Startup repair not working


Dec 7, 2014
My laptop overheated and turned off. I left it alone for a while, turned it back on and now a blue screen appears until I either get the options to startup repair or start windows normally. I end up in a loop if I try to start normally, and I can't enter safe mode. Startup repair and windows restore can't fix the problem either. Is there a way to fix this or at least somehow backup all my files now?

I'll add it's a Toshiba satellite PSK1SA-03E014 L650D and it's 4 years old, and I don't have any kind of recovery disks for it. I'd like if it could be fixed, but if it's reLly beyond saving' I just really need a way to access my files because I'm an idiot who forgets to constantly backup.
Remove the covers and blow all the dust out of it with compressed air.

Use a good laptop cooler.

See if it then starts again. If not, use the Recovery disk that came with your laptop.