Question W10 & HP Envy will not play nicely together


Jan 5, 2014
Hi to all!
Here is what I need help with. My W10 system / HP Envy 7800 series will NOT print, unless I spend hours (and I am not exagerating) fiddling around with it. I don't HAVE hours of time to spend every time I need to print a page of something, but nothing I have tried has ever provided a permanent fix. This is what I see:
HP is connected to my home network, getting a strong signal. Windows10 says it is offline. Then it informs me that there is an app for this device (HP Smart). I open HP Smart and it continually asks me if I will allow the app to make changes to my device. Every 30 seconds or so I get that message until I close it. I've tried MS and HP troubleshooters and zippo. But as a result of the troubleshooters I have: restarted, unplugged, plugged back in, reset the modem, uninstalled the printer, reinstalled the printer, uninstalled HPSmart, reinstalled it, tried the 5G and 2.4G channels, cleared the spool, checked the drivers (according to the computer - I have the most updated drivers) and everything else that has been suggested. Recently I tried to change the port and now NOTHING I do has helped - possibly because I don't understand ports (PROBably, haha).

Of course, nothing is still under warranty so I'm considering purchasing a service to fix this, unless one of you can ride up on a silver horse with a list of suggestions.
A) are there any recommended services that you guys have used successfully? and
B) - is there - somewhere - a comprehensive list of ALL the settings that have to be right, in order for a printer to work?