Solved! LG Worrst Experience Ever

Jun 13, 2018
Hi all,

I'd like to share with you my experience with LG Customer Care Service.
All I can say is AVOID LG products. I had very bad experiences with their Customer Care Service. I purchased many LG products amongst which 2 LG G4 H818, they look nice, the speech sounds nice but it's not.

LG reconizes the bootloop problem (this is their statement on their own website : ) but they don't do anything to fix it although the device is still under warranty. They are willing to fix it if I pay for it ! almost the same amount as the phone value !!! I really recommend you other known brands, at least you can find solutions quite easily even if the phone is not under warranty anymore.

Dynafix one of LG partners to provide support and repair LG devices. They have an amazing process, they ask you send your phone, if you do so, they send you a quote with the fixes to perform on your device with the amount to pay. If you decide to not repair, they charge you anyway 60€ for supposedly investigations fees !!! (even if your phone is under warranty, you will have to pay that amount) + transport fees, in total +/- 70€ and your phone is still not repaired !!!! it's litterally a SCAM organized by Dynafix, Dynalogic and LG.
On top of that, they ask customers to call 0900 overcharging their customers !!! INACCEPTABLE.

LG can launch the best ever device but if the service is bad, then it's totally useless. I have now tow LG G4 H818 but completely useless.

LG is a nightmare.
Thanks for sharing.
The LG G4 came out about 3 years ago, how is it still in warranty? About the 3rd party repair service, you should have been told about the charge before you sent the phone in.