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    360safe chinese installer always pops up when i turn on pc

    Help every time i turn on my computer 360safe chinese installer pops up even when i scan with antivirus softwares (Avira and others). Malwarebytes doesn't even identify it as a virus. Please help. It annoys me every time. Thank you. :)
  2. I

    Acer Aspire with SSD Struggling to Boot

    My Acer with an SSD that was very fast to startup just within the last week starting slowing down with booting, and sometimes won't boot without a hard reset. The initial startup is normal through the green Acer logo then the white circular pattern of dots start for booting and sometimes they...
  3. A

    Laptop display stays blank for infity

    Hi there When i tried to turn on my laptop today its getting on but no display whatsoever and also its not loading bios too . Tried some available methods online like battery calibration etc.also i tried to boot from usb its not booting it . Before this whenever my laptop gets into boot it...
  4. T

    Solved! Stuck on Startup

    When I turn on my laptop it gets stuck on the Acer startup screen showing the spinning dots at the bottom. I tried turning it off and on and the problem persisted. When I tried using the automatic repair, it gets stuck on the “Preparing Automatic Repair” screen. Is there anyway to fix this myself?
  5. MinimalTech

    Solved! Dell Inspiron 1545 - Screen random symbols problem!

    Hi. I have in my hands a Dell Inspiron 1545-0108 laptop. When I press the power button, the Laptop (sometimes) starts loading the BIOS (Dell screen with blue loading bar) and (some other times) the monitor remains off and it needs to connect the external VGA cable to redirect the signal to an...
  6. C

    Solved! Issues with Laptop

    Hello all, I have a Dell Inspiron 15r n5110 laptop. (It's kinda old, i know). It was working perfectly, then the next day I tried opening my laptop and it was stuck on the startup logo for windows and after awhile around 10minutes it brought me to the startup repair menu and got nothing. So...
  7. S

    icons visible only on primary screen

    hi. i have a pc running constantly the same software on a win7pro environment. the system is not connected to the internet, also no updates. this is the configuration: pc is connected to the primary screen (a projector) and through a remote unit with a monitor(2nd screen)/mouse/keyboard in...
  8. B

    screen flashing on and off at startup. no control

    LG k10 428 on startup screen flashes on and off contiuously. I have no control over the cell phone. Hard reset no help. Android boots up while screen is flashing but no touch screen control to take it the the next step. sound and auto rotate function works while screen is flashing.
  9. I

    Ideapad 110 stuck on startup

    I have a Lenovo Ideapad 110 that won't get past the startup screen. Idk what caused it I just turned it on and it was stuck there for hours. I've tried unplugging the battery. The only thing I can do is go on the BIOS menu. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  10. D

    Cannot get past startup screen,can not enter bios,very stuck!

    Have a sager laptop running windows 7 that's stuck on startup, I can't enter bios or setup, I've held down f8, f10, tried the win 7 install disk (spins but nothing) nothing is working. I am ready to do a fresh install so I bought a new ssd and put it in and figured I'd start from scratch...
  11. R

    Dell XPS 15z (L511z) Discolored screen problem

    Hello, As the title says, its a fairly used old laptop that has been left 4 dead for 6+ years now. Specs: FHD screen i7 2620M 8GB Ram 64 bit Windows 7 GPU: Nvidia Geforce GT525M (Optimus) - Intel HD graphics Family Problem: Screen is discolored when booting the laptop using the normal laptop's...
  12. E

    Solved! LG Worrst Experience Ever

    Hi all, I'd like to share with you my experience with LG Customer Care Service. All I can say is AVOID LG products. I had very bad experiences with their Customer Care Service. I purchased many LG products amongst which 2 LG G4 H818, they look nice, the speech sounds nice but it's not. LG...
  13. B

    Black Screen After Login With Cursor

    I have tried all the methods that are provided on Google Search. Uninstalled graphics drivers, launched in safe mode, disabled extra services during startup, sfc scannow, chkdsk, but no luck. After logging in, the desktop is visible for around 10-15 seconds after which it goes black with a...
  14. A

    Unknown Macbook Problem

    I'm working on a customers mac book pro which has the issue of constant restarting. When I first received the laptop, it wouldn't make it past the boot up screen. After trouble shooting with the various solutions google provided, the problem still persists. However, there are some boot ups now...
  15. X

    Solved! Laptop will not start

    Hi all i am using laptop Acer Aspire 4551G. I am facing some booting issue. I am able to turn on the laptop but it will not boot. Current issue is that the laptop is running without OS, but it will not even display. The power indicator shows that it is on but there is no display. There is no...
  16. L

    Acer travelmate p453 won't get past acer screen

    Hello, my acer is unable to get past the acer screen. I have tried the following things: I have tried the sollution given in the following thread: I have replaced the HDD with a new empty...
  17. L

    Alienware 15R2 (No display, 8 MB beeps)

    Performed a Battery Replcement in Alienware 15r2. Upon startup, screen doesn’t work and receiving eight motherboard beeps. If I remove memory, it changes to two motherboard beeps and still no screen. No burns on motherboard, no noticeable frayed connections. Tried to drain CMOS with no effect...
  18. J

    Acer Travelmate stuck on startscreen

    Hello, everytime I start up my Acer Travelmate laptop it gets stuck on the Acer logo startup screen, and it won't allow me to go into the BIOS, any help is appreciated.
  19. A

    Laptop Stuck on Restart

    My HP Envy brand new laptop was lagging badly after being used by my very computer illiterate SO while I was at work. Now I cannot get it to do anything. I've tried control, alt, delete...turning off and on... and I'm at a loss. Of course, he says he "didn't do anything" to it, and I have no...
  20. R

    Black Screen after Logo

    Hi. I have a 3 week old ROG GL502VM and i noticed a problem since last week. Whenever I turn on my laptop, after the ROG logo, the screen flashes BLUE before showing the (username and password option in the screen, idk what it's called). But then, whenever i turn my laptop on, after the ROG...
  21. Y

    CapsLock blink once on booting

    Hey there, I'm currently have an asus zenbook ux330 and I found that every single time I boot my laptop, the caps lock indicator on the built in keyboard will blink once. I would like to ask if anyone having the same experience and whether this is an issue I should be worried of. Thank you
  22. T

    laptop screen works on Linux but not on Windows 10 (black screen) [SOLVED]

    Hi guys! I have a very strange problem with my laptop screen :/ My laptop has both Ubuntu and W10, and when I turn it on the screen is now pitch black: I can't see the (toshiba) splash screen, nor the grub OS list. HOWEVER, if I select Ubuntu option (I know the position in the list), the screen...
  23. T

    Dell inspiron 15 7000 series stuck on window loading screen

    New dell will no longer load after the window icon shows up it will the window icon will disappear and the screen will go black with the circle dots moving around in a circle. After waiting for about 30 minutes screen completely blacks out so I shut off the laptop believing that it crashed...
  24. S

    My laptop is not getting logged in although keyboard is working well and lower case and upper case having no issues?

    My acer laptop is not getting logged in after filling the pin in sign in options. Keyboard is working great and lower case and upper case has no issues. even if the password is wrong, there seems no response and keeps loading on. Even I tried logging from microsoft account, but loading does not...
  25. K

    Laptop screen delay in lighting up

    Since after accidentally dropping my Dell laptop, there has been delay in the showing of Dell logo after turning the power on. Before the incident, the screen usually lighted up with the brand logo immediately after pressing the power button. Now it takes a minimum of 5 seconds to wake. I'm sure...
  26. N

    Asus Laptop Shuts Off Randomly After Boot; Screen Flashes Colors. Is My Motherboard Dead?

    I recently gotten a second hand ASUS N56VB-S4050H laptop and it was working just fine for the first few days. Perfectly in fact. Here are the specs: Cpu: Intel core i7 3630QM GPS: GeForce GT 740m + Intel HD Graphics 4000 Ram: 4GB HDD Space: 500GB OS: Windows 10 Last night I was having some...
  27. O

    Start up error

    My laptop is Lenovo Yoga 510 and this error pops up every time I start up my laptop and I have no idea what is this error and I couldn't find a solution for it neither Lenovo itself. The error says: Windows cannot find 'C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\temp\srvstofne\srvstofne.exe'. Make sure you...
  28. M

    My LG G4 won't turn on and when it finally did It can't go past the start screen.

    My LG G4 won't turn on and if it decides to do so it can't get past the start screen. I've tried taking out the battery and charging it overnight but that didn't work. Sometimes when I do plug it up I can get the battery percentage but then I goes to the start-up screen and can't get past it...
  29. E

    My Toshiba laptop isnt going pass the startup screen.

    I just woke up this morning to find that it won't load past the "Toshiba: Leading Innovation" screen. I've tried some methods on here, like unpluging the adaptor and taking out the battery. Also, the holding down the zero method just freezes for me when I click yes. Please help me
  30. A

    Asus laptop struck in April setup utility.

    Hi, my laptop crashed and when it turned back on it booted into Aptio Setup Utility. When I exit out without saving it takes me straight back to the main menu of the utility, when I save and exit it takes me to the ASUS startup screen for a bit before shoving me straight back into the utility...
  31. C

    Brand New Asus will not complete initial start up

    I have just bought a new Asus N552VW-FI061T and was running the initial set up. I changed the language to Italian and went ahead with the installation. I completed the step of connecting to wifi and I set up a new microsoft account, which is this one I'm posting from. I skipped the installation...
  32. K

    Asus Startup screen completely frozen for the past month

    Dear Expert My asus startup screen is just freezing, i tried to leave it without power for a month, but it's still frozen. the clock still working though. could you please give me a solution - i use the computer quite a lot! from time to time i get the 'advanced repair' options, but when I try...
  33. M

    please help really want to keep my laptop

    My laptop shutdown after updating,now it powers on but the will not display the startup screen. Also will not show the screen when connected to my TV via the HDMI cable.
  34. M

    My laptop, Acer One 14 Z140, Windows 10 is stuck in Aptio Setup Utility version 2.17.1249

    My laptop is Acer One 14 Z1402 running on windows 10 with BIOS v1.06 and have been stuck in aptio setup utility version 2.17.1249 since the morning... Many techniques and fixes that I've seen are for Asus and which included csm laun or something which my boot doesn't have.. Here is a youtube...
  35. K

    Aptio Setup Utility

    Hi, my laptop crashed and when it turned back on it booted into Aptio Setup Utility. When I exit out without saving it takes me straight back to the main menu of the utility, when I save and exit it takes me to the ASUS startup screen for a bit before shoving me straight back into the utility...
  36. A

    My Windows7 password on startup screen doesn't work anymore.

    My acer aspire 7741z won't let me log in on startup!! Also I keep getting an error message sayiing 0xc000000f and the boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible!! Help
  37. T

    Asus F551C hangs at startup, Windows 10 won't load

    My laptop was slow when Windows was up and running so restarted it. Login screen was very slow, would type in password and characters would lag. Got into Windows so tried a restart from there. Seems like it shut down OK, but now it is stuck between the Asus startup screen and the Windows...
  38. W

    Pavilion dv5 freezing at hp logo startup

    Having trouble with Windows 10 and my HP Pavilion dv5-1000us. I had both Windows 7 and Linux Mint on this laptop and it worked with no problem. I just tried installing Windows 10 on it and when it finished installing and restarted to complete the install, it got to the HP logo startup screen...
  39. N

    I was on facebook when the screen went to the screen where it say RCA and I can't turn it off.

    I was on facebook when the screen where It say RCA and it wont turn off. Its stuck on the screen saying RCA.
  40. G

    Laptop is Dell

    Can someone please help me. Every time I turn on my laptop it just stays at the startup screen and that's it. It just stays frozen. I tried taking out the battery and leaving it out for a week. I even tried leaving my laptop completely dead so that I could access the utilities and restart it but...
  41. S

    Black screen after brand logo startup NO CURSOR.

    Hello folks. I'm working on a laptop for a friend of mine and when the logo pops up for the creators of the Acer Aspire machine, immediately after it goes black. Also, the date and time got changed and the icon was missing in the control panel and when you click on the date and time settings...
  42. I

    y510p stuck in startup-please help

    well, after no more than 3 years my y510p is doing problems. the startup is stuck on the lenovo loding simble for hours and in the end always become full black screen and stuck on that. iv tried refresh, reset, startup repair, everthing really... but always say that the reset the went good. few...
  43. M

    Having problems installing the BIOS

    Recently built myself a PC and upon powering up all the ans spin and the light comes on but there's an issue with the BIOS. The monitor will briefly go to the BIOS startup screen and then after ~3 seconds go to a screen asking me to insert to boot media and press a key. The boot media is already...
  44. V

    Top Half of TV Screen Shaded Black

    I own a UN40F6350 Samsung TV. From one moment to the next, while watching TV, the screen went to black. Seconds later when I tried to turn the TV back on the startup screen flickered on and off and would not turn off or on. After pulling the plug, the red IR light stayed on for many seconds...
  45. P

    AlienWare 14 Black Screen W/

    Black screen after windows start up. Woke up this moring opened my book and started the computer and then it happened. Has the logo and moves but no sound. (not even sure if its off mute or not) has the mouse in view and can move it. It was connected to an external monitot when this happened...
  46. G

    Constantly restarting Asus laptop

    I am currently suffering from a problem with my Asus laptop. I turn it on, and the Asus startup screen comes up. However, the startup screen goes away after five seconds and comes back again. This would repeat endlessly unless I turn the laptop off. I have been on Google looking for solutions...
  47. D

    90B Fan Error HP G7-2246-nr

    So this happened out of nowhere I used this laptop in the airport before I came home and then when I turned it on this morning I got this error. I looked it up and it seems moderately common for HP laptops. I trouble shooting and it is still having the error. I opened it up to try to get the...
  48. A

    Acer laptop won't boot or go in to advanced setup options

    I've tried doing it with a USB. I'm sure I've done what I am required to do in order to launch from the USB that is. It will enter the Acer loading screen and start loading, then go to a black screen. I'm not sure what to do.
  49. C

    Toshiba laptop keeps on restarting

    Hi, Can somebody please help me on my problem? My laptop keeps on restarting on it's own and sometimes the screen monitor goes glitching (it looks like the matrix) but when i try to run in safe mode the problem will stop. Please, Please help me.
  50. R

    Safe Mode Not Available on Bootup

    I've got a Windows 7 Dell Inspiron N1070 I need to fix up, but for some reason I cannot access safe mode. I've obviously already used F8 on bootup, and got this far. However, annoyingly, I only have only two options: start Windows normally and startup repair. How can I access safe mode? I...
  51. L

    Asus x553s Laptop has booting issues

    Hi, I bought a new Asus x553s. It worked fine till today. Now, it won't turn it on correctly - the desktop does not light up. I have tried to hold the power button for 30+ seconds over and over, but it did not help. I can't take out the battery because it is internal. The notebook does turn...
  52. N

    Startup Issues with Dell Inspiron 1501

    When I turned on my Dell Inspiron 1501, only 2 lights at the top of the keyboard are on. What's happening?
  53. S

    Black Screen on Asus Q501L at Start Up

    Hello everyone, When I boot the laptop I can see the screen light up in the background but no video. When I try to access the bios it comes up very clear. However, when I click yes to enter the bios I get several lines on the monitor and then bios etc. Any help would be great.
  54. P

    Laptop suddenly shutting off

    Hi guys! I'm new to this forum but I really need to get some advice/help fixing an issue with my laptop. I own an Asus ROG G750JM and I bought it back in April of 2014. I also have windows 10 installed. I haven't had any problems up until recently with my laptop. The thing is, the issue only...
  55. J

    Start Up Issues - Dell XPs 130 Laptop - Windows

    I can't see the dell logo at startup. The processor fan spins for 3 seconds and stops. There is a LED indicator on front indicating MB is good in my dell xps 130 laptop. If there is gpu issue my cpu fan has to spin and if i connect to external display it has no display. so i think there is no...
  56. L

    Start up error

    hello, when i open my pc i see this error message! i scanned my hard drives with ''malwarebytes antimalware'' but i didnt find any viruses. can someone help me solve this problem? ( sorry for my english, im from greece)
  57. A

    Laptop Restarts itself during startup screen broken...

    my laptop (Acer Aspire) has a broken screen. I have used my monitor with an hdmi to play games on it for the past few months. Recently I installed windows 10 and a few days later the computer won't start up at all. I noticed also that while its starting up it restarts. Any suggestions?
  58. N

    Black screen on startup, before Acer logo.

    I've recently come across an issue with my laptop and all other methods have failed to help me. When I start my laptop, the fan makes the normal sound it usually makes, the lights come on, but the screen doesn't. I know the issue is not with the laptop screen and I've tried tge battery cycle...
  59. M

    out of the box but will not start

    I have just taken the Acer Aspire E15 out of the box but it will not start. I have plugged it in for half an hour but all I get when I try to start it is a blue light flashing on and off next to the orange charging light.The screen remains blank. What can be done?