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    how to restore factory defaults if my computer won't turn on?

    I cannot get my laptop to stay on. When its unplugged the power light indicator will light up for 1 second then turn off again. When I plug in the charger, the laptop starts going crazy and automatically turns on and off over and over again and it won't stop until it is disconnected from the...
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    how do i change my password at startup screen

    I want to change my password at the startup screen. I know my password, don't need to factory reset, or anything like that. I just want to change it. How? Thanks
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    PC beeps on start up

    so i built my pc about 1 week ago and everything works great except it still beeps 1 time when i turn it on , it takes a few seconds to start up then it goes to windows start up and everything is normal. Is there something wrong? do i need to install a driver or something? ( Its a short beep)
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    My Windows 7 Keeps crashing at loading Graphics Card

    Hi everyone, I've just signed up to this forum to ask a really complicated thing (or that's what i think) that i'm having with my computer. I have a Laptop Samsung np300e4c with Win 7 and i just formatted it for this exact issue that I've just figured out. I was reinstalling the Graphics card...
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    Office 2010 not loading with error 404

    my Microsoft office programs are not loading at the startup screen and are showing "request failed with http status 404. Not Found. " Has anyone seen this happen before. Program does same thing when starting in safe mode. Logged in as the administrator and everything worked fine.
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    When i turn on my laptop screen stays black only power light is on

    i have toshiba satellite c660d. i can hear the fan and hard disk running but screen stays black. I've tried to remove battery and hold the power button for 30 to 60 seconds it didn't worked. what should i do? Also before it happened i started it in the morning as usual and it was extremely slow...
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    If my mom finds out

    Hello my RCA tablet was working yesterday it got stuck at the startup screen I factory reseted it. Charged it Tried to turn it on but it doent start up any more.Only got it one month ago if my mom finds out im in trouble
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    my laptop start and shut down

    When I tried to start the laptop Lenovo z570 after few seconds showing the startup screen and shuts down and it do this again and again repeatedly I have tried removing battery and bios battery everything I have tried what's the problem I do not understand
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    Sounds like Pong

    On startup, screen goes to black, with audible "pip" sounds every second. Reminiscent of "Pong" game. Dell laptop, Windows 8.
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    Startup repair not working

    My laptop overheated and turned off. I left it alone for a while, turned it back on and now a blue screen appears until I either get the options to startup repair or start windows normally. I end up in a loop if I try to start normally, and I can't enter safe mode. Startup repair and windows...
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    windows 7 acer laptop won't start. startup repair and f8 do not work.

    The computer is only partially backed up. I have a feeling the hard drive is faulty but I'm not sure. Any suggestions? basically i turn it on, and the screen tell me to either run startup repair or to load with normal settings. both options result in the computer not fully starting up.
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    Is my laptops' screen replacement bad or is it something else?

    Hi guys, Today I replaced my laptop broken screen. My sister closed the lid with a brush inside and broke it . My laptop is an MSI FX620DX. The screen does work but it seems to lack resolution and colors are really pale with dark vertical lines. I have connected the screen twice and I still get...
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    My Lenovo laptop won't start

    Problem with my Lenovo Laptop not starting Hi everyone, I am happy to join this community and share thoughts. However, I have a bit of a problem with my Lenovo Idea PC laptop. A couple of days ago I was working on my laptop as usual and all of a sudden the computer just shut down by...
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    Help with a tablet that is flashing but not coming on

    Hi, I'm having some issues with my sons Teclast P85 mini tablet that was a gift about two months ago. He let the tablet die out and gave it to me to charge, after a few hours of being on the charger I tried to boot it up to give back to him only to see the screen flash every few seconds but not...
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    Start-up repair hangs on to a blank windows screen.

    I opened my laptop one morning. It said a recent hardware/software change might have caused problems. I need to startup repair or open windows normally. When I choose start-up repair, it loads up. but then there comes the windows blue background with the arrow responding to mouse movements...
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    Asus Zenbook ux301la Blank Screen on Start-up

    So today I decided to install linux onto my laptop as the main system. During the install process I changed some lines here and there and wouldn't you know now my computer only starts with a blank screen. I tried booting from my usb but I can't get to the bios. holding down escape didn't work...
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    samsung mobile problem

    hi my daughter has a samsung y gts5360. it will not start, every time you switch it on it gets stuck on the samsung start up screen. i have tried to reset the phone to factory (vol+home+power) but that didnt help. also tried kies. any help would be grateful thanks :)
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    Lenovo T500 Fn buttons not working and weird issue with blank screen on startup

    Hi again, after my tos satellite decided not to turn on anymore ( I borrowed an old-ish Lenovo T500 with no OS and non functional CD drive. I installed win 7 64bit through a usb stick, installed all the...
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    why my acer notebook startup screen turns black after selecting start windows normally?

    When i start my notebook it says meto select 3options like start windows normally.....After this the screen load the password screen but there it is written please wait while this my screen turns black and again turn to password screen....This happens repeatedly!!!!!!!!!Pls help!:??:
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    Acer screen keeps flashing colors at boot

    Got a odd issue was replacing my hdd to sdd, tested everything all worked fine then when i closed the laptop back up and started again the screen started to flash. here a video of the same problem: Its works fine when i connect a external monitor...
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    Just assembled laptop, now im stuck

    Hello, I just reassembled my laptop and turned it on. I notice its not going to the startup screen so I was guessing its at some kind of setup thing before that but I don't know because I cant see. My laptop screen hasn't been working so I was using a monitor with my laptop but that doesn't show...
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    Laptop not working (black screen)

    Hello, Recently my laptop has stopped working. it is a Metabox (Clevo) W350ET. I haven't had it for long and it has been running great but yesterday I was using it and went to shut it down. I left the room and came back an hour later and realized it still said shutting down, I thought nothing of...
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    VAIO black screen on boot

    Hi! I have a Sony Vaio VGN FS660 with a black screen of death. Laptop powers up, hard drive spins and the fan comes on. But the screen never lights up. I'm fairly illiterate when it comes to hardware, so bear with me. What led to this: was working in Photoshop, when toddler pressed power...
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    IBM T43 Intermittent startup failure. Sometimes starts fine. Sometimes goes dead straight off. Sometimes 1 beep then off.

    IBM T43 Intermittent startup failure Just recently my T43 would completely fail to start. The battery light would be on with the power supply plugged in. I would press the power on button and the battery LED would go off and that would be it. Then I unplugged the PS and battery and reattached...
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    hp probook 6455b problem....

    so i recently got a hp probook 6455b form a friend and on the startup screen where it displays HP, at the very top middle is says the persons name that i got it off of. Is there a way to change or remove that?
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    Asus eeePC: Win7 Starter freezes on startup with cursor on screen

    Hi, I have an Asus eeePC1015 with Win7 starter that has been working flawlessly since I got it about 2 years ago. Since last week, I'm unable to complete Windows startup: Windows starts but freezes with the pointer in the middle of the screen. I am able to open Windows in safe mode, and it...
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    Compaq laptop frozen startup screen

    Hello, computer freezes just before the login menu has loaded. i cant even turn it off.
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    HP Pavillion dv2000

    Girlfriend has an HP Pavillion dv2000 laptop that is having issues. It boots up but no images show up, not even the startup screen. I don't know much about laptops so thought I'd run it by. There's been no damage to it, no water or anything like that. She just booted it up this morning and it...
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    Compaq presario f750

    I have been using my compaq for about a year now with flawless use, then however i turn it on this morning and it asks for a password at the bios startup screen. now i have a password for the windows startup screen but not the bios. My Compaq has 120 gb wd harddrive 1.5gb of ram and is running...
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    Problems starting games

    Hello guys! I hope this is the good place to post my topic..... I have some problems starting up my games... The computer is just new, so I'm not very happy that it doesn't work already... The games I've tried: COD4 sp: Works well! COD4 mp: Crashes after the windowed startup screen...
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    MS Words 2003 hang at startup and other hang when opening

    Hi, I really need help somewhere as I had tried all means to repair my Office 2003. Recently, my words 2003 hang at startup screen (splash screen) and other office applications hang when opening any files. I had tried uninstall and reinstall and even install office 2000 to see whether it is...
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    Toshiba startup screen

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) TIA.. How do you pick out the bootup icons on the startup screen ? Sometimes I need to pick a different way and forgot how this Is done.