Best Desktop Management Utilities?


Jan 7, 2009
Here are three utilities I use to manage the windows and files on my desktop:

Unlocker - Allows force delete of files supposedly still being used by an app
Taskbar Shuffle - Let's you drag and drop window buttons on the taskbar to re-order 'em
WinSplit Revolution - Powerful window tiling manager (much better than Windows' Cascade and Tile functions)

So what are your best desktop management utilities? (Mods, I've tried searching the forums for a similar thread, to no avail, so if there's an existing thread covering this, feel free to merge?)


Oct 13, 2008
Good thread manic.

I like that you have posted free apps too.

I hope it stays that way and intrusive software spammers don't darken the topic.

I have a few:

WinPatrol by BillP Studios: "WinPatrol puts you back in control of your computer so you'll know what programs are and should be running at all times." Quoted Major Geeks.

Ccleaner by Piriform: CCleaner is a freeware system optimization, privacy and cleaning tool. Quoted

and one little gemI'm going to implement soon now that my little one has found her legs. I actually recommended this to a poster that had a pc running in a public place that needed the keyboard and mouse locked from the public, but the screen to be displaying what the techs needed to see. Unlockable with password of course.

Toddler Keys by D. Schaeffer: Toddler Keys is a useful tool for parents that allows you to lock your computer keyboard, CD drive doors and power-off button. Quoted

I actually trialled this on Windows 7 x64 with no problems. :)