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    I have HP ProBook 6545b. Battery charging question

    I have HP Probook 6545b. Does anyone know how I can set the power management to only start charging the battery at 98%? Is there a software i can to download?
  2. S

    Trying to find a power management utility from intel

    Hi! I lost my drivers disk for my 'Gaming' Laptop. When Windows 8 decided to update it somehow managed to corrupt my Linux partition that happened to have Windows boot manager on it so after being corrupted windows 8 or 7 could not boot, I booted a live USB of Zorin to install grub so I could...
  3. T

    17" replacement laptop OR detachable pc for graphic design and database management

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a 17" laptop, convertible OR detachable pc, with the guts and clarity to handle large graphics files and seamlessly run multiple softwares like illustrator, photoshop & indesign simultaneously. Touchscreen would be awesome. VGA & Hdmi ports are a must. My budget is $2,000...
  4. G

    How to Send Files from Dropbox to Mailbox

    When Dropbox acquired Mailbox they formed a collaboration which made file storage and management much easier. You can compose messages and import your attachments from your Dropbox account. You can send your files from Dropbox to Mailbox using these steps: Step 1 Download the Mailbox and...
  5. R

    How to Add Columns in Tweetdeck

    Tweetdeck is a more advanced Twitter client. Twitter created Tweetdeck so users could get a better handle on all of their accounts or just stay current on their one account, with the ability to add timelines and other columns so that users could stay organized. Adding columns is what gives users...
  6. G

    How To Set up 1Password on your Android Phone or Tablet

    1Password is one of the best password management tools which protects very sensitive information on your computer, tablet, or phone. Although it came late on the Android platform, it offers the same features as its desktop and iOS counterparts. If you're an Android user and you want to beef up...
  7. L

    can i bypass the copy protection laws

    Dear Copy Protection Rights Management Department Hey ! you don't know me my name is Lisa Steelman may i please have permission to put two tv shows and some movies from h.b.o max s.y.f.y i.f.c ect i'm not looking out to make money off of this stuff i just would like to make some...
  8. Agera One

    Laptop battery management

    So, what does those settings 1) Charge battery upto 80% 2) Charge battery upto 50% in the power management program do?
  9. Agera One

    Processor Power Management

    Okay. Someone explain the above three attribute. 1) min. processor state -- ? Processor turns off when battery reaches 5% 2) System cooling policy -- ? (no idea what will it is for and what it means for active/passive) 3) max. processor state -- ?
  10. Fabio2011

    Audio Problem Help

    Hello guys today I did some cable management in my pc. After I've finished , I turned on the pc and watched a video.Then I realised that only one speaker was working and the other one no. P.S I have removed the audio cable from the mobo and reinstalled it still nothing happens.
  11. kemperkipie

    Looking for high-end laptop. Any suggestions?

    I'm required to get a high-end laptop for my "IT Service Management" study. The laptop has to be able to run multiple virtual machines (Servers and virtual workstations side by side for example). Obviously I would need a pretty big amount of RAM. Besides that it would be obvious to get an Intel...
  12. kmr1154

    Need DHCP server management software for windows 7

    Hello I am looking for dhcp server management software which runs on my windows 7 laptop and lets it control all the machines connected to it through local wifi network. What i want to say is my laptop is connected to 4 other devices using home wifi, using some third party dhcp software i...
  13. viveknayyar007

    MS Outlook No Longer Prompts Before Deleting Objects Permanently

    MS Outlook 2013 is MS Offices’ e-mail client used for management of your personal information which are mainly organized in the form of e-mails. MS outlook manages data quite efficiently by storing it on system’s local disk and maintains backups regularly. MS Outlook contains information that...
  14. viveknayyar007

    MS Outlook 2013 Trash Automatically Empties On Exit

    MS Outlook is a personal information management application, which is mainly used as an e-mail client program. MS Outlook contains information which requires proper management. MS Outlook contains information, some of which are not of any concern to you, and you move this data to the trash...
  15. viveknayyar007

    I Want to Add Saturday as Working Day in MS Outlook 2013

    For the purpose of adding Saturday as working day in MS Outlook 2013, you need to follow steps that are given below: ■Initialize MS Outlook program from the Start menu. ■On the interface, select FILE from the menu tabs. ■On the Outlook’s Info page, select Options from left pane. ■On the...
  16. G

    Bass Management 5.1

    I have a 5.1 speaker set, and I've noticed a Bass Management options on the realtek software, I noticed as I turn it on all the speakers work separably ( without the subwoofer ) as before as default all the speakers produced the sound with the low frequencies (subwoofer) so in other words all...
  17. B

    RMS ( Right Management) for MS Office 2013

    To Connect to RMS using Office 2013 Download RMS Client 2.1 Go to Internet Options -> Security -> Local Intranet -> Sites -> Advanced and add “rms server address” Open Outlook -> New Email -> FILE -> Set Permissions ->...
  18. T

    cheapest way for cable management for my logitech z506?

    I'm trying to use all 5 of logitech satellites(and that the main satellite speakers is dead) so I would like to know what is the best way to do some nice cable management for them cause the wires are way too long. need some advice here
  19. D

    64bit system but downloading 32bit programmes

    *edited* i found the answer if this could be remeved, remove it plz
  20. D

    Acer Aspire ONE 722 formatting problem

    I have tried to format my Acer Aspire One 722 laptop. Windows 7 Ultimate was installed perfectly, but problems started when I tried to reboot the computer. The computer starts with the Acer eRecovery Management (V8.3.2). When Windows was unable to start up I tried the option RESTORE OPERATING...
  21. L

    Cannot reboot Windows

    My husband got a window one day while turning on computer about partitions he said he did not change anything but now when rebooting the computer it keeps going in Acer Restore Management page we pressed restore to factory settings to get it to boot up but keeps coming back to the same page and...
  22. S

    Music Management and backup

    Hi All I currently manage my music just using WMP but having just purchased a new router which I can attach a USB stick to and I would like to do the following but am not sure if it is possible. My music is mostly saved in audiably lossless bit rates which means the files take up alot of space...
  23. A

    I cannot get to the acer erecovery management to reset facorty settings

    I have tried to press alt & F10 at the first screen but it still goes to windows- my daughter in stalled windows 7 professional and it has managed to wipe internet connection off and all the acer erecovery management and everything acer from the computer I need to reset it to factory setting
  24. G

    Keep Your Drivers & Software Updated Hassle-Free

    Sick of tracking down the latest updates for software or the most obscure drivers? Try out these automatic update management tools to cut down on the hassle. Keep Your Drivers & Software Updated Hassle-Free : Read more
  25. G

    Best Free Photo Management Tools

    All it takes is the click of a button to capture a photo, but managing and editing them can take a lot of work. Here are a few apps we can recommend to make photo management easier. Best Free Photo Management Tools : Read more
  26. dconnors

    The Spotlight: CTIA, Vita, Cables and Mom

    We're thinking about new handsets, life with Vita, the best stuff for mom, and finally getting a handle on cable management. The Spotlight: CTIA, Vita, Cables and Mom : Read more
  27. Ubrales

    Project Management Software Installation

    I have an old but powerful Project Management software that is on six 3.5” floppies. My i7 desktop computer (Win7) does not have a floppy controller and I cannot connect an external floppy drive to this computer. I have used this program and also MS Project; both comparable and good. The...
  28. JMcEntegart

    Nintendo Chief Cuts His Compensation in Half

    Nintendo last week surprised many by dropping the price of the 3DS from $250 to $170. It's a move that's expected to have quite an impact on Nintendo's profits. However, Nintendo management is ready to accept responsibility. Nintendo Chief Cuts His Compensation in Half : Read more
  29. B

    Why we need stream management in cuda c

    Why we need stream management in cuda c programming ?
  30. G

    Forgot my acer recovery management password

    forgot my acer reconery management password can anyone help me please
  31. G

    HP DV2500

    to HP Management, One thing to point out, we, the consumers don't understand why Hewlet Packard Management allowed such product to go into the market with factory defects, like the HP DV2500 notebook? without any responsibility to fix this up. they should have recalled all (HP DV 2500) and pay...
  32. K


    Hello, I have a Acer aspire 5332 and for some unknown reason when i turn it on it freezes on Acer eRecovery management and i cant get any further. does anyone know what i should try?
  33. K


    Hello, I have a Acer aspire 5332 and for some unknown reason when i turn it on it freezes on Acer eRecovery management and i cant get any further. does anyone know what i should try?
  34. cia24

    Solved! Asus g73sw not reconizing 2nd hard disk

    I put the 2nd hard drive in went to computer management its not showing up no matter what i do it works in other laptops/desktops 128gb ssd.
  35. C

    Looking for software - tiered architecture content management

    Hey all, I've come across a situation that I've never really thought about: Where do you to find enterprise level software??? I'm looking for a particular type of software, searching the net on various key-words have proven fruitless. I hope that this is a place that can help me I have a...
  36. G

    My laptop is not detecting my external hdd

    i'm using this external hard disk!! and nw 4 some reason my lapi is not detecting it!!! the device management can detect it but its not visisble on "my computer" its was working completely fine but nw my lapi is simply not detecting it!!!! plz someone help me!!!
  37. G

    E-Line is Cable Nirvana Out-of-the-Box

    For those too lazy to practice good cable management. E-Line is Cable Nirvana Out-of-the-Box : Read more
  38. G

    Wiretape: Ultra-Thin Solution For Cable Clutter?

    Hitech Innovation's product turns cables into management-friendly tape. Wiretape: Ultra-Thin Solution For Cable Clutter? : Read more
  39. L

    Dolby virtual speaker 5 1 on the go

    Hi I have an acer aspire 7720 G I recently upgraded to win 7 but have lost my 5.1. audio setups the sound from my system is now flat and bland how on earth do I obtain the e management tool for audio that I used to have with vista Where or which audio management device can I use to contol my...
  40. exfileme

    Software Allows for Cellphone Control with Eyes

    Forget voice activation: eye control is the next step in hands-free mobile phone management. Software Allows for Cellphone Control with Eyes : Read more
  41. Marcus Yam

    Police Raid Gizmodo Editor's Home Over iPhone 4G

    Gizmodo management says warrant for Jason Chen's house was invalid. Police Raid Gizmodo Editor's Home Over iPhone 4G : Read more
  42. G

    Intel Wants Atom to Power Your Home

    Intel wants its technology to facilitate home management. Intel Wants Atom to Power Your Home : Read more
  43. G

    How to lock computer using java

    Hello, I m developing project on internet cafe management with java. where we hv to lock certain pc when the given time is finished. pls help me as very short time is left
  44. B


  45. M

    Acer eprojection management download

    Hello, Where I can find this program to download ?
  46. G

    Compaq power management downloads

    my battery icon don't show 50`% charge level
  47. exfileme

    Woman Arrested: Craigslist Ad Targeting Teen

    Some people really need to find some form of anger management and stay off social websites. Woman Arrested: Craigslist Ad Targeting Teen : Read more
  48. r_manic

    Best Desktop Management Utilities?

    Here are three utilities I use to manage the windows and files on my desktop: Unlocker - Allows force delete of files supposedly still being used by an app Taskbar Shuffle - Let's you drag and drop window buttons on the taskbar to re-order 'em WinSplit Revolution - Powerful window tiling...
  49. exfileme

    Developer Criticizes Sony on PSP Management

    According to Smack Down Productions' CEO Laurent Benadiba, Sony needs a better business model for its handheld multimedia device, the PlayStation Portable. Developer Criticizes Sony on PSP Management : Read more
  50. G

    Seven Windows 7 Questions (and Answers)

    From the beta "fish" to the hidden features, we quiz Mike Ybarra, the general manager of Windows product management, about Windows 7. Seven Windows 7 Questions (and Answers) : Read more
  51. JMcEntegart

    Apple Starts a University

    Reports emerged earlier this week that Cupertino based Apple has hired the dean of the Yale School of Management to lead a new project called "Apple University." Apple Starts a University : Read more
  52. G

    Comcast Says No New Traffic Management Plan Yet

    Comcast has made no final decisions on how to manage network congestion, despite news reports Wednesday that it will slow traffic for heavy users for up to 20 minutes during times of peak network use. Comcast Says No New Traffic Management Plan Yet : Read more
  53. G

    Gmail School: 20 Tips and Tricks

    Make Gmail's nearly 7GB of storage work harder. These shortcuts, customizations, filters and management tools will bring joy to your inbox. Gmail School: 20 Tips and Tricks : Read more
  54. G

    Yahoo Lobbies For Its Board Slate, Management

    Yahoo on Monday sought to rally shareholder support for its board of directors and management amid a proxy battle with billionaire Carl Icahn, saying the investor had outlined an "ill-defined plan" for the future of the Internet company. Yahoo Lobbies For Its Board Slate, Management : Read more
  55. G

    Microsoft Windows XP SP3 Delayed Due to Bug

    Microsoft announced today that it will be delaying the release of Windows XP Service Pack 3. Compatibility issues linked between the new service pack and Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System, a retail chain management application, is cited as the Microsoft Windows XP SP3 Delayed Due to...
  56. G

    Icahn Not Happy With Motorola's Pace

    Billionaire financier Carl Icahn, reacted to Motorola's decision to split the company into two independent entities , by calling the move a "step into the right direction", but he has "concerns" about the "speed and manner" in which a new management team is selected for the Mobile Devices...
  57. G

    Apple Rolls Out Aperture 2

    Apple's new image editing and management software made its debut today with a new image processing engine at its core and a redesigned user interface on top. Apple Rolls Out Aperture 2 : Read more
  58. G

    Joomla 1.5 CMS Released has released the download of version 1.5 of its open source content management system, previously code-named Khepri. The software, which had been in development for more than two years, is offered as a "stable" version, but the developers do Joomla 1.5 CMS Released : Read more
  59. G

    Adobe PS CS Security problem

    Archived from groups: (More info?) From the Adobe website: "Adobe License Management Service update This update addresses a potential vulnerability in the Adobe License Management Service, which is installed with various Adobe products that require product activation. It...
  60. G

    Personal Finance Management sotware

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Hi, this has probably been asked before, but which is the preferred programme? Microsoft Money or Quicken? Any comments to help me decide would be greatly appreciated. Hardware is HP Pavillion ze4140 laptop and an iPAQ 3870 handheld...