CAD Inventory Management (3D space with info on each obj)

Aug 15, 2018
Okay, this is a bit problematic for me to find an answer, so I'll try to write it down as accurate as possible.

I need a program that can both visualize 3D objects(including ground, walls, general objects) and can allocate some ID, information tag to it. It's a bit childish, but I want to use this to accurately vcisualize my home and write down general information(model number, weight etc.) about everything(not just objects, but like walls(not that neccesary, but would help) and optionally display it with a single click or hovering on it. It would be even great to have a search function. As said, its a bit childish, but Im not sure if a free * CAD would let me do this. I may even model the whole village I live in. What is neccesary is that it should be 3D, with functionality to add information tags to each object.

Thanks in advance.
You can tag objects in CAD easily, try Google SketchUp but I am not sure how you would tag things there. I played with it very briefly years ago.