart loop and It wont come out of it. I can use f2 to use utility, but I cant do anything

    Screen Size 17.3 inches Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080 Processor 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7 RAM 16 GB SO-DIMM Memory Speed 2133 MHz Hard Drive 1 TB mechanical_hard_drive Chipset Brand nvidia Card Description dedicated Wireless Type 802.11B, 802.11G, 802.11n Other Technical Details...
  31. M

    Lenovo laptop keeps flashing logo, won't let me do anything

    I'm having a huge issue where when i power on my Lenovo G50-70 laptop, it will slowly boot up, flash the lenovo logo, turn black, and repeat the process infinitely. i have read in similar threads that all i need to do is enter safe mode but the issue is my laptop is refusing to register or...
  32. C

    Help! my Alienware 17 R3 laptop is stuck in a "diagnosing PC/preparing automatic repair" loop

    A few days ago I tried restarting my computer, and got stuck in a loop. An alienware icon shows up, then a spinning circle of dots shows up. It then jumps to "Preparing Automatic Repair." The screen goes black and a blank window appears in the upper left of the screen. Then it goes back to the...
  33. M

    Help! My phone becomes unbootable suddenly

    It is Samsung Galaxy Note 2, unrooted. I factory reset my phone to stock ROM about a week ago. Suddenly it became unbootable today. I didn't do anything risky. If my memory serves, I simply updated an app one day before this incident. It always stuck at the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 logo screen. I...
  34. A

    Windows 10 Infinite Loop

    Windows 10 Infinite reboot loop Hello experts. So heres the thing i have a Dell laptop with win 10. When i switch on my laptop it shows the dell logo with bios setup F12 n all. Then comes the windows logo n thats where the problem occurs. The loading circle cirulates for couple of minutes n then...
  35. M

    My laptop, Acer One 14 Z140, Windows 10 is stuck in Aptio Setup Utility version 2.17.1249

    My laptop is Acer One 14 Z1402 running on windows 10 with BIOS v1.06 and have been stuck in aptio setup utility version 2.17.1249 since the morning... Many techniques and fixes that I've seen are for Asus and which included csm laun or something which my boot doesn't have.. Here is a youtube...
  36. W

    Laptop restarted mid-restore.

    I have a lenovo y700 AMD fx8800p with pre-installed windows 10 on it. It suddenly restarted on it's own, when it turned back on it offered to restore so i did. Restore is finished and it's installing back windows but mid installation the laptop restarts. Now every time I open it stops on the...
  37. M

    Laptop stuck looping on install of windows

    My acer aspire one cloudbook 14 was running slow so the guy at the shop told me to factory rest the laptop and remove all the files so i did and now the laptpp has been stuck installing windows for a week and a half. Please help, i need it for school work.
  38. S

    Laptop repair puzzler

    Ok, so I consider myself fairly decent at repairing computers but this one has me stumped. Warning....If you don't care why I need to repair this laptop instead of replacing it, Just pretend that hypothetically repairing this laptop is the only option and skip to the second paragraph...... A few...
  39. N

    Asus X751M Notebook Preinstalled Win 8 - Installing Windows 7 (Boot Loop)

    After countless hours researching the solutions to this problem I have come up empty. I think part of the problem here is most people who found a solution aren't stuck with the archaic Aptio Setup Utility. Laptop comes preinstalled with Windows 8. I am attempting to downgrade to Windows 7. I...
  40. N

    Blue screen loop problem - can’t restore fabric settings (not with F8 and not with USB and discs)

    Hi, I have a Medion Aspire P7818 laptop with a blue screen loop problem. I don’t know but maybe the win-10 anniversery update has something to do with it. Anyway, when I put my laptop on a Medion logo appears and first I see: preparing automatic repair. Even after that, a blue screen shows up...
  41. A

    Toshiba Boot Loop after factory rest attempt

    Please help, I attempted to reset my laptop after the command prompt box kept popping up and closing very quickly, which happened on my old laptop before a virus overran it. I planned on reinstalling windows 10 and I have it on a flash drive. However, after a failed system reset my laptop keeps...
  42. R

    Dell Venue Pro 5830 goes into a boot loop after an incomplete install

    The system is in a reboot loop with the message " attempting to recover installation" and then "Restoring Previous Version of Windows". The system can be shut down by holding the shutdown button for 10+ seconds. On power up it continues the reboot loop. I can access the bios, however, changing...
  43. N

    G75VW Black Screen Boot Loop

    Hello! My laptop started having this issue during my upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10. I did a lot of searching, but couldn't get very far so I'd really appreciate your help on it! For example, I'd much rather buy a bios chip programmer for a few dollars and spend a few days on fixing this...
  44. I

    How to reset a Pendo Pad?

    I have a pendo pad that wont start up. More like a boot loop and it doesnt have a volume button because it was all on the OSD. Is there a way to fix this by using a computer or something because as i said before i cant get into the phone to access the settings. Thanks you for your help!!!
  45. S

    Windows 10 reboot loop at login screen

    So.. I was playing Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag and then the black screen appeared with a loud buzzing sound. After that, it restarted the pc. I tried to login to the pc and then suddenly it kept on restarting again and again. How do I fix this? My laptop is G-220...
  46. R

    My Acer Aspire Laptop Computer Shuts Down after a few seconds. Why?

    I have a friend's computer, Acer Aspire 5750z-4877, and soon as I turn it on it will shut down.
  47. P

    Toshiba Satellite c55-a laptop Reboot Loop

    I rebooted my toshiba satellite c55-a laptop. It worked last night but this morning it' keeps looping back to the Microsoft Winodes factory restore screen. How can I fix it?
  48. C

    Toshiba laptop keeps on restarting

    Hi, Can somebody please help me on my problem? My laptop keeps on restarting on it's own and sometimes the screen monitor goes glitching (it looks like the matrix) but when i try to run in safe mode the problem will stop. Please, Please help me.
  49. S

    my laptop switches off of while booting

    When I turn on the laptop it starts to boot, but within 6-7 sec again it switches off. What can I do? Someone said I should try to format the OS, but how will that happen when it doesn't switch on?
  50. L

    Computer Reboot Loop Only Showing the Logo - Lenovo y50-70

    Hi, okay so i have a lenovo y50-70 and recently i tried to reset ti but it turned off during the reset and now when ever i turn on my computer it only shows the logo and the shuts down then starts again. I thought this might be due to bois but i can't reset it unless i do it manually and i cant...
  51. M

    Hewlett-Packard Elitebook 8460p not starting up (Stuck In A Loop)

    Hey Guys, I'm new to the community. So I have this problem with my HP Elitebook 8460p. A couple of nights ago I forced my laptop off by removing the battery (I was too lazy to turn it off properly). So the next day I went to turn it on it goes to the the HP screen where I can access the menu...
  52. J

    Reboot Loop Toshiba, Please help!

    Hello! I have a toshiba Laptop, it is windows 7 I think its a satelite, Not too sure what version but i know it has now being discontinued if that helps.. Basically it is doing the reboot loop, will turn on, the toshiba logo will appear but then it will turn straight off and repeat itself until...
  53. D

    Gateway desk top windows 8.1 stuck in reboot loop, need help

    My desktop when into rebooting loop after new update, I dint see what the update was. I have it set to update at night. How can I get it to stop reboot and giving me the message CRITICAL PROCESS DIED! Does that mean my computer is dead for good or is there something I can do to bring it out of...
  54. S

    acer laptop not starting its in reboot frenzy

    same problem! its in reboot loop after it asks for safe mode and system repair option, repair does not work and starting in safe mode goes into reboot again . i tried installing windows 8 and 7 using bootable usb drive but after giving "install now" the "starting windows" screen freezes.. what...
  55. Paul Varga

    Acer 5742G Plugged in, no led. Power on/off loop --- [SOLVED]

    Hi I have this Acer 5742G that stopped working earlier. I have searched the forums but those fixes didn't seem to work and my situation is a bit different. So what happened: I was just browsing the interwebs (point being no heavy processing or games that could lead to overheating) and...
  56. K

    Another Gateway Reboot Loop

    Hello, My Gateway Laptop is stuck in a reboot loop. When I turn it on if gives me the screen offering the options of Start Normally, Safe Mode, etc. When I choose any of the three options it goes into a screen that says "Setup is preparing your computer for first use" this is not my first use...
  57. T

    Gateway Laptop Reboot Loop

    Hello, My old Gateway laptop is stuck in a reboot loop. I leave it on overnight and when I returned in the morning it had shut down and the loop started when I turned it on. It will turn on and go to a screen offering the options of Start Normally, Start with Last Known Good Config, or start...
  58. G

    reboot loop/cannot boot kernel (unhacked T60)

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I have a Sony SAT-T60 which I upgraded to dual 160 MB drives a while ago, but otherwise I have not modified it in any other way. Up until yesterday everything was working fine and no oddities or artifacts or anything. I came home today and...