Intel management engine interface error (code 10)


Nov 30, 2011
msi gt80 titan running windows 10 x64

in device managers have a ! next to intel manage engine interface. description code 10, device has failed to start, status device power failure

ive tried updating, un/reinstalling, the ! goes away for about a minute and then comes back. i tried looking up some solutions but most of them involve using microsoft fix it and apparently it doesnt support windows 10.

How much of an issue is this? if i continue to use my laptop while having this error is it going to cause serious issues? Also if anyone has any pointers or tips on how to fix this, id be very appreciative. thanks.

Please do try and do a clean install of the Intel Graphics card driver.
- Go to Device Manager and uninstall Intel Graphics driver.
- Do the same in Programs and Features, uninstall anything related to Intel.
- Download and install the latest driver from MSI support page.
- Here's the link:
- Once installed reboot your laptop.