Question LG OLEDs -- Not Ready for Cord Cutters?


Apr 2, 2018
I bought an LG OLED based on the great reviews on TomsGuide, but now I'm having serious shopper's remorse. The TV is actually as good as the reviews claim, the picture is downright incredible; and, I am really having a hard time believing the sound quality from the TV speakers is as great as it is. That being said, WebOS leaves a lot to be desired for cord cutters. Discovery+ is not available on the LG WebOS system. ESPN+ is likewise not available; according to LG Customer Support its because LG doesn't have a contract with ESPN. Now I find that a bit peculiar since LG WebOS has provisions for both Disney+ and Hulu, yet ESPN+, the 3rd member of the Disney Kingdom is not? When I asked LG Support what LG TV customers that had subscriptions to these services were supposed to do, I was informed that I needed to buy a 3rd party device like a Roku. Seriously??? I could not even get an answer as to if and when these and other apps might ever be available, only a repetition that I should buy a 3rd party device....

So why exactly did I pay a premium price for a Smart TV that isn't that smart? All of the reviews are right in their claim that the TV itself is fantastic, but the reviews are also wrong when they call WebOS "one of the best on the market." Even Tablo has the following disclaimer on their website for TV-Connected Tablo DVR-Compatible Streaming Devices, "Due to technical limitations, TV-connected Tablo DVRs cannot be accessed via Smart TVs powered by Samsung TIZEN or LG WebOS." So if you can't use the devices you want and you can't get the packages you want, then why would you buy a TV that requires you to buy 3rd party hardware? While the pictures aren't as great, save yourself some money and frustration, buy a dedicated Roku TV. As good as the LG OLEDs are, they're simply not ready for Primetime cord cutters.


I doubt you will get an OLED TV without any of the built in applications, they are now just added into the TV as standard for a feature list not as a flexible fully enabled function for every service. A bit like a Swiss Army knife, sure you have 20 things on it, but none of those are as durable or as good as a dedicated tool. External devices are made to be more upgradable and modular since that is what their purpose is.
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