Laptop not working (black screen)


Aug 1, 2012
Hello, Recently my laptop has stopped working. it is a Metabox (Clevo) W350ET. I haven't had it for long and it has been running great but yesterday I was using it and went to shut it down. I left the room and came back an hour later and realized it still said shutting down, I thought nothing of it and manually shut it down with the button. When I turned it on next it went straight to the bios saying EFI not found. I clicked save changes and restart and it came back saying the same thing, So I manually selected start with my Samsung 840 SSD and it just restarted and went back to bios, I hit F3 to restore default settings and after I did that got black screened, I left it for a bit before manually restarting only to get black screen again - not even to bios. I tried unplug and hold power for 60s but that didn't help, I had a brief look inside for a bios reset button like on a desktop but couldn't find one. I don't know what to do, does anybody know of something that I can try?