$500-$600 (used?) Sketchup laptop


Apr 23, 2015
Starting school soon, and I need a laptop for Sketchup. I know a little bit about computers (I have built and upgraded a highish end gaming PC over the last year), but I'm sort of stuck on this one. Used is fine (sort of preferred since I'm only using this thing for a year), and I can do upgrades like RAM and an SSD. I know that CAD is fairly resource intensive, but other than that, I'm sort of lost. Sketchup does require OpenGL support. Not exactly sure what that means...... I have a friend that runs it on a fairly low end AMD APU, but with a little bit of a budget, I would like to get something a little more powerful (I hate performance issues). Any suggestions would be great, or just more info that can help me to be better informed while researching. Hope everyone is have a great weekend. Thanks for any help!