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  1. R

    How to Reset System Management Controller on Your MacBook

    Your Mac is one of the most robust systems out there, but there are times it might act up. If your Mac is crashing randomly, not responding well to sleep/power off commands, the interface is slowing down, or the display is having issues, you need to reset the System Management Controller (SMC)...
  2. S

    CAD Inventory Management (3D space with info on each obj)

    Okay, this is a bit problematic for me to find an answer, so I'll try to write it down as accurate as possible. I need a program that can both visualize 3D objects(including ground, walls, general objects) and can allocate some ID, information tag to it. It's a bit childish, but I want to use...
  3. S

    Best apps for financial management?

    I am an entrepreneur. Can anyone recommend some apps for day-to-day financial management like paying bills, running pay-rolls etc.?
  4. I

    Fortnite Battle Royale - Resource Management Tips

    One of the issues that players face in the Fortnite Battle Royale is that they run out of resources especially wood. So that way, they face challenges in building bases and structures at the end game. Therefore, in order to take your useful resources to the end game, you should follow the...
  5. A

    Solved! easy recovery essentials

    hi, does anybody has got any experience with easy recovery essentials? I had to purchase it to fix my laptop, because the recovery management always failed: it says : restore failed - error code=0×3 (WIMSetReferenceFile cannot set reference files) Because my computer can't be restored by...
  6. I

    Fortnite Battle Royale - Resource Management Tips

    One of the issues that players face in the Fortnite Battle Royale is that they run out of resources especially wood. So that way, they face challenges in building bases and structures at the end game. Therefore, in order to take your useful resources to the end game, you should follow the...
  7. S

    Bios displays different GPU than the one from device management

    Hello, Since I bought my laptop, I've had issues with the GPU. I accepted the fact that since it's a laptop (a rather expensive one though), it is not great for gaming. The graphics card is a NVIDIA GeForce 940MX, according to what I bought, and Device Management. This card should have a...
  8. G

    Looking for an installation management program

    Hello. I am looking for software that will allow me to manage (review/approve) any new installations on my desktop computer. Sometimes my brother or other people use my computer during family events and I discovered there were some items installed that were not stopped by my anti-virus/firewall...
  9. I

    What email client to get?

    Hi, I've got multiple business email accounts as well as a couple of personal accounts. And it's just boring and wasting of huge time to check individual email accounts throughout the day. I need to check emails almost 10-20 times in every 30 minutes throughout the entire day and going to...
  10. P

    What is the best way to manage / organize / install / move programs between multiple drives?

    I have a 500GB SSD that I like to store programs I frequently use or ones that need to the best performance. My other drive is a 2TB HD. I store stuff I don't care so much about on there, like video files or programs that load quickly enough already and wont benefit from an SSD. Sometimes I no...
  11. C

    Solved! i accidentally deleted sim management from my tablet how do i fix it

    I deleted sim management on my tablet how do I fix it
  12. G

    RoboForm Password Manager: Needs Updating

    RoboForm offers all the basics of a password manager, but it needs an overhaul to compete with LastPass or Dashlane. RoboForm Password Manager: Needs Updating : Read more
  13. T

    heat management for laptops with nvidia 1060+ cards

    After buying the acer predator helios 300 and finding a faulty graphics chip, I returned it and started looking for another laptop (from another brand). However all of them seem to have the same issue in common: - heat management All the "top" brands with premium price-tags all appear to suffer...
  14. R

    Interruption management software

    I am looking for software that will help reduce the number of interruptions at the workplace. I need to concentrate on complex problems and interruptions, whether Skype, chats or colleagues are ver costly to me. does anyone have any ideas?
  15. B

    I live in Senior housing and it's a brand new building with self leveling gypsum between our floors, without firewalls between

    Surround sound frequency vibration from tenant below, who is very hard of hearing and refuses managements request to lower the subwoofer. Management cannot detect the issue on a regular basis, as the tenant waers a headset with a subwoofer.
  16. B

    NCH software, is it reputed and reliable??

    NCH software . Is it reputed and reliable?? I've visited their site and interested in a software for invoice management. However, their website does not look very reliable. I don't know if they can be trusted. Any one knows about them? Will their software contain any virus?
  17. Moustafa_ELwasif

    CMD window keeps poping up randomly and immediately disappears

    One of the posts had a solution, and the writer said to type these 2 codes: First type: Get-BitsTransfer -AllUsers | select -ExpandProperty FileList | Select -ExpandProperty RemoteName Second type: Get-BitsTransfer -AllUsers | Remove-BitsTransfer and that all what I got...
  18. M

    Subwoofer output doesnt work unless 'enable bass management' is turned on

    Hey Im going to be setting up an audio system soon with my PC. Using the analog audio jacks on the back. One slight issue that I've noticed. On my realtek soundcard settings, having it set to 5.1 mode. The subwoofer output just doesnt work unless I have 'enable bass management' ticked. I dont...
  19. B

    I need help with cable management for Wall entertainment Center

    How would I go about this, it's not like I can move the thing . Or get behind it Pictures: Setup P.S : Yes, I am aware about stacking situation.
  20. O

    how to quarantine virus remotely using a server

    antivirus management using server. thus i want to scan and remove viruses without particulary going to every desktop
  21. M

    Cash management for software for Businessmen services

    So we are running a businessmen shop where we do all the legal works so basically we get customers who pay later and who pays on instant, so I want the employees of my company to add everything ( like what all works they did and how much the customer paid us and if they didnt pay and such)onto...
  22. F

    Where can I find the best event management course in Canada

    I need to know where can I find the best event Managment courses in Canada please . What is your opinion with regards to Trebas institute is it worth the money paid/
  23. Q

    Lenovo E560 beeps when resuming from sleep

    When I resume it from sleep mode it beeps five times in a row three times and then resumes normally. I have tried looking online for a way to fix this with no luck. The fix I tried was disabling beep when resuming from sleep through BIOS or Think pad power management, problem with that I there...
  24. D

    Best Document Scanning / Management Software for Home Use?

    I'm in search of the best home use document / record scanning software / management package. What I hope to find, with input from the community here, is a software package similar to NEAT (OCR) but without the proprietary restrictions on the saved image/copy. I was leaning towards getting a...
  25. M

    ROG g751jy (temperature issue)

    Hi guys! when i'm playing GTA5, my CPU temperature goes up to 80C, but when i decrease maximum power management, the temperature decreases rapidly, it becomes 65-70C. the gaming performance stays the same. graphics high with 75fps. So, i wanna know does it effects on laptop? when you decrease...
  26. H

    How i recover my FB Id..which is unlocked

    Hello This is Humair from Pakistan ,iam using Facebook since 2009 and few days before my id is locked and i get notification that because of i am less than 13 years old that's why my id is locked by facebook management ? Now i want to know that what can i do now ..i am 32 years old .and i...
  27. A

    You do not have the permission to enable or disable device wake

    1st Step: Device Manager -> USB Input Device -> Power Management -> Allow device to wake the computer. The option was greyed out. No Matter. 2nd Step: CMD -> Run as Administrator -> powercfg /deviceenablewake “USB Input Device” You do not have the permission to enable or disable device wake...
  28. L

    Automatic power plan change when pluged in and automaic mute when headphones unpluged.

    I have recently got an ssd to replace my laptops windows 8 hdd and also upgraded to windows 10 but some feature that have not carried over is the automatic power plan change and mute when headphones are unplugged. With windows 8 I was able to set a power plan to automatically change from...
  29. asheesh1_2000

    Monitor Color Management Software

    Hi, I was using MSI Gaming APP for loading different profiles in terms of brightness, contrast, color etc for GAMING, Movie, EYE Rest. However somehow it has stopped working on Win 10. Could you recommend...
  30. Emperor Darkstar

    Hello my fellow Furumers I need some Info

    I have a problem that I can't figure out, I am running windows 7 but I installed outlook 2003 on my machine and i tried everything I could think of and couldn't get outlook to show the emails using that program. what can i do to get this program working or is it beyond help?
  31. M

    Intel Management Engine Components Driver Question/Issue

    I have a Dell XPS 13 9350 and can't get Dell's driver to install. I always get a fatal error message. In Device Manager I see a Management Engine Interface entry though. I've given up trying to figure out how to get the Dell software to install. I've seen that there are two versions of the...
  32. G

    True Key Password Manager Review

    True Key is a futuristic password manager that puts biometrics front and center, letting you easily log in with your face or finger. True Key Password Manager Review : Read more
  33. G

    Dashlane Password Manager Review

    Dashlane stores credit-card numbers, addresses, notes, emergency contacts and more — and lets you change all of your passwords at once. Dashlane Password Manager Review : Read more
  34. G

    1Password (Password Manager) Review

    With advanced form-filling options, 1Password is one of the best password managers for Apple users, but isn't as useful on other platforms. 1Password (Password Manager) Review : Read more
  35. G

    Sticky Password (Password Manager) Review

    Sticky Password has a user-friendly, feature-rich interface, and lets users choose between syncing data in the cloud or over Wi-Fi networks. Sticky Password (Password Manager) Review : Read more
  36. G

    LastPass Password Manager Review

    LastPass has great free features, unlimited password storage and affordable upgrades that allow synchronization across multiple devices and platforms. LastPass Password Manager Review : Read more
  37. G

    KeePass Password Manager Review

    KeePass is a free, customizable, powerful password manager, but it's somewhat inconvenient and has a steep learning curve. KeePass Password Manager Review : Read more
  38. S

    Software recommendations for Customer Management

    Hi, I am working on a small business company. My work is based on manage customers business process, details, etc. Using spreadsheet to store and manage all process, but it takes to much of time to complete task. So our company make decision to use management software. I collect some...
  39. C

    Amp with bass management

    I have a pair of JBL studio 530 speakers and SVS PB2000 Subwoofer and I am looking for a amp that can give me bass management. I was recommended the NAD 356BEE by a friend would that be ideal for this setup or not? Budget $1000. Thx!
  40. A

    How to I access the inbuilt firewall in chrome OS 50.02661.103 on a chromebook.

    Hi, I am new to the chromeOS, I have connected the chromebook to another server via an LAN cable and a private 10.x address. I can ping the management address of the other server, but I cannot bring the remote management page up in the chrome OS chrome browser. I need to allow the 10.x...
  41. Knicks2012

    3 Shelf Wall Mount for Consoles, cable management Help?

    Doing a complete overhaul of my bedroom and I decided I want to mount my 50" Vizio to a wall so I can watch TV or play games when on the couch or bed. I want to get a 3 shelf wall mount for my consoles. I have a PS2, 360 and X1, no cable box or anything like that, just the 3 consoles. Need...
  42. A

    Lenovo y410p not booting up after doing battery reset in lenovo energy management.

    I upgraded my laptop to windows 10 2 days ago but then my laptop said "plugged in, not charging" at 60%. I used the battery reset function in lenovo energy management and was pleases to see my battery charging up. It charged up to full, then started to drain. After complete drain it didnot boot...
  43. S

    Intel management engine interface error (code 10)

    msi gt80 titan running windows 10 x64 in device managers have a ! next to intel manage engine interface. description code 10, device has failed to start, status device power failure ive tried updating, un/reinstalling, the ! goes away for about a minute and then comes back. i tried looking up...
  44. nVidea

    Reformatting my Acer Laptop via USB Flash Drive, eRecovery Management is Gone.

    I want to reformat my laptop via USB Flash Drive. My Acer eRecovery Management is gone and I cannot reformat my laptop. Pressing Alt F10 in boot up isn't working. F12 isn't working also. The eRecovery Management must have been deleted when I system restored my laptop a few months ago. How can I...
  45. Mr Davo

    Cannot uninstall software because of Microsoft Management Console

    Hi Everyone, I am attempting to remove Trend Worry-Free Business Security from a Windows Server 2008 Computer. However when I click on Uninstall, and follow the prompts I receive the message below - I have searched the internet for ways to 'turn off' the Microsoft Management Console but have...
  46. G

    Worried between power management and battery life.

    I'm struggling on what to choose between these: My laptop is an old one and the Power management (which makes the battery stops charging at 50% or 80%) will be is supported only in Windows 7. But Win 7 is getting old and I really like win 8.1 (which doesn't support power management feature)...
  47. D

    Looking for a good wireless headest (Headphones & Mic), Limit is $400 or below.

    I'm trying to keep cable management as minimal as possible for my PC, and all that's left is affording a good wireless Headset. I have a Corsair Vengeance 2100 that I got for $70, but they're heavy, and the left side of the headphones started having this low hum after awhile. So I'm in the...
  48. G

    Sony VAIO's power management

    Hi everyone! So I was gaming with my Sony laptop all the time and I'm not worried about the battery life because I used VAIO power management to stop charging at 50% or 80%. (This power management won't work on anything above Win 7 and Sony has now stopped support for its laptops) Now that...
  49. Pink Jazz

    Wrapping software into a suite of unlockable sub-applications via product keys

    Not sure if this is the site to ask this, however, I am a software developer for a company that is developing an Android app for our customers to use. Our app is pretty much feature-locked now, so what our company is proposing now is to wrap the application into a suite of three different...
  50. jungleexplorer

    Best WYSIWYG (Visual) Editor for Website creation and management? Help.

    Okay, I have to confess here that I am a FrontPage loyalist. Back in the day I spent time and money to go to technical collage to get FP certified. Then a few years later, Microsoft abandone FP. That really chapped me. Of course, I continued to use FP as long as possible, but as support for...
  51. M

    High Pitched Sound From Headphones

    Hello, last night I just did a bit of cable management as my pc really needed it, and after, it loaded as normal, then, I put in my headphones and now I have a high pitched sound when I move my mouse, it seems that it might be EMI, if so, how can I resolve it?
  52. A

    unwanted deleted rows from database

    Hi, I deleted by accident 28 row from SQL server 2005 database (via SQL Management Studio Express) from table ParameterDefinition with columns (Id, Name, PluginId, Description, DefaultValue). My command was: delete from ParameterDefinition where Name = 'RateOfVat'. I only wanted to delete one...
  53. C

    Best laptop for business/excel/travel madness?

    I'm a management consultant that does some moderate lifting in excel from time to time. Typically includes power pivot with data in the millions of rows and some VBA. I'm switching jobs and most of my coworkers have some flavor of the Lenovo T series, which seems like a good choice. I'm weighing...
  54. P

    Recommended Database Management Software?

    Hey team & friends, I am wondering if there are any highly recommended Database Management Software (DBMS) ? I apologize if this is in the wrong category. Thanks !
  55. H

    Laptop Battery Charging

    Assalam Alaikum ...:) Does anyone knows about laptop battery management or charging softwares? I dont want to charge my battery at 100 all the time but less than 90 and i found nothing about softwares related to it.
  56. R

    Custom Computer Management

    Can I download Waves MaxxAudio or Beats Audio on a new custom computer? Or, do they come in pre-built computer, like Dell? If I can't download any of them, what are the alternatives, like getting a specific speaker, a specific sound card or another program? I really like the feature of...
  57. J

    CWM Recovery Install Help

    Hello, I want to install CWM recovery on my device, a Blu Studio 6.0 HD, for those who don't know Blu is a phone manufacturer based in Miami Florida ( My device is not supported and I have never installed any type of custom recovery before so I do not know how to install it, it...
  58. T

    Laptop not loading windows

    I press alt and f10 starts to load files, windows starts up then acer erecovery management screen pops up then it says please
  59. T

    Lenovo laptop energy management and should it be plugged all the time?

    So, i have this lenovo ideapad z400 laptop that have energy management software that allow me to make the laptop charge only to 60% and then not charging, i find it was good but after using a while (in windows 8.1), it just like my laptop can't recognized very well the battery capacity...
  60. S

    hp 15 r 119 tu or lenovo G50-30 80G0015GIN

    hello sir, i m a management student and want to buy a new laptop which one best for me Hp 15 r 119 Tu or lenovo G50-30 80G0015GIN. please suggest me .