Alienware R3 raid 0 possible with m.2 ?


Jan 25, 2018
Hello, I bought an Alienware last years and I decide to buy Samsung Evo 960 NVMe, it's fast but I would like to know if I buy aniother Evo if I can make it raid 0.

I know that it's unsafe method and I know the risk but sometime with the Evo, if I write and read at the same time and transfer huge data the system came instable and most of my application hang for a while.

Note that it's never append on my 5200 hard drive, it never hang my applications, I wonder what may cause this.... it's append on my other desktop computer with reguliar SSD, so I bought 2 SSD in raid 0 and my desktop and this system never hang anymore.

With my alienware I got an option raid in my bios but I see anything about raid 0, I just want to know if raid zero it's possible with NVMe drive. I got 2 NVMe slot.