Hi All

I currently manage my music just using WMP but having just purchased a new router which I can attach a USB stick to and I would like to do the following but am not sure if it is possible.

My music is mostly saved in audiably lossless bit rates which means the files take up alot of space which is fine for my PC however I would like to sync my main music folder with my now network avaliable 32Gb USB stick but at a bit rate of either 128 or 192. Is there a piece of sofware that can keep both my music sources in sync but also lower the bit rate at the same time as transferring to my network drive?

Hope that make sense


The only auto converting that I know of is done when you move music to a player (iTunes at least offers an automatic sample rate when you sync an iPod). Anything you want to move to the flash drive would have to be manually converted. But there are lots of programs to do multi file conversions, you just can't BOTH sync and convert at the same time.