Question LG 43UH620V LCD PANEL TO LG 43UJ635V + other questions

Aug 18, 2021
Hi everyone, I'm fairly new to the whole TV repair process so had a few questions and will probably have a lot more in order to learn from you lot.

I collected a few TV's yesterday from FB.
The LG 43UH620V works but has a blue tint.
LG 43UJ635V turns on but the screen is just smashed to pieces.

I was wondering if it was possible to get the panel from the LG 43UH620V and replace it on LG 43UJ635V.

If not, could I take the LED strips from 43UJ635V and replace them into the 43UH620V?

Secondly, I've only opened up 2017/2018 model LG TV's, the back covers seem to be easy to come off but this 2016 LG 43UH620V back cover...I'm really struggling to get it off. Even snapped a piece off my prying tool. Examined the whole thing and can't find any hidden screws, removed 11 screws out from the back. Couldn't find a video on how to dismantle it, the designs a bit different to the 2017/2018 LG TV's. Any help there would be appreciated.

And lastly, when ordering replacement LED strips I've just went on Aliexpress and typed in the model number and tried to match the look and numbers on the strip itself.
Set of 3 strips with 7 leds on each strip, LC43490059A
All have different prices depending on the model number... but they're all effectively the same thing right?
Should I just play it safe and pay a bit more just because the title/description specifically says my model?
Eg View:

Some cost £9, others £12+
Does this 'LC43490059A' number make a difference?

I've opened up one TV and it had 'LC43490059A' on the strip but when I put the model no on ali express the top recommended strips would say 'LC43490089A' so had to scroll down to find ones with the same number but I'm thinking it's not be all end all.
Eg 43UJ634V gives me this 59a and this 89a

As you can tell I have no idea what those numbers even mean but I just try to match them up as the original one in the TV

It's alot of questions to digest and probably answer so understand its frustrating to write a response but I like to learn new things :)

Thanks for any advice and help
Aug 18, 2021
So managed to get off the back cover and bezel but now I'm stuck at the panel part

The thin narrow board connected to the panel at the bottom appears to be stuck, its got hook like plastic on the top and the bottom. This TV's a real problem to take apart :/

Anyways I've attached pics of what they look like and if I could swap them over if anyone knows (when I finally manage to get the panel off the bloody thing)


Pictures of both TV's with a description underneath