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  1. kikani.kautik

    Solved! How to configure RAID 5 in Dell PowerEdge RS240 Rack Server

    How to configure RAID 5 in Dell PowerEdge RS240 Rack Server. I want to also install windows server 2016 in RAID5 RAID5 is safe for OS ?
  2. S

    Can I put 2.5” HDD on an SSD slot?

    I have H500p as my case and I want to upgrade my storage so I'm been wondering whether I can put a 2.5 inch HDD (from Seagate) on an SSD slot because I'm thinking of doing raid 0 set up with the two other hard drive bays. I need another HDD so I can put important documents in it without the...
  3. C

    Kinda weird NAS Setup possible or not?

    Good evening, I guess my plan is a bit too ambitious but maybe someone can help, I have a Windows Desktop PC and an 13" Macbook Pro Early 2015. What I thoght about is the following, since backing up my data should be a thing, it's totally not the case at the moment to be honest. I wanted to buy...
  4. G

    Synology Hydrid RAID file system recovery

    Hello Everyone, I was running a DS218+ with only 1 disk configuration. Everything works fine. Recently while I was adding a secondary HDD as SHR, my house had a power failure and the NAS rebooted. After the reboot, the previously installed HDD (call HDD A) was not accessible anymore. The...
  5. M

    IO Meter for OSX

    There is a Page for IOMeter for OSX and a link to the supposed program, however, nothing d/ls, using the back button takes you to IOMETER's code repository. This has had 3 total d/l. Anyone know of another program for testing NAS. Please don't Activity Monitor, it does not provide the info I...
  6. S

    Asus g701 vo

    How can i change sata configuration on a Asus G701vo laptop? Not an option for achi, only raid. I tried official bios update from Asus but nothing.
  7. N

    Replacing broken ribbon cable

    I'm making a little basic NAS out of a dead laptop, and one of the parts that I found broken was the ribbon cable that runs from the power switch to the main board. It's an 8-pin. I have a couple spare 12-pin ribbons, but I doubt there's any use for them here. My question is this: Is there a...
  8. F

    Ripping DVD and BluRay

    I would like to digitalise around 700 dvds and BluRay discs at home. I am looking for a program that allows me to select the subtitles and languages that I want to rip (original plus my mothertongue). I am going to watch it on an AppleTV as well as I want to make the films available for my...
  9. M

    Media box with hard drive

    I want to store 50 DVD'S on a media box for my main TV. I don't want a NAS or server. Do I need a media box such as the Zidoo X10 or the Himedia Q10 PRO where you can install a 4TB hard drive inside it. I really like the Nvidia Shield but I'm not sure if it can handle a large external hard drive...
  10. D

    Solved! RAID 0 Problem

    Hello, i have recently joined my 2 hard drives into a RAID 0 Drive which resulted in a malfunction for me , in Disk management i can only see one Disk, the other is not detected, however, if i went to the BIOS screen i can see them both .my question is how i would remove this RAID 0 and go...
  11. L

    Does this mean my SSD HDD is dead?

    Hi, My laptop very suddenly died on me and I need help accurately diagnosing the problem because I'm a wee bit confused by the evidence. It is a Asus Zenbook UX301LA, which has two 128GB SSD disks, and maybe a RAID system but I'm not too sure about that. I've put a Windows 10 ISO on to a...
  12. tjones9163

    repurpose old Dell

    Hello, below is a link to an old Dell . with these specs can I smoothly run a NAS server. Thanks
  13. R

    Alienware R3 raid 0 possible with m.2 ?

    Hello, I bought an Alienware last years and I decide to buy Samsung Evo 960 NVMe, it's fast but I would like to know if I buy aniother Evo if I can make it raid 0. I know that it's unsafe method and I know the risk but sometime with the Evo, if I write and read at the same time and transfer...
  14. J

    Streaming video to multiple devices. NAS

    I'm looking at QNAP or Synology to setup a NAS/home server. What I want do is be able to stream 1080/4k video to multiple sources at the same time. I have Vizio and Samsung TV's some of them are 4k. I also have cell phones,tablets. I want to be able to watch these videos from this NAS anywhere...
  15. K

    Just got a Roku Express+. Streaming media from HD or NAS?

    I'm pretty behind with the times but I just recently purchased a Rokue Express+. I'd like to eventually move away from cable once I'm comfortable with this. This post is in regards to streaming files from a 'media server'. From what I understand, I could stream files directly from my computer...
  16. K

    Streaming NAS on Roku

    I have files on a NAS type device, (Actually just a hard drive for file storage) Ican't get MKV files to stream with Roku Media Player on my Roku. It gives me errors. But My ROKU TV in my bedroom plays them fine. Any ideas? This is being sent VIA Wi-Fi to the ROKU. They are MVK files on the same...
  17. C

    Solved! RAID Laptop Compatibility?

    Hello everyone. I have 2 SSD and want to be able to combine them into a RAID 0 onto a laptop. I already have data on the 2 ssd but they were run before on RAID0 so if I put them into a laptop would it let me configure them as RAID0? If so will I lose any data? I want to be able to access the...
  18. M

    Outputting Audio from Movies being Played from NAS on SmartTV to Harmon AVR

    I connected my QNAP TS-251+ NAS (which contains movie files) to my LAN. I also connected my Samsung SmartTV to my LAN. Thus, I am able to pick and choose movies from my NAS to play on my Samsung SmartTV using TwonkyServer. The Samsung SmartTV is also connected to a Harmon AVR (which plays...
  19. H

    Synology Hybrid RAID recovery

    Hello everyone, I'm hoping someone here has the insight on how to speed up a data recovery thats been running since december last year... yeah im not kidding about that. Here's the scenario I've got a Synology DS114+, with 2x Western Digital 3Tb green label harddrive set up in DSM's Hybrid...
  20. M

    Create a home Media Center.

    Hi, I hope someone can help me with something. I have a Desktop PC with 2x D-Link NAS connected where I keep my work, backups and some media like photos, videos, series. I have other two laptops, ipad, and iphone. I would love to be able to make the media folder available for all those...
  21. T

    Disabling RAID-0 on ASUS ROG G701VIK-GB040R

    Hey there, The ASUS ROG G701VIK-GB040R seems to suit most of my needs from the given specs. Before buying, I would like a confirmation, that the two installed SSD can be used with disabled RAID - as I need to have two OS installed. Some threats point out, that this could be a problem with the...
  22. M

    New laptop for dad, looking for Nvme

    Short and sweet, my dad is in the market for a new laptop. However he does a lot of intensive tasks for work and needs some near to high end hardware. The key thing I am looking for is a laptop that can run m.2 nvme drives in raid 0 NOT a SATA interface!. budget is 1.5-2k usd Any help/brands...
  23. steffeeh

    How safe is a NAS server against threats like WannaCry?

    Like the title says, let's say I get a Synology NAS housing (or other) and add in a WD Red, no RAID config, and one use case scenario is that we only use this in our household, while the other is so the rest of our family living on their own also can access the NAS from outside the local network...
  24. T

    Comprehensive home security

    So, I'm about to buy a new route, NAS, and laptop, and wanted to capture as many security practices from stage 1 as possible. Any thoughts/changes/recommendations are deeply needed! Router: Synology RT2600AC LOADED WITH: Synology Intrusion Prevention Client VPN(NORDVPN paid subscription)...
  25. A

    raid nvme ssd

    whether Samsung 960 evo 512GB +Toshiba Nvme Thnsn5256gpu7 + CAN in raids? whether the raid nvme CAN be done though DIFFERENT brand And Capacity
  26. E

    (First Time) Buying a Custom Laptop Need Help!

    Help! I'm looking to buy a gaming laptop and I'm most interested in the Sager NP 8155 (see link below). My only problem is that since this is my first time, I have no clue what a lot of these things mean on the customization page. My main questions are about the different memory options and...
  27. koolriz86

    Anti Spyware can't remove spyware on Dynamic Disk Storage/RAID/SCSI

    I'm using a portable version of spy hunter 4 software to combat spyware/malware. After scanning and detecting malware, a message pops up saying it can't can't remove spyware as my system utilizes Dynamic Disk Storage or RAID/SCSI based primary hard drive. How can get around this and remove the...
  28. S

    APC UPS, Powerchute and Netgear NAS connection

    Hi, I have purchased an APC BE700G-UK UPS to protect my Netgear ReadyNAS 104 and I am bit confused on the instructions provided concerning the powerchute software. Does powerchute control the UPS via the UPS Ethernet network port, or should the UPS be connected via the USB/data cable included...
  29. P

    Need help regarding home audio.

    I currently have an old 5.1 Sony system in my home, the amplifier of which is likely to expire soon, but the speakers and the sub-woofer work just fine ( I tested by hooking them up to other sources). After that, I plan on upgrading. I have decided to buy a Yamaha A/V receiver, with 9.2 at the...
  30. Y

    streaming from a NAS without using a computer

    Hello Everyone I do not have a desktop but have two laptops in the house. I also have an Apple TV 2 which I used to have connected to my desktop, before the desktop died and we purchased 2 laptops. I'm going to setup a NAS and I want to know if there is any way to stream directly from a NAS...
  31. T

    Raid 1 with a partition of a harddrive

    I want to use raid 1 to save a whole bunch of old photos and videos from numerous family vacations and such. I was wondering if i bought an 8TB harddrive and a 2TB one could i make a 2TB partition on the one harddrive and raid 1 the partition and other harddrive and still be able to use the...
  32. J

    Transfer programs to new HD

    I have a SSD as my system drive with Win10 and 3x hard drives in raid where I have my games installed. I just bought a 2Tb Hard drive and want to transfer my games onto the new drive. Because the system drive will remain the same, can I just copy the contents of the raid drives to the new...
  33. J


    I have a VAIO VPCZ11NGX/X that contains three SSD's configured in RAID 0. One of the drives has failed. Can it be replaced? With what? And, where can I get a replacement? I need to replace one of the SSD's in my Sony VAIO VPCZ11NGX/X, It has 3 128GB SSD's configured in RAID0. They are...
  34. T

    Need advice on chosing components for home server

    I'm looking into building a good home server/htpc/nas. A lot of the posts I see are stressing cheap, but I am taking a different approach with an eye to expected future needs. I'd rather buy a better board/cpu than get more RAM because it is Soooooooo much easier to add more ram
  35. C

    Think I was professionally hacked, willing to reinstall windows, but will this guarantee removal

    I am pretty sure someone paid to have my system hacked for the info it contained. I am willing to reinstall windows, but is it possible even after doing this, there is still somewhere for the virus to hide? Also. I have two internal drives in raid (1 TB) in raid 0, but backed up. How do i...
  36. C

    hey guys, MSI GT72VR GRE or MSI GT80

    I recently bought a MSI GT72VR yesterday to find out it doesnt have 120hz display like it advertises. I was wondering if I should head back to frys to swap it for a GT80 cause of the raid and the mechanical keyboard. I would honestly keep my 1070 but the monitor isn't what was advertised.
  37. B

    can normal sata 2.5" HDD in server with a raid card

    quick simple question can normal laptop HDD's work in server's with a raid card? or do they need be server grade HDD's my server is a Sun Fire X4150 unsure of the raid card model but the make is Sun same as the server
  38. MilesKRG

    Is it possible to use a laptop as a monitor and keyboard for a desktop PC?

    I have a pretty big PC next to me. It's not built yet but it's going to be a NAS/Backup build for the entire family (but mostly me) to use but I don't really have the space nor the want to buy another keyboard and monitor especially for it. Ideally I'd like to simply put a small, maybe 13"...
  39. C

    NAS Device For Storage?

    Hello All, I would like to know if it is at all possible to have a few HDDs in Raid outside of my case. So far the most elegant solution I can come up with would be a NAS device. From what I gather, NAS devices are more for back up and redundancy rather than "External Storage." Basically, I was...
  40. C

    BIOS/UEFI help. Sata mode? and what does RADIO enabled do.

    Hello and thank you for your time. I have an ASUS ROG G752V laptop. I took out the HDD and replaced it with a SSD (Samsung 850 Pro) Running Windwos 10. So only have 1 SSD instaled. I was looking around in Samsung magician and noticed AHCI mode says "deactivated (IDE or RAID)" and SATA...
  41. R

    How to access my NAS from samsung tv

    Not sure if this is the right section for this but I have set up my netgear nighthawk x6 router with a 3TB seagate HDD to use like a NAS. I got everything set up and see the HDD showing up but I am not sure how to access it from my samsung smart tv. Do I need an app on the tv itself? I am stuck.
  42. T

    Content on my LAN - NAS Box

    Will Chromcast play content on my laptop hard drive or LAN NAS box... or is it internet only content...??
  43. M

    RAID 0 on a laptop

    Hi, I'm planning to create a RAID array on my laptop but don't really know how, I've seen something called Storage Spaces on Windows 8 and 10 but is it actually the same? And how can I achieve this if I wanna make the raid array from the drive windows is installed + other drive. The point of...
  44. M

    Laptop on RAID 0

    Hi, I'm planning to create a RAID array on my laptop but don't really know how, I've seen something called Storage Spaces on Windows 8 and 10 but is it actually the same? And how can I achieve this if I wanna make the raid array from the drive windows is installed + other drive,
  45. F

    play ripped DVDs

    How do I rip DVDs to a hard drive, transfer to my NAS and view on my TV? I have SONOS and cable boxes remoted in rack with sinology server
  46. Nosepicker

    Film Composer's Laptop - Memory and Storage configurations?

    The title says it all, I'm building a portable laptop workstation through Origin, and I'm a bit unsure as to how I should build. I'm working with DAWs such as ProTools and Ableton Live, both 64-bit programs. Now, I usually have up to about 100 channels at least processing Audio and MIDI...
  47. R

    Yamaha RX-A2050 multi zones?

    Hello I recently bought Yamaha RX-A2050 and my main question is... Is it possible to play zones independently....example: Main zone plays "SERVER: input , flac from NAS (QNAP TS-451), and the Zone 2 , plays NET radio or Server input but different song? I owned Onkyo NR818 and this was...
  48. C

    Optimally Configuring my Alienware M18x R2

    I have an Alienware m18x R2 and I would like to know the best way to configure it for gaming use. The specs: i7 3630qm 16GB 1600MHz DDR3 SDRAM (4x4GB) 3x500GB 7200 RPM HDD 1x64GB SSD Nvidia GTX 675m 2GB Dual Layer Blu-ray Reader (BD-ROM, DVD/RW, CD-RW) 18.4`` (46.73 cm) WLED WideFHD (1080p)...
  49. S

    Laptop with Raid 1 to replace desktop

    I am looking for a laptop to replace my current desktop. Availability and data redundancy are a concern for me, so I would prefer a minimum of dual 2TB drives running Raid 1. I do not mind adding a second drive to the system, but it concerns me that the manufactures are not clear as to whether...
  50. G

    Raid ssd M.2 and Sata.

    I was wondering if it is possible to raid 0 an samsung evo 850 500gb sata and m.2 ssd. The ssds: SATA: M.2: The site might be dutch. laptop...
  51. J

    HTPC/FreeNAS Build Components Above is a link to an HTPC (Home Theater PC) with a virtualized NAS build that I want to put together. The parts list says it will take approx. 285W to run but I will have 4 WD Green 3TB drives not just one like shown (I already own 3 so I don't need to buy...
  52. S

    Intel management engine interface error (code 10)

    msi gt80 titan running windows 10 x64 in device managers have a ! next to intel manage engine interface. description code 10, device has failed to start, status device power failure ive tried updating, un/reinstalling, the ! goes away for about a minute and then comes back. i tried looking up...
  53. T

    Running kodi on barebone/nas/das/nuc and watch on tv

    Right now I watch tv on my kodibuntu system installed on an oldtimer computer (including computerscreen) and want to upgrade my home theatre experience. It would be nice to watch kodi with everything it offers on my tv. But what kind of thing do I need to get it running? What is the difference...
  54. S

    New (to me) house - Starting with a clean slate. Need advice on how to hookup peripherals to new 4k TV theater!!

    Hi guys! I've been doing lots of reading that past couple months on this. This is my first house and I plan on living in it for quite awhile. I've been looking into what I want and need help with an overall picture on how to do it. First - My Overall Goal - I want to watch TV and surf online...
  55. L

    WPS Office expansion tool problem

    How to disable WPS Office expansion tool which keeps popping up to update my word processing program? This keeps popping up while I am in the middle of something else (usually a game raid) and totally stops everything until I can click NO. I never had this problem with the older WPS versions...
  56. E

    ASUS UX301 raid configuration

    Hi, I have replaced the SSD's in my Asus UX301. Now I am trying to set them in Raid 0. I have set the SATA mode to RAID and trying to open the raid configuration utility, however, both CTRL + i and CTRL + F do not work. Anyway how I can go about getting the discs in RAID 0?
  57. B

    Help needed. Raid 0 Error Occurred.

    Raid 0 crash. Error Occurred. Rebuilt Array. Nothing on Laptop to back up (backed up via MsDos CMD panel in system boot/repair so system is Clean). Hey guys I have a real big problem with my raid 0 (Note I didn't want Raid 0 but it came preinstalled from dell) my laptop is an Alienware Mx17R3...
  58. J

    Adobe premiere cc hard drive and scratch disk set up

    I have an hdd with the os and programs on it and 2 more Seagate 7200 and 1 ssd. How would you set these up with premiere pro scratch disk for best performance? Raid or no raid?
  59. S

    Help with NAS drive configuration in Alldata

    (This thread reserved for help from moderator Darkbreeze) Hi all. Here's hoping you can help me out with a situation I'm having. I'm working in an auto repair shop, and I'd like to take the discs we have for a program called Alldata and set them up in such a fashion that I could install the...
  60. S

    What network media streamer / NAS combo should I go for?

    I've been using a Boxee Box for watching my digital movie collection sitting on a 6TB WD MyBook Live Duo for ages now. Since the Boxee is getting slow and HD space is running out, I have been looking at different possibilities. I would really appreciate your opinions/experiences on the two...