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    Solved! I have all my music on my USB stick but I've lost my connecter to my tablet. Do you know where I can get one and what it's cal

    The small adaptor/connector that I have lost has a inlet on one end that takes the USB key and on the other end a small metal connector that fits into my tablet. I've no idea what it's called. Can anyone help me please?
  2. V

    Solved! Why does my polaroid smart tv not recognise my usb stick

    Smart tv polaroid
  3. G

    Solved! Boot to USB on older Toshiba Satellite Pro

    Hi, I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro P50-B (PSPNUU-032S05D) and can't get it to boot to a USB stick. I've read dozens of previous posts about disabling secure boot and choosing CSM over UEFI, but none of it worked. I've tried different USB sticks (small ones and large ones), and know the USB...
  4. Z

    Solved! Installing windows from USB

    Hey, I am trying to install windows 10 from usb stick to ASUS E402A laptop (that is using emmc memory). I have 3 different usb sticks, one is official windows, one is kingston datatraveller ,and one is some random usb 2.x stick. Windows iso file i generated from windows media creation tool and...
  5. R

    Solved! which movie formats can i play through usb stick in usb drive of epson 5650 projector ?

    I have Epson Projector model 5650
  6. S

    USB BOOT do not start.

    Hello, I have a USB stick that I used to install windows on my desktop and on a friend of mine's computer. (meaning it's not USB stick fault) I was trying to make a fresh install on my laptop ( ASUS k50IN) but it doesn't start. When I turn on the computer i click ESC multiple times, but the boot...
  7. R

    Solved! How to select a specific folder on Pioneer car stereo

    Hie guys I have a usb stick with folders grouped by genre i.e rap house etc, how can I select a specific folder to play at a given time.I have a deh-1050 unit and I find that it just starts with the first folder added on the stick then i have to skip tracks to the folder i want to play
  8. R

    I need a TV mostly for playing movies from USB stick, confused!?

    Hi I'm trying to help my mu buy a TV, and it's a real minefield, there are so many! I was hoping someone could help me narrow it down... I don't need 4k, but would like 1080 FHD It will be used 95% of the time for playing movies off a USB stick or HDD, so it needs a USB socket and preferably...
  9. M

    Solved! How to connect a music filled USB stick to my car's iPod port

    My Nissan Sentra has a CD player and an iPod port. I have no iPod but I do have dozens of USB thumb drives that we listen to in my wife's car. How can I listen to them in my Sentra?
  10. S

    JVC tv not recognise usb stick

    Jvc tv does not recognize usb stick to watch movie
  11. N

    Solved! For what file types does Windows not crete temp files - for Apricorn secure USB stick password mgmt

    I got an Apricorn secure USB stick for storing passwords. I woudl like to make sure that whatever file type I use on the stick will not create a temp file or so on the host. I am assuming Excel would be bad.
  12. B

    USB storage not detected by any PC!

    Hi! I'm not sure if this is really a laptop related problem, it's more of a usb stick related problem but I didn't know where to post. I need an old usb stick because I have some important information on it. The thing is... it used to work just fine, but now, when I plug it in any computer...
  13. oathmark1

    Trying to boot in with Rufus, Can't Find Boot in USB Stick

    I'm dealing with older computers, and I'm trying to boot up into these things without their hard drives. That is how they come to me. So I'm trying to figure out a process here using a free OS solution. So I looked all over the startup menu on this Lenovo PC, and I can't see anywhere to...
  14. J

    Android MP3 Player App that Reads from micro USB port

    Want to use old Android phones as MP3 players. Have large library on USB stick with micro interface, so it will fit into the input port on Android phones. Need Android MP3 player app that will know how to read the MP3 library that is on the USB stick and allow playing by artist, album, music...
  15. P

    How do i play movie from usb stick on acer X1383WH projector

    I have 3D acer projector X1383WH it has the mini usb ctrl. How can I play media from usb stick on the projector via usb ctrl port. It is possible to play movies and other media on it.
  16. G

    Play slideshow from USB stick

    A USB stick with homemade slide show
  17. R

    No operating system found

    HDD became faulty so fitted new one.Tried loading win 7 but could not load from disc or USB stick.laptop will not load any bootable disc including partioning software.tried with CD drive disconnected but still same message. No operating system found.
  18. M

    Would this laptop be suitable?

    Could someone help me? Would this laptop be suitable to play the sims with custom content and do school work or would I need a USB stick to keep it separate so it does not crash? <<Link removed by moderator for reported malware at the source>>
  19. P

    Windows problem after using old USB stick

    It seems my old usb stick has caused a problem with my windows 10 or so it seems. Two problems that appeared after the first boot since the usb was plugged in... A message pops up when i log into windows saying bad image. Tells me a file called avguix.exe is old or corrupt. The other problem is...
  20. M

    LG BPM25 Blu-Ray player - USB issues

    Hi, so a few days ago I purchased a LG BPM-25 Blu-Ray player. And I've been putting video files onto a USB stick to play on the Blu-Ray player. I already had content on the USB stick when I first plugged it into the Blu-Ray player and all files were there and able to be played. I then later...
  21. P

    Can't install Windows 10 to MSI X370 MB, screen freezes at the Windows logo.

    I just built a new PC using the MSI XPower X370 Titanium MB. Using both a purchased USB stick with Windows 10, and an USB created using the MS MediaCreationTool, the PC boot up and display the Windows logo, and then freezes. The BIOS menu shows the USB stick correctly yet installation does not...
  22. make_me_bad27

    samsung np700z5c won't boot

    So I installed windows via USB once and since then my laptop required the USB stick that I used plugged in in order to boot. Today the USB stick broke and now my laptop won't boot. Seems like a boot loop, boots up and goes to a black screen just to boot itself again and then asks me to chose a...
  23. S

    Sd card to usb direct using win32 imager

    Is it possible to transfer files from an sd card to my usb stick directly using win32 imager as I don't have enough space on my hard drive and want to back up the card Thanks
  24. L

    How to save a movie from a cable DVR box to a USB stick

    I saved a mini series on my cable DVR box and i want to save it. How do I do it
  25. make_me_bad27

    samsung np700z5c won't boot

    So I installed windows via USB once and since then my laptop required the USB stick that I used plugged in in order to boot. Today the USB stick broke and now my laptop won't boot. Seems like a boot loop, boots up and goes to a black screen just to boot itself again and then asks me to chose a...
  26. eimkeith

    Toshiba NB505 - replaced failed drive, now cannot boot W7 starter from USB stick..

    The SSD failed on the NB505, and I replaced it with another one - didn't occur to me to consider how I was going to get the OS back on it, of course. Toshiba sold me a W7 Stater SNPC for Toshiba thumb drive. The NB505 will not boot from the USB ports, and the FDD boot setting - although...
  27. breaker9320

    Acquiring a Smart TV for the first time

    Hello ladies and gents. So lately I've been thinking of getting a Smart TV for myself which I will mostly use to watch Netflix and other stuff from my USB Stick. Now, I have been looking for the past couple of days around the internet and noticed that Smart TV's have a problem playing different...
  28. M

    Background Copying Software

    Hi guys I am a 14 years old Student and i was looking for a software to copy thing from my teachers pen drives (flash memory) to mine The problem is that when i ask them for doing so the refuse because of the short classes time So is there is a software for this task maybe programming a power...
  29. P

    Asus A42J - How to boot from USB

    I want to boot from a USB stick but cant seem to find it in F2 boot setup. How can I find it?
  30. T

    Boot from USB on PhoenixBIOS

    I need to be able to boot my laptop from a USB stick. When I try I have the option to boot from "Removable Devices" but it won't recognize my stick. I have PhoenixBIOS version 2.20. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  31. P

    by mistake i insert my usb stick opposite in my pc and now its stop working

    by mistake i insert my usb stick opposite in my pc and now its stop working
  32. W

    Extracting data from GPG file

    I have been using Password Commander on a USB stick which has sadly crashed and I foolishly have not backed the stick up. I have managed to retrieve a number of files from the stick and the one which I think contais my passwords is described as a GPG file. I've obviously got the password for the...
  33. X

    How could I fix this humming/vibration noise from my PC?

    So my PC has this humming noise that is driving me crazy. I don't really know what's causing it but I've isolated it to somewhere on the front my PC. I've tried without both of the front intake fans in and it made no difference. It was really noticeable when I have the side on and the front...
  34. J

    beelink BT3 boot it from a USB stick

    I bought a beelink BT3, how can i boot it from a USB stick, i want to install Linux on it. please hele me, thanks.
  35. S

    my usb sticks make my computer cut out what is wrong

    when I put my usb stick into my computer slot for the usb stick it cuts out the power to my computer just like short circuit I have to take battery out and also dc then when I turn computer on again the computer works but still cant use usbs
  36. A

    sharp tv firmware not updating

    My USB stick, formatted to FAT32 with the required firmware version D64UA120.uvp, does nothing after the "checking" message finishes and I say yes to apply upgrade. Oh ,,then my 10+ year old Sharp TV model LC-52D64U goes black for about 18 seconds,,,then comes back on to the show I was watching...
  37. WyomingKnott

    Virtualbox VM portable on a USB stick

    I have a USB stick that, on a good USB 3.0 port, benches as fast as my SSD. What I want to do is actually run a VM from it in Virtualbox. Actually be able to plug the stick into home or office PC and continue where I left off. VB is running under Windows 10; the VM is Ubuntu. As far as I can...
  38. S

    vizio e550i-b2 or vizio e480i-b2 supported usb movie formats

    vizio e550i-b2 or vizio e480i-b2 supported usb movie formats from a usb stick what movie formats are accepted on a e550i-b2 or e480i-b2 vizio i called the vizio 1800 number all they said was that it supported avi and maybe 2 others but they said it wasnt listed so they dont know looked...
  39. J

    Please Help me!

    toshiba satellite boot problem.wont boot with usb stick or even go to the bios setup and it wont either display the toshiba leading innovation screen. it goes directly to the boot manager setup. pls help me
  40. B

    Galaxy Tab S. Move file from usb flash to external sd card?

    Galaxy Tab S. Trying to move a file from usb stick to external sd card. There seem no options
  41. C

    Can I safely switch boot mode from legacy to UEFI?

    I bought an Acer Aspire V3-572G which came with Windows 8.1 and TONS and TONS of crapware included. I downloaded a Windows 8.1 ISO, made a bootable USB stick and plugged it into the laptop. But the thing is; it was a USB-stick of only 8 GB so I choosed not to make it EFI-compatible (because the...
  42. M

    My USB floppy drive emulator in Korg PA-50 (music keyboard) does not recognize the USB stick. What should I do?

    In need of help regarding Korg keyboard
  43. R

    How to Convert USB Bootable to an ISO image

    My laptop(Asus eeebook x205ta) comes with a program called "Back Tracker Recovery Management", which allows you to make a bootable recovery USB stick, from which you can boot to recover the computer to its original state. Now i have made a Bootable USB with this backup. Now i wanted to convert...
  44. M

    I cannot remove my usb stick from my samsung camera and the card is locked

    Usb stick get stock inside my camera and says card locked
  45. R

    laptop thermal overload

    bought laptop from curry`s backed up with usb stick tried to get to work wrong password put in took back to shop re-istalled windows got home tried bios password protected took back to shop asked for money back said no and put laptop back in packaging said take it home when got home 2hrs later...
  46. D

    USB Stick Media Player?

    I have a 128gig USB stick that I use for playing my music from at work, at present it is playing through the PC I wired up with speakers, can anyone suggest a standalone player that will accept USB sticks? all the files are MP3, I use1by1 at work to play them and my firm is outlawing media via...
  47. B

    Laptop wont booth with usb stick in

    I have a Dell Inspiron 5520, and whenever i stick the usb drive with any Linux image, or even any file in there, it will get stuck on the boot, and if i hit f12, it will just freeze as well. Im in legacy boot as well
  48. K

    Want to encrypt a USB stick

    I need to encrypt a USD stick but I don't have bitlocker. What are the alternatives?
  49. B

    how can I save my data files to a usb stick if the notebook won't boot up

    my notebook will not run in safe mode and I'm ready to do a factory re-set but I'm told I will loose all my data files and that I should back them up to a usb stick because I don't have a cd\dvd tray. Can you tell me how I can transfer my data files to a usb stick.
  50. C

    Laptop - I need Some Help

    Laptop Model: - Toshiba Satellite C55D-B5310 Operating System - Windows 8.1 I am trying to install Khali Linux distribution onto my Toshiba Satellite C55D-B5310 series via USB Stick. However, upon installation I am greeted with this message "Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device or Insert Boot...
  51. R

    how do i play movies from a usb stick to toshiba hd tv

    my toshiba hd tv has a usb port - can i plug my usb stick with movies in to watch on the tv?
  52. J

    my usb stick works perfect on my computer but when I insert it in my dvd player it says device not suport. what can I do

    my usb stick works perfect on my computer but when I insert it into my dvd players usb slot it says device not suport
  53. S

    Projector Model Epson EB-S03

    I am looking to put a movie on a USB stick by downloading it from my computer. I have a projector with a USB port, is there anyway I could use the stick to play the movie with just the USB stick and the projector?
  54. A

    VAIO won't boot from DVD/USB stick

    I am trying to install Windows 7 on a Sony Vaio SVE1512C6EW,but however i arange the boot priority and enable external boot device it always starts up from the HDD and loads Windows 8.
  55. L

    can you put a movie on a usb stick and watch on projector

    I am looking to put a movie on a USB stick by downloading it from my computer. I have a projector with a USB port, is there anyway I could use the stick to play the movie with just the USB stick and the projector?
  56. T

    Sony Bravia Problem

    When I plug in a USB stick and play a video, the sound works but the screen goes black. Why's this? Help!
  57. O

    Consolidate iTunes playlist to removable media

    Heres a common situation for me. iTunes consolidates and sorts all the music I add to the iTunes music library and keeps my folders sorted. So then I have all my playlists that have songs from all kinds of genres, artists, and albums. Now I want to move that playlist onto a USB flash storage...
  58. S

    Music Management and backup

    Hi All I currently manage my music just using WMP but having just purchased a new router which I can attach a USB stick to and I would like to do the following but am not sure if it is possible. My music is mostly saved in audiably lossless bit rates which means the files take up alot of space...
  59. T

    How do I use my USB Stick to connect to the internet

    Hello,I have a USB Stick and I am trying to access the internet and I have not succeed so I was wondering if there is a possible way that you can help me to access the internet using my USB Stick?
  60. N

    Usb stick formatted to ntfs

    Hello, I am not tech minded at all....have windows vista...needing new laptop, probs windows 7 ...going to use sandisk 32gb to store music from old laptop but reviews show problems between different formats FAT32 to NTFS ????....what's that mean ?