Question mi11 with dead wifi- how to input my account password without internet connection

Feb 5, 2023
Hey all!

So my mi11 got an issue that I can't turn on my wifi. I read it is a common problem and it burns on the motherboard apparently, so hardware failure. a bit later also speaker/sound died.

I was using a new phone, but want to send mi11 for warranty. I tried to factory reset it, but was too lazy to put simcard in for mobile internet as it can't verify my password without connecting to internet and saw I can wipe it by pressing power and upper volume key and wipe all data

Well now that I turn on the mobile phone it says it is linked to my account haha. So I can activate it by inputting my password in, but I can't connect it to wifi...

1. So the question is, is there a way to somehow input my pass through PC ( mi suite didn't work it says I need to update my phone before I can connect)

I tried putting in simcard but it doesn't give mobile internet options, only wifi.

2. Is that a problem for repair service?
I can't talk to them as I bought the phone while traveling and my friend will transport it there, so I can give them password if they need right?
But I don't have original box (can double check if important) any longer so not sure if they can check all the info for my phone :-(

So yeah please help if there is anyway I can log into internet. or solve the issue