Black screen after brand logo startup NO CURSOR.


Jun 2, 2016
Hello folks. I'm working on a laptop for a friend of mine and when the logo pops up for the creators of the Acer Aspire machine, immediately after it goes black. Also, the date and time got changed and the icon was missing in the control panel and when you click on the date and time settings nothing would happen. I changed the time through the BIOS and she can now browse the internet BUT only in safe mode. Things I have tried.

1. Disabling the video card
2. Running system recovery and startup repair. (startup repair fails)
3. Loading from last known good config (works)
4.Trying to restore it to a past update and time (lets say 2 weeks ago)

I'm not sure what to do at this point. I would normally just reinstall windows but I'm getting sick of having to do that because I don't have a USB or CD to back up her pictures and games and what not. Anyone had this issue or know how to fix it? I'm decent with computers but right now I'm stumped.
Not quite sure what is happening, you said you get a black screen but then say you tried a restore point and were able to go online. Does the screen work fine in Safe Mode? Need some background to the issue, did it just start happening out of no-where? What is the laptop model? Was it dropped? Overheated? Virus? Not very hard to get a USB stick to backup her files, you can find some for $10 easily.