Help needed. Raid 0 Error Occurred.


Aug 24, 2015
Raid 0 crash. Error Occurred. Rebuilt Array. Nothing on Laptop to back up (backed up via MsDos CMD panel in system boot/repair so system is Clean).

Hey guys I have a real big problem with my raid 0 (Note I didn't want Raid 0 but it came preinstalled from dell) my laptop is an Alienware Mx17R3 running windows 7 home 1.5tb harddrive (2 750gb harddrives tied with Raid 0 to give 1 drive of 1.5tb) 16gb ram. 8gb memory.

A number of months ago i was trying to dual boot my laptop and during installation my laptop crashed (BSOD) i reset my laptop and it booted with Raid 0 Physical Drive 0 error Occurred.

Now the laptop boots. I have reinstalled windows and reset the array so both drive 0 and drive 1 read fine in green and I can do what I want on it for sometimes hours then all of a sudden the laptop will freeze causing me to force restart. Upon force restart the drive fails again. Now generally if the drive was carput surely I wouldnt be able to do anything with it?

I am just needing some advice has the drive had it? I have rebuilt the array loads of times and as i said it can work for hours and then laptop freeze/forced restart leading to Error Occurred.

I have currently deleted the Raid 0 array and tried installing on Non Raid for both drives to see if that works (at this point in time I just want to get my laptop working as i currently do not have the cash to splash with a wife out of work and a young son to look after)

I am just looking for advice and to see if I can save it without having to fork out to get it fixed.

Laptop is waaay out of warrenty and its a laptop I spend over 2k on before I was married. I want to fix it as it is a great laptop.

Any help is great help.

Thanks guys